How to beat negativity

We are officially at WAR with negative energy, we know how destructive it can be and that’s why we ban it from the gym, and in these times, are very protective of it not coming in. Negativity can be the worst type of virus, because what you think/believe, can be very destructive to yourself and others if you let it.

We don’t import negativity, we always insist that resides in other places who haven’t got the same hopes, ambitions and expectations we have. We protect our house, and we will never others wipe their dirty feet in our gym and into our minds.

There are herd mentalities. This means in some circles its fashionable to talk things down, to moan and groan all day, to even hope darker things come true. These are the true ENEMIES of the people, and they should be on an island of their own.We are proud to have a kindred spirit at the gym, all of us dream bit, encourage others, motivate and inspire each other to do even better, and yes sometimes use negativity to drive us on to become better because we always have a point to prove, rise up to become more powerful and put negative thoughts in the bin where they deserve.

We are havng an unbelievably positive week, performances are at all time highs and transformation and recovery stories are hitting us like runaway trains-and I love it!!! The gym only goes from strength to strength BECAUSE of its great people.Negativity is for people who want to join another bus, not ours, never will there be STINKY thinking in our gym, only people who support, inspire and encourage others to rise up and do the great things they are capable of.

Courage-Sept 14th 2021

I am getting a lot of personal messages most days on how individuals are emerging from the real darkness in their lives. I have had these messages in normal times, but they were seriously ramped up in lockdown.The destructive impact of being locked away caused panic, anxiety on a massive level. and a sense that nothing in life was ever going to get better.A lot of people have been scared, down for a long time, and many thought they were down and out.My testimony is this-since those people have been back at the gym as well as training online for long periods, those desperation feelings have subsided and in many cases they are back to normal and thriving again I’m very happy to report. I have spoken to people who were really not only in a rut, but the depths of despair. Those people have been rescued through their courage, rescued by having a daily banter with other members which has been so powerful and medicinal, they have found their purpose again, they have found their voice in the gym again that’s its great to talk, fantastic to laugh, and feel that sense of belonging again.My testimony is that the most dangerous thing is to cut yourself off to people, stay in touch however you can, loneliness is a killer and can infect your mind in the most destructive of ways.I’m in the trenches every day seeing to overwhelming positive impact and benefits of the gym and just as importantly ,the people in it, but I have also seen the other side too, the loneliness side of those who decide to cut themselves off, and to do it so long that they don’t want to see anyone anymore, that’s the most serious and most damaging stage.Thank you for all your courage, heart warming and uplifting stories, thank you to all our members being so welcoming back and raising your expectations in life again, and we want you to know as usual we are all stronger together.

Sunday, 12th September

Strangely enough, one of the best things anyone can tell you from time to time is “have you put on weight?”, even if you HATE that person in that moment.

We have ALL had it, and we go one of two ways. We either buy all black clothes and wear baggy jumpers everywhere, and never go out, OR it’s the kick up the backside we NEED to workout more, to cut the rubbish out of our diet, to drink way less alcohol, cut the takeaways out and realise we have has a BIG wake up call just in time!

When we carry too much weight, our body “handles” it for a while, doing its best. When we don’t exercise, pain tends to increase in our bodies due to the extra we are now carrying daily but again our body handles it (for a time anyway).

Then when we find out our body can’t “handle it” forever, and we have a choice of going on a lot of different tablets daily, just to make us function properly, the stark choices are staring us in the face, PLUS our chances of serious disease go WAY UP. Hate to say it again, but a wake up call is essential for ALL OF US from time to time, and we may need to make some urgent choices because our health cannot be taken for granted anymore.

Your body is not designed to carry excess weight, it WILL rebel in time, and your quality of life will disappear in direct relation to how you look after yourself, don’t think you will beat the system-you won’t.

Your body is meant to move daily, and if it doesn’t, it will throw plenty of spanners in the works until you get the message. If you are struggling to get around right now, and you feel helpless or say “everyone gets older”, you are in denial because you CAN change it, you CAN move a lot better, and the ONLY way to get your motivation back is to get your trainers on and MOVE more, you can’t just pluck motivation out of thin air, move your behind more-full stop!!!

