Monday, 17th Jan 2022-Day 14 of the 12 week transformation challenge

Day 14 into the challenge, and 70 to go!! That may seem like a little daunting for most, but that’s what a challenge is ALL about, can you do it, can you get over the setbacks or challenges along the way, and come back stronger?

You should know now there will be constant questions asked of you, or how is it a challenge at all?In any challenge, there will be people who think you will quit, and there will be some who will back you all the way too-CHERISH those people who are on your side because you WILL need them along the way.

This is not going to be hyper-smooth all the way, life never is, but as long you keep showing up, then fantastic things ought to be possible and ought to happen for you as long as you are leading a healthy lifestyle and don’t take short cuts.

Remember you cannot out-train a bad diet, you cannot live through this challenge with a negative attitude and win, you need to give yourself over to this 100% and see the great places it intends to take you.

Monday is the most important day of the week, let’s go!!!