January 27th, day 24 of the 12 week transformation challenge

If you manage to get to 80 or even 90 years old, will it be a slow/medium/fast decline from say 40 50, 60 years of age?

Do you know anyone who wants to wind down as quickly as possible or even wants to give up on life at 50 or 60, saying their “best days”, their best memories, their best efforts are gone for good?Chances if you could fast forward to 80 right now and look back at where you are in life now, you would want to make a lot more of the days you have left, because we all have a certain amount left.Will they be days full of energy, purpose, rewarding efforts and memories of how you made a difference in life and to others?

Or will they be wasted endlessly scrolling through social media, and binge watching a new series on Netflix missing out on daily opportunities that are very real?The time you have is precious, it does end, and with that comes great responsbility .

Lots of people will gladly swap places right now just to have the amazing time you have left here.Don’t live life wondering what might have been, should you have had a go or not, should you have attempted something you really wanted even if you thought some people would laugh at you if you failed.

Most big dreams that come true start as “laughing stocks” to many, I know that feeling myself, but it’s down to you to keep having a go, keep working hard, keep refining your approach until it starts working, and when you hit the bullseye finally, relentlessly keep that work up and appreciate the great opportunity you have every day to make a big difference in people’s lives.