live without regrets

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

Making workouts is easy when you are in the swing of things, you get used to feeling fantastic, you know how much exercise and eating right enhances your life, your mood is continually on the up and ambition is an everyday event for you every day. 

 BUT when you start to miss the workout, it’s easy to tell yourself it doesn’t matter, AND the more you stay away from the gym or workouts general, the MORE your STANDARDS fall and doing nothing eventually becomes “acceptable” somehow even though you secretly know its dragging you headfirst into the deepest of ruts..

We all live by the standards we set ourselves, if you make it unacceptable to feel low in energy, unacceptable to live with more pain than we need to, unacceptable to invite ill health into our bodies through our lifestyles, then you will get your behind in gear, start eating well again, and put movement and good food above sitting in that chair all day and eventually living a life of regrets and what could have been.

Your “best days” are NOT behind you, don’t believe that lie.

We are all immensely capable of doing incredible things, I urge you to do move more today and get yourself back on the right track of feeling good again.

lost mojo’s-how to find them

Mojo’s are often lost after bank holiday, and when you look for them they aren’t often found outside the Port on a tuesday night either, however hard some people may try.

Mojo’s are never found in a takeaway, “a bottle of red”, and never found posting motivational quotes without any intention to take action. 

They are never found either saying “one life I have, I may as well eat all the rubbish in the world because that will make me more “exciting” in some bizarre way”.

At the gym today though all morning and all evening, we were very successful in digging deep and finding new mojo’s by the bucketful. We had a flood of them tonight, the heatwave has started and as well as mojo’s, suntans were achieved by every fire breathing dragon that visited our church tonight.

Despite an initial slow 10 minutes, lots of oxygen came into your blood, your joints started to be lubricated and strong signs of life were spotted all over the place.

In a day of missing mojo’s after a long bank holiday, there’s only one way to find it and that’s by getting your behind in gear and taking action, the rest is big talk that gets you nowhere.

THANKS for a great day and we go big again tomorrow!!

The hedgehog versus the fox

The hedgehog principle is an ancient greek story that has never been more true than it is today and we base our philosophy on it.

Most people would when asked would they like to be a fox or a hedgehog? Most people would naturally go for the fox.

The fox chases the hedgehog, tries to trick him, uses lots of different strategies that are ultimately futile.

The hedgehog when hunted has one big tried and tested vision, one singular vision to curl up and protect themselves with their spikes and ALWAYS works.

The idea is that hedgehogs are far more effective because they concentrate on their big vision and are really good at it, never getting distracted from it,  whilst the fox tries many, many things but never masters one thing and success always eludes it.

At the gym, we have this simple overall principle that we get you better every session, and it’s the sum of those overall gains which can be so transformational for you. Very powerful strategy that often becomes unstoppable. We have many ways of course embracing the latest science to do it, but that overall vision remains the same.

We know that there are some people who will switch to this, switch to that when they don’t get success in 2 minutes or switch to what they think is “fashionable” at that time. These are known as “potchers” and you can guess where this strategy gets them, even though they would never admit it.

Whilst they do that, you can come and leaps and bounds and gain an enormous advantage on everyone by concentrating on getting better bit by bit, and over time proving that super consistency and best strategies (the hedgehog) destroy the “potcher” who tries a bit of everything (the fox) but never gets any success only ever building frustration. 

We are very clear what we will deliver starting again tomorrow morning and we know it’s going to work big time for you.

April 26th

Substantial improvements over the last 3 weeks in everyone’s speed, I didn’t manage to get through everyone today of course but the trends are spectacular.

Most people as they age will get slower, most people think its inevitable, the way life is, and everything must “slow down”.

The facts are though that we go totally against that thinking at the gym.I test a lot of very fit and sporty individuals at elite level all the way to great individuals in their 80’s, and the goals must be to get better, and they ARE!All of the training we do, all of the variety, are all for a reason, to get you stronger AND faster and more confident to take on any challenge you want in life.

A tenth of a second quicker on our run up the hill is proven to be great over 2 weeks.

Many of you have already done a third of a second and some of you have even done a second. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but those of you who do appreciate how hard those small gains are to achieve!!!We are in this life to do our best, to be healthy and strong so we have no limitations to enjoy it, and when you can scientifically see you are improving and getting faster, you prove you can really turn back the clock.

Friday, April 2022

Many people quit exercise as they never stick at it long enough to get any momentum, and the ones that DO stay with exercising and eating right, stick around long enough to get unstoppable momentum, that often takes less effort to keep up than the initial pain of starting in the first place.

Lots of gym machines are run by flywheels which powers the machine. 

The power of the person exercising turns the pedals first of all slowly which seems a huge effort, then over time the momentum builds and within a few minutes the exerciser gets so much momentum that the machine seems to run itself , and with less overall effort even though you are doing a lot.

That’s always the best strategy with your health. If you are always pushing the “wheel” in the right direction, those early painful times will soon pass as momentum starts to take over but you must give it time.

Eating lots of rubbish food every day, not moving much is not a great strategy obviously if you want good to great health.

If for example, you just start with drinking more water every day for a week, the way you feel and internally the way you body operates will instantly improve greatly.

Then the next week, start adding a decent breakfast and maybe some fruit throughout the day will be another win for you.

If you currently do not exercise, then going for a walk, 10 minutes one way, then back home soon adds up to 20 minutes, is a great start.

Do this for a couple of weeks and your “flywheel” is starting to the turn in the right direction and gather some momentum.

Joining a gym that actually wants to coach you every session that you attend at least 3 times a week will add strong wind at your back, and your flywheel starts to have a momentum that starts to become unstoppable, and over time doesn’t become that hard anymore as long as you keep showing up, doing your workouts, adding better food and drinking a bit more water.

All of this makes you sleep better which aids your recovery dramatically, making you perform better in every area of your life.

Keep turning that flywheel by doing simple things that not only keeps you healthy, but over time becomes second nature and just the way you live now. 

Always time for treats here and but if what you eat 80% of the time is good, and most days if you move more and with a purpose, then your lifestyle will be classed as healthy, you will receive endless benefits along the way simply by taking a little action every day that doesn’t seem a big effort anymore because you love feeling good..