Tuesday, 8th feb-it’s not just about you

It’s not always about you, your health often has a direct effect on those around you too.

You may find you are very fit now, but perhaps when you have had breaks from training, even one week, can lead to increased bad moods, very low energy, increased irritability and a host of things it’s not always pleasant to be around.When you are fit and healthy, people closest to you look to you as the strong one, the one they can count on no matter what, you are the calm in the storm, the level headed one, exercise and eating right helps you deal with stress so much better.

Others close to you also secretly admire you exercising, they wish they had the courage too, and perhaps they are waiting for you to nudge them liver a healthier lifestyle too?

You remember the first step is the hardest one and I find if you are all living a healthier lifestyle in the same household, things go a lot better when everyone is on the same page, less moods around, more positive energy and in general a more positive and productive household full stop.

Great health in the same household can only be a great gift, but never take it for granted, always work on it, nail down lifestyle habits that support it by eating well, training regularly, resting well, and get rid of any negative people who threaten it all.