Put the unfortunate horrid combination together of eating and drinking rubbish every day and not exercising and you have the perfect storm for mental health problems and expect anxiety, stress and negative thoughts to become a normal part of your life over time.

Your wake up call will be the best thing you ever had and the gym is waiting to help you transform your health again, it will be the best thing for your immune system, your mental health, it will be the best thing to get back into your favourite clothes, it will make you easier to be around because if you’re carrying more than you should, and drinking and eating rubbish every day, my guess is that you’re not much fun to be around either-at least in private.

Don’t forget I’ve trained  a massive amount of people, heard all the stories, heard all the excuses, but treat your wake up call as a GIFT, and until you treat your health as a gift, you will sleepwalk your way into a health situation you’re not going to like or enjoy in any way at all.

Great health is waiting for you, but be prepared to move much more, show up all the time and get all of that rubbish food and drink OUT of your house, because if it’s there, you WILL eat it.

Monday is waiting, you have a choice to make.

The truth

My days are often spent deciphering the truth from “outside the post office” talk and I’m thrilled and passionate to do it every day.The truth-We know that working out regular boosts our immune system immeasurably and keeps us strong at one of our most important times in history-FACT.Listening to the media every day will serious mess your head up. They encourage to lock yourself up and throw away the key, presuming your mental health will be “just fine” and when you realise it’s not going to be, and when you suddenly realise you are too afraid to go out again, you may realise there’s not many people out there eager to help you, this is why our gym is a special haven full of speical ENCOURAGERS and well wishes, and no energy vampires allowed-FACT!!!Mental health has exploded the last 18 months, almost trebling or quadrupling the number of actual cases of PEOPLE WITH DESPERATE problems, and those are the ones who actually report it.Exercise and human interaction in a positive environment is not only absolutely fantastic for you, but is strong powerful medicine for your immunse system too, fear can literally kill your enthusiasm, your drive, your ambition, lockdowns have taught us that time after time-FACT!!!!!!!!We SLAY, CRUSH AND DESTROY FEAR EVERY DAY, and we love it!!!Anyone who tells you that exercise isn’t your most powerful immune system booster is a big LIAR-i urge you to slay those dragons by your actions, your self care for yourself and how you lead by example in our communtiy, you have a duty to keep taking action and keep on inspiring as many people as possible.Eating right has never been so important, get that rubbish OUT of your house, protect your immune system, your energy supplies and how your body recovers after exercise and the rigours of life.I am PROUD to stand up every day, keep telling you the truth and expose the false gossip in a queue somewhere in a shop near you that may never want you to stand out from the crowd, to live well and full of energy and positivity, and see life in a much more exciting and purposeful way.Stay active, live with pride and passion and really give yourself the best body armour your immune system can ever buy!!!!!!

Moving more

Autumn is a great season but it confuses our body and mind, and can throw it all over the place. Much darker mornings are already here and it’s making getting up quite a bit harder, although it’s boiling this week, the inevitable cooler and wetter months are on their way and that can make you not want to go out as much.When you move less, the less you want to do.

We are still in the season of let’s move as much as possible and enjoy it, so let’s stick WITH it not give into the temptation to hide away and the inevitable feelings of doubt, despair and lack of confidence again, which were so prevalent in lockdown of course.Some of you may be seeing the floodlights on for the very first time, and that’s only a month away, but use that as a sign of excitement that the game is very much ON at the gym 52 weeks a year.

Personally, I love the floodlights and it very much brings the outside sports court to life, when so many want to stay in, it encourages us to be OUT much more, and enjoy the custom made surroundings that will only make us feel so much better,Expect the next month to naturally make you want to be inside more, but you need to do the opposite, LOVE autumn, love it’s colours, love it’s cooler and more crisp days, most of all love the opportunity to go UP a gear and attain even more results, just as everyone else seems to be feeling sorry for themselves ready to wear baggy jumpers as if in readiness for all the weight they are likely to put on through not training, and leaving their eating go to pot.Remember the MORE you move, the MORE you want to do, it all starts with you.