Sunday, 16th June

We are well known for recovery, people coming in and recovering from sometimes the lowest points of their lives, both physically and mentally. 

Recovery is important, is life-changing, but sometimes the focus needs to change from the past to your future because your time is limited and you had better set about living the rest of your life with energy, with drive and with an enthusiasm to go after the things that really matter to you.

Changing from a state of mind of recovery to DISCOVERY is an equally big step.

Once you discover what is really possible in your life once you have your batteries full again can be illuminating. 

Recovery can be tiring, can leave you fatigued pretty much all the time, testing your mental resolve and hopes whether you will ever get back to “normal”. 

Once you do get back to full energy, it’s vital you start doing more with the opportunities you have straight away to get a new kind of momentum in your life.

The opportunity to discover new things in your life is the greatest journey you can go on.

Most of us complain that we never get the “rub of the green”, “the universe is against us”, “we never meet the right people”, when most of the time the issue is that we need to become better OURSELVES to receive more joyous things in our lives. 

The most uncomfortable, agonising time I had in life was when I had to change MYSELF, and ADMIT to myself I needed to because NOBODY wants to do that. It was worth it, but took a while to accept the change that needed to happen.

If we focus on complaining, moaning and bitching about things, then we only WELCOME those thoughts into our lives. If we are jealous or hate things about others, then we only welcome those thoughts into our lives which usually destroys us eventually.

If we focus on giving, helping and serving others without asking for anything in return, people tend to help us out eventually if we do it with sincerity. 

Our journey of discovering new things takes time. We need to be fit and healthy, get ourselves out there out of our comfort zone and try new things every week, some may not work but many will.

When it comes to deciding whether you should exercise or not or eat well or not, link it HEAVILY to whether you want great things to happen for you in life or you want to coast along waiting for a lottery ticket to come in for you that will suddenly change things.

Miracles DO happen but mostly they are entirely down to your OWN actions and they do bring happiness and not the 13 million to one shot buying a ticket which never brings you joy, happiness, self-pride, self-confidence, respect or a body and mind that will have you performing well for a lifetime.

Thursday, 13th June

Here’s the standards we set at the gym, we support everyone but anyone who wants solid and impressive results better knuckle down to these rules.

Showing up with a great attitude is number one. If your attitude sucks and you act if the world owes you a living, then nothing’s going to work for you. There’s an old saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Bang on, and be prepared to work or hide behind an endless array of excuses that fools nobody but yourself.

Forget one miracle workout, you better be putting 3 in a week no matter what. Stop pretending that one workout a week is enough because its not. You’d better be lifting weights too if you want to change your shape, get your body hard and healthy, and protect yourself against injury and keep your bones strong.

ANYONE who tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart, is likely a cowboy or doesn’t do this for a living or ALL THREE.

You don’t cheat yourself. Don’t pretend that not doing every rep counts because it matters BIG TIME. Whatever you put into your workouts at the gym, you are rewarded with big time results, and we are with your every step of the way to make sure incredible things happen for you.

Don’t complain that you aren’t getting results if you are having takeaways in the week, drinking bottles of wine in the week, grabbing breakfast on the go, eating rubbish for snacks and not preparing your food before going to work. If you rely on petrol stations and convenience stores for food on the go, then your results are doomed.

You will NEVER out-train a bad diet, nobody in history has yet, and you’re not going to shock the world by pulling it off. If you’re eating rubbish, then there’s no way in the world you feel like training in the first place on zero nutrients and energy coming in.

OWN your actions, don’t make excuses for what you know is wrong. REMEMBER we have very high standards and we want to make sure you keep them too, so you are ultimately happier, more at peace with your body and mind and feeling incredible every day.

There’s no substitute for hard work, following a great plan based on science, nourishing yourself properly and seeing your body adapt to an ever-increasing workload.

THAT is when the magic happens, save yourself some time and knuckle down and hit this thing as hard as you can!!

Tuesday, 11th June

The value of having someone in your corner.

Anyone and everyone who has someone trying to help them in life benefits. If you have kids or grandkids in School, you hope they don’t get “lost in the system” and someone looks out for them.

Someone who gives them guidance and makes them better, and they learn almost on a daily basis. You want a better life for them, and you want more for them than even you had.

