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Nationally recognised gym in Burry Port, West Wales since 1957, that has gets one of a kind results, has a unique atmosphere, state of the art and passionate and highly experienced coaching where everyone knows your name.

We produce TWO brand new exercise videos posted here PER DAY for all abilities for members. You can also connect with us at any time through here and get a true online training and unique experience.

  Email fitness@kerimckibbin.co.uk to register or Tel 07968 980 808

Example workout how to train at home. Fully explained, no strain on your joints and you go at your own pace, with full support from Keri. This is a more moderate workout, for someone who has been working out a short amount of time building up their fitness.

We have a moderate intensity and an advanced level, two new videos every day and 1100 videos at time of writing this.


Only you can change but you have to realise it doesn’t have to be some huge monumental effort on one magical day.

A little improvement most days will lead to you feeling better and having a great week.

If you show up again a few times the next week, and do your best each time (even when sometimes you don’t even feel like it), then another great week will have been in the bank.Four of these good weeks will amount to a big change overall, you will feel noticeably better, your clothes will feel a little better, and you will feel better about yourself full stop in just one month of consistent effort.

Everyone wants some significance in their lives, and your pursuit of feeling better through getting fitter and healthier will add a lot more meaning and sense of purpose to your life.When you become fitter, stronger, healthier, more mobile, have less pain in your body, the added benefits every single time will be much improved mental health and a sense that your preseent daiy life and the future suddenly starts looking a whole lot better.

Aim to win each day, don’t look too far ahead and a lifestyle change means exactly that, how you usually live and your workouts and eating well ought to be a massive part of that, this way you will progress quickly without even thinking about it and eating well and training you will automatically want to do just to feel better.