Wednesday, 21st March

Having “skin in the game” is very important when you are trying to give advice to individuals who are looking to get the best out of themselves.

As I am in business and run gym in particular, if you give someone the wrong advice it could have a severe affect on the health. We had better get it right every session every day.

It’s vital not to fall for what’s “trendy” now, if you don’t believe it’s going to serve our members really well. You must have a passionate belief in what you are doing, and the massive positive impact it will have on everyone’s health.

All our advice has our name all over it so it had better be tried and tested.

Telling new members the truth and the commitment needed to transform their health is of paramount importance. You won’t see fads and gimmicks with us, but you will see rock solid programmes that will change you radically if you give them enough time, and you eat right. If you don’t eat right, no programme will serve you really well.

There’s no “secret” exercises or marketing machine behind us, what nobody can argue with though is the relentless results so this is why you will never see any advertising from us. Our members are our only adverts and they are fantastic, each and every one of them.

Its vital to tell anyone who walks through the gym door that even though we will start slowly and gradually, it will be hard work over the long term, and you need to show up at least three times a week to get meaningful results.

You have to lift weights to change your body, to build bone density and make your body fundamentally stronger. Strong foundations come first.

You must challenge your heart and lungs regularly so they strengthen, so you can be fit for “real life” too.

You must add variety to your programme not only to keep you fresh mentally, but variety will challenge your body to adapt constantly, and this will bring you results a lot faster. We coach every session for a reason, its tougher that way but our members demand great results and this is what we do.

Real fitness means it adapts easily to real life. If we sold fads, gimmicks and “wonder programmes”, we would have been out of business a long time ago because they never last.

Commit yourself to putting your own “skin in the game”, take responsibility for your efforts, and commit to a healthy lifestyle and love the results YOU will have EARNED. The more work you put in, the more you will get out simple as that.

Monday, 19th March

Here’s one valuable piece of advice.

When you are in that optimistic “I’m going to do it” mood, take action that very moment so you don’t lose that emotion and commit to something that will change your life for the better.

It may be that you won’t buy rubbish in the house anymore. If you buy high sugar food in the shop, then you WILL eat at some stage, so make this your new rule. What you buy you will eat and drink, don’t kid yourself so make it good healthy food that’s going to help you full stop.

If you have a diary, SCHEDULE in your minimum 3 sessions in a week you need to be successful. Again, DON’T kid yourself that one session will work, don’t go round in circles, commit to what you NEED to do and GET it done!!!

That negative friend/s that talks you down all the time, LEAVE THEM GO right now. Hang out with better people that will support and inspire you, it makes sense but most of us never practice this valuable habit. I strongly suggest doing it now.

That moment of great spirit, great optimism you are in right now is the perfect time to commit to change. WRITE down what you need to do, and carry it out!! Writing it down is far more powerful than just talking a good game.

Now is the time, I really want to hear it!!!!!