The biggest trait I admire in members at the gym is perseverance.

Those members who show up no matter what have problems too, they often have little time for exercise, often have missed out on sleep due to their kids being up late, they have stressful days and sometimes even have awful bosses at work.Showing up and STILL putting great sessions means your identity as a person has changed, and for the better.

You recognise that daily workouts make you feel better, perform better in life, you are nicer for others to be around, you don’t have the mood swings you used to have, and your workout is also an important incentive to eat much healthier too.In short, your workouts get your MIND right and clear the brain fog often that threatens to destroy your day.Remember that exercise is something you GET to do, rather than have to do,

it’s no chore feeling incredible and making your days much higher quality in all ways.

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