What happened when that conversation comes to you?

Who is battling your corner? Do you thrive on being in our environment when people look out for you, lift you up regularly and are willing to have a laugh with you and make you smile in every session?

How important is this in your life?

You may think I’m a pain messaging you sometimes to get your behind to the gym, but isn’t that much better than nobody looking out for you in any other gym or in life in general. I’m very keen indeed to see you maximise your unique talents.

Everyone wants to feel wanted, everyone wants to feel significant and whether we want to admit or not, we want to know that people around us care.

Loneliness is one of the most cruel diseases. Sometimes all it takes is to let people lift you up. Let people support you and come along for the ride.

Then when you discover that you’re actually not finished, you DO have some real talent and spark left, and you can create a brand new life full of possibility again that is actually fun and pain free, then your mood will lift and you will wonder why you didn’t exercise and look after yourself so well much earlier in life.

Appreciate you have lots of us in you corner, wanting you to succeed and be happy every step of the way.

Monday ,June 10th

Yesterday I did something stupid. I played football for the “dad’s” team in my son’s penalty shootout day. I was called on with no time for a warm up, and to be honest I felt good.

Most were walking around but a couple like Lee Stone were running everywhere. I bumped into literally an old adversary on the field who recalled I used to smash him when I played rugby, now he was intent on having his “own back”! He was only half joking I think judging by the way he played.

In the second half, a ball was passed through to me, and my competitive spirit got the better of me and I sprinted flat out to get it. I promptly pulled my hamstring. I knew instantly that serious pain was coming (a hamstring pull is like being shot in the leg), I have had way worse pulls but this still didn’t feel good and I wasn’t 21 anymore.

As soon as I got home, having barely being able to walk, I knew I had to get ice on it for 30 minutes every couple of hours. I iced it 4 times from 230pm Sunday, and then today a couple of times today. I also knew that an early night would only help speed my recovery.

Thoughts went through my mind that I would struggle to teach today. The reality was though that with each icing, the pain eased just a tiny amount, but there was progress.

This morning felt better again, and it eased throughout the day, the more I moved within reason.

This is a great example of dealing with injuries properly and quickly. My business depends me being fit and ready to perform at a high level each and every day, so strategies I have learned over the years I am eager to pass on to you. The fitter and healthier you are, the better our gym becomes.

Those of you live in pain have proved that exercise solves a lot of issues, and moving more can ONLY IMPROVE and LESSEN THE PAIN IN YOUR BODY.

I knew the very worst thing I can do today was not doing a thing. Gradual movement became my friend AND EVERYTHING SLOWLY began to ease.

I guarantee if you don’t move much, if you don’t exercise at all then your pain will only get WORSE. Not only your body but your mind too creating a massive deep rut that can be awful to get out of, until you get in a vicious circle of talking yourself into believing that you must REST all the time which only makes your pain worse.

I haven’t met one person yet who’s life wasn’t deeply enhanced by exercise, both in their body AND mind. You won’t get anywhere unless you continuously take action, continuously seek to get better and keep active, no matter how little you can do that day when you are in pain.

Movement is medicine, never forget it.

Thursday, 6th June

“Thanks for today, was close to not coming but so glad I did. Really needed it today.”

This is a message I get almost every day, and they are DEEPLY appreciated. I know we created a state of mind change, as well as a physical change, and here’s one more big thing to think about.

Over one month, how much do those moments add up, when you made your sessions instead of getting a takeaway instead?

Over one month how much do the right food choices make? Flooding your body with the right nutrients is incredible for your body, can you imagine how you would truly benefit from that if done regularly?

Over one month, imagine if you didn’t have someone really negative in your ear all the time, telling you not to even try to better yourself. IMAGINE someone positive pushing to try more, to be more and to embrace your true talents?

I was talking about the power of consistency and habits to someone I have trained for 22 years this morning, as he poured a smoothie for him and his wife this morning, imagine the power of that shake I told him for all these years, all those early morning workouts and the great effects that he had felt in his body and never being in pain.

The value of that can never be measured, as quality of life is of paramount importance. Be sure your habits will create an incredible present and future for you, your choices will dictate everything and the sooner you take full responsibility for that, then everything you want becomes very much possible.