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Nationally recognised gym in Burry Port, West Wales since 1957, that has gets one of a kind results, has a unique atmosphere, state of the art and passionate and highly experienced coaching where everyone knows your name.

We produce TWO brand new exercise videos posted here PER DAY for all abilities for members. You can also connect with us at any time through here and get a true online training and unique experience.

  Email fitness@kerimckibbin.co.uk to register or Tel 07968 980 808

Example workout how to train at home. Fully explained, no strain on your joints and you go at your own pace, with full support from Keri. This is a more moderate workout, for someone who has been working out a short amount of time building up their fitness.

We have a moderate intensity and an advanced level, two new videos every day and 1100 videos at time of writing this.


July 15th

Great start to a demanding and challenging new programme today.

The reason we change so often is to create maximum progress for you. 

It’s never going to be an easy change, it will demand you move differently, it will put pressure on your balance, it will attack your weaknesses, turning them into strengths and making you a much better all round athlete.

The goal is to put you under pressure full stop, no matter how fit or strong you are.

The standard has got so high for that reason, all of you have come on so much, got over and through so many tough challenges, that the reality now is THIS is where we are, testing ourselves to the full and creating a fresh set of challenges that previously we may have thought as impossible.

There’s no going back, it’s always got to be the relentless march forwards, that maximises how we perform physically and keeps us mentally sharp and ready to keep going again.