Thursday, 18th April

Our goals for our children’s training at the gym are simple, to encourage and engage them so they stay active for a lifetime.

It has to be fun, the kids need to be progressed, and they need to have a sense they are achieving something special with their health.

Sports are fantastic for kids, but there’s many kids who don’t feel engaged sometimes in school, as when they are not in the school rugby/football/netball or hockey teams, they don’t feel sometimes that exercise is for them.

This is blatantly not true, and all children I have ever trained are capable of great things if you persevere with them and give them time.

So many people of all ages come to the gym, and when they are coached more individually, they discover they DO have good talent after all and they find out too that what they put in, they get back in terms of increased self-esteem, self-confidence, working in a positive environment, and developing new social skills.

When you think of a long person’s development, it’s great that the child may be the team’s superstar at 9 years of age, but what happens if that child slows down, doesn’t grow as quick as the others, becomes less interested and gives the game up at 15 years of age?

Facts show that there is a massive drop off in junior sport participation at 15 across the board.

This is why engagement with the individuals we are training is vital. We strongly believe everyone must be coached each session which gives them great confidence too as you are continually building them up, and it’s vital to fully engage the parents too.

The child may love our sessions, but ultimately they look up to the parent the most, and if the parent is exercising, then they are far more likely to keep up their healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles ALWAYS work best when the whole family is engaged.

Actions speak louder than words.

Not every child will like rugby or netball and it’s best never to force them to do so or try to live your own dreams through them, but every child will love feeling better, feeling full of energy and learning that they are very capable after all and exercise done properly will give you all that and more..

Your biggest victory as a parent is getting your child to be active for a lifetime. These are skills that will help them in every area of their lives, learning that hard work, discipline and working as a team will enable to do anything they want in life and do it well.

Tuesday, 16th April

I LOVE rejection, I love getting turned down for things, and sometimes it’s best not to even get considered for things, I know that feeling only too well and it’s a valuable part of all our development. 

Before you think I have lost my mind, here’s the lowdown.

Being rejected teaches us we are not perfect, and often not as good as we thought we were. Rejection teaches us to become better, to become more resourceful and the more we can offer others, then the better we become, and the more valuable we become to everyone.

Life is a continuous learning process and being knocked down sharpens us up again. It focuses our minds, it gets the fire in our eyes again and makes us realise crystal clear that it’s going to be our hard work that eventually gets us where we want to be.

If you have a relentless work ethic, you are full of passion in what you do, if you want to continuously help people to the best of your ability, you will become so good at something that NOBODY can ignore you anymore.

We all need that fire when we first get up and when we get knocked down, and to smash through all these rejections, we need the fuel of past rejections to do so, because if we keep working hard and be prepared to walk the extra mile, we will become unstoppable.

Your latest rejection can usually be seen as a minor slip on the way to top of the mountain you are climbing. You need to reset, get your footing again, and the magnificent realisation to come will be when you realise that you don’t even NEED those who rejected you in the first place.

You will have developed so much, developed so many new skills, developed so much new toughness that you can do this ALL ON YOUR OWN.

Rejection is only the START of your journey, your greatest VICTORIES are waiting for you to jump up and grab with both hands. 

Monday, 15th April

Most people with us have TWO environments.

Environment number is one is usually a supportive family one. Then sometimes when you leave that to work, or just live every day life, then that can change from supportive to one where you are too afraid to do new ambitious things, like change your body and get fitter, because you may feel some “friends” feel uncomfortable because you want something better in your life.

Environment number TWO is our gym. It is well-documented to be ultra-supportive, being focused on getting the very best out of you, and really developing you so you max out your potential. Negativity is destroyed in our place at source, as good things happen daily, and we try to live in possibility and hope every day.

Your environment is VITAL, and will ultimately dictate how your life turns out.

I have seen so many of you LET GO of past negative influences in your life, and your life has exploded in a positive way with nothing to hold you back anymore. I see those of you who do this as HUGE ASSETS to our gym and your incredible success is deeply inspirational to all of our members.

All of us can thrive in a very positive environment when everyone is rooting for us. It becomes natural to want good things for those around us.

Back to environment number one. Isn’t it time you did something about that? Who you hang out with every day is mostly your choice, whose opinions you let flood your mind is your choice, who you let put you off going for great things is YOUR choice.

The thoughts you let into your mind will either making you incredibly positive and resourceful, or shut down all that ambition and talent within you immediately, it’s that powerful.

Don’t let ANYONE stop you becoming all you can be.

Sunday, 14th April

Don’t apologise for being your best, or choosing the path that takes you there.

Some people will do well with you, some will fall behind, it’s not your fault, you do try to elevate everyone with you along the way with your positive attitude.

It’s my job at our gym to pick everyone up when they fall, but I see more of YOU doing it too, becoming leaders in the process, this is priceless for us, for those being picked up, and priceless for our culture.

Some people around you in general life will be stuck in the mud, stuck in their own negativity they feel they can’t get out of. You are growing in all ways, but don’t shrink down again just to fit around them.

You are becoming more now not only as an athlete, but a person. Enjoy the opportunities that gives you, the new friends it brings you and the new perspectives it gives you in life.


Take yourself to a new level, appreciate you are capable of so much more now and appreciate what you have achieved, and appreciate the people you have inspired along the way.


Do not be held back by the ones who won’t go for it in life, the less motivated who don’t see life like you do, those who are narrow minded, negative people who waste your time.

The journey you are on at the gym means every day you are progressing, being challenged physically and mentally to be better, of course its tough, but personal growth is always hard, but look how far you have developed and become better because of it. 

When you get into your flow of exercise, you learn to go with it and enjoy it. 

True success comes when exercise and eating right is part of your everyday life, and you don’t even think about it anymore, it’s just the way you live and you love the enormous energy it gives you.

Give yourself permission to go for it, to live with courage and be free of others judgement. Being free in your own mind means you can go on and do absolutely anything you want in life.