We realised again today that when you show up, there was a ton of laughter, enjoyment and fun as ever, we had a great time.

Mix that then with the ISOLATION and fear that so many live with right now.

This makes it even more important to show up, feel better, think better, and get yourself in the right frame of mind again.Laughter and talking to people is amazing medicine and should never be over-estimated.

You know this is a NO FAIL strategy for feeling better, but we know that getting your trainers on in the first place can be the hardest part of feeling better.

The. coldest and darkest time of year is here right now, and you have to fight that cold and darkness with FIRE, LAUGHTER and human connection, this formula will always WINS time and time again just when you need to keep winning your days the most.Stay on top of negative feelings, anxiety and depression by getting in an environment that gets you out of it every single time. Be ready to fight and never stop getting up off. the floor.

21 days left

Day 29 of the 50 day challenge.Be proud of yourself showing up.Be thankful for the daily opportunity to show up and be better.Be proud of how far you have come. You may have fallen once or twice along the way, but this is all about picking yourself up when even you may have thought you were beaten, and coming back strong when nobody expected you to.Three weeks of effort I’m looking for, you CAN do that. When many in society have given up on themselves, you are FIGHTING your way through to get your body right, and just as importantly your mind.Lots of people remember a time years ago when they were fit and strong, and were proud of themselves. Living in the past though is a slippery slope that only ends up in regret, sadness and a sense of hope has been extinguished.Live in the NOW. Live with what you have and be grateful for that. Live with strength, pride and ambition still flooding through your veins whatever stage you are at.21 days left, let’s make them your best 3 weeks ever.

The biggest trait I admire in members at the gym is perseverance.

Those members who show up no matter what have problems too, they often have little time for exercise, often have missed out on sleep due to their kids being up late, they have stressful days and sometimes even have awful bosses at work.Showing up and STILL putting great sessions means your identity as a person has changed, and for the better.

You recognise that daily workouts make you feel better, perform better in life, you are nicer for others to be around, you don’t have the mood swings you used to have, and your workout is also an important incentive to eat much healthier too.In short, your workouts get your MIND right and clear the brain fog often that threatens to destroy your day.Remember that exercise is something you GET to do, rather than have to do,

it’s no chore feeling incredible and making your days much higher quality in all ways.

Day 22 of the 50 day challenge

Into day 22 of the 50 day challenge and we still are raising the standards greatly.

Today was another step up because you all have adjusted very quickly to the work that gone in before it.APPRECIATE how great you are doing.If you make your sessions of an impressive standards, it’s easy to see that great results are absolutely inevitable.

You can’t work this hard without benefitting immensely, it’s impossible not to! It’s also impossible not to be motivated to eat clean too.

You don’t want to put rubbish into your body after sacrificing so much effort and energy.APPRECIATE again how well you are doing and no doubt feeling so fantastic

Have the confidence not only to carry on but to keep on EXCELLING!!!!We can only get better and keep building such strong foundations.

Thursday 18th Nov 2021

Some days your muscles will ache and your joints will ache. our back may be sore, and you are close to writing the day off.

The last thing you feel like doing is exercising, but these are really THE most important workouts you need to make.On the days you may be on a downer, the biggest “upper” is waiting for you.It could start with a roll on the ball, a roll on the roller, pedalling on a bike, a walk on the treadmill, set of bench presses, whatever that is that makes you feel better, use it as your trigger to light the match on your day.

Energy drinks and alcohol may be the crutch most people look for first on downers of days, but you know better now and exercise ought to be your coping strategy every single time.Use it quickly and instantly, get down the gym, do an online workout, whatever it may be, just get your trainers on and move more.

You be soon very thankful after your workout you solved your down moments naturally, rather than relying on man made products you put into your body that may give you a 30 minute high, and then yet another massive downer.On the days you feel your very worst, get your behind off the settee and fix it once and for all.