Sunday, 8th December

Just over two weeks left until Christmas.

The next two weeks will sum up your year. Do you use excuses to quit now for the year, or is training really part of you, part of your inner being, a strong catalyst to the way you feel?

Making even half hour for a workout will give you some important things for Christmas.

A. It will give you sparkle for Christmas, when you exercise you have way more energy, does your family and those closest to you want you to be the slug in the house or a bundle of energy that is a pleasure to be around?

B. You all tell me that not training makes you miserable and irritable. We are all have adults and all have choices. DO things that make you happy, a workout 3 times a week is your guarantee of it.

C. Watch for the flu adverts because they are betting on you getting sick and they are already out in force. Your immune system needs to be super strong. What you eat and drink, how much you exercise builds up your strength to bat away anything. Do the basics, workout hard, get to bed earlier and eat fresh as possible.

TWO weeks to go, you have changed for the better because you workout regularly and eat well. Don’t blow it, this year is different and send out a strong message to yourself that you are bulletproof.

Friday, 6th December

For those who feel they can’t do it or “fit in”, for all of those people who society says you “can’t”.

Why it’s vital we give EVERYONE a chance in life. As a gym, we are known for our against the odds stories, and for seeing the opportunity in individuals who may have struggled in some way.

We all have strengths and weaknesses that’s a fact.

Strengths are usually recognised in conventional terms. You make the sports team of some kind, and you are celebrated as a success and you fit in. I’m all for sports and it’s many huge benefits.

But what about those who do not fit in to society’s so called measure of success?

What about the adults and kids who aren’t so coordinated, are struggling with their knees. ankles, back and shoulders, self-esteem for a time in their lives?

What about those adults and kids who don’t have confidence or have had it knocked out of them from someone who said they were no good at something?

What about the older individuals who have had a couple of falls due to their balance issues and are too afraid to leave the house or climb stairs anymore?

I am 2000% convinced and have everyday REAL WORLD evidence from coaching all kinds of people that literally ANYONE can improve their ability, their balance, their strength, their endurance and their coordination to give themselves not only a better quality of life, but TRUE opportunity in life when they thought there wasn’t opportunity before.

Exercise and eating right is a game-changer, I will stake my career, business and everything I have on this being true.

The everyday transformations we see at the gym make me so proud. The visual changes are great but what you don’t often notice are the people who can now RUN up stairs where in the past they were afraid to go up or down them.

The people who can lift weights heavier than their bodyweight now in certain lifts, whereas before their joints were aching, they felt so weak and even getting up in the morning was a real problem.

The kids and adults who now have the excellent coordination, strength and get up and go to attempt sports for the first time and realise that they CAN do them well, all they needed is someone who believed in them, and made them see the true talent they had inside.

I urge you to support everyone who has a desire to be more active but they feel unable to do so. Start by focusing on their positives, what they CAN do and then work from there.

EVERYONE has ability to do something great even if they can’t see it right now. Their very own inspirational comeback story is waiting to happen. Science in exercise now demonstrates that this time, and with the right support and environment, that the odds are now very much WITH YOU.

That potential MUST be harnessed and brought out of them to give them a life of opportunity, pride and a sense of purpose in themselves, and in the end we can all make a massively positive contribution to society as a whole.

Wednesday, 4th December

If you want to walk into a nightclub like you used to years ago when they were actually good, then you need to come down to the gym early one morning. A Monday morning can be as good at 9am, if not better than any night out in town.
The music is as banging too.
The atmosphere cannot be beaten and its the biggest welcome you will ever get from the warmest people you will ever meet.
We often talk about the evening session and the classes so much, but the morning session if you have ever been down has a huge community of it’s own.
It is often very busy early on and lots of good friends have been made amongst some very good people indeed of ALL ages with the same aim of self-improvement and meeting smiling faces.
It is a cast of characters that take a full part of every programme, and the progress has often been staggering.
All of these individuals are proud of their performance levels, and there have been no plateau’s, no levelling off in terms of progress, there have ben continuous highs from every single person.
Age is not a barrier in the morning, whether you are 25 years of age or 86, because that incredible range of ages exists loud and proud daily. The 86 year old discovers that their youth can really be discovered again and the quality of life difference is mind-blowing.
Laughter, a bit of banter and smiling non-stop is a forgotten part of our lives for many.
I would say that we have so many in their 70’s and 80’s who would jump over the head of people half their age without any problem at all. Both in their physical ability, their mental strength, self-belief and new found ambition that anything is again indeed possible.
In these times of a lack of social interaction, it’s amazing to see a whole community not only socialising but absolutely thriving.

Tuesday, December 3rd

The difference between a rut and a grave is just the depth. A horrible saying but it has some/plenty truth. 

I have seen many have December off training and never start back, or start back maybe two years later regretting that fateful decision and the negative effect it has had on their life.

The people who persuade you to have December off are always the ones who never exercise themselves.

They tell you to eat as much and drink as much as possible in December because it makes them feel better full stop, just look at the ones who give you advice and then make your decision. 

If this piece makes just one person change their mind then it will have worked, sometimes we have to be harsh but always tell you the truth.

If you’re struggling with your mind, then exercise will help enormously, we have endless studies to back it up. I cant give up on anyone, because against the odds stories are what we do, and there is no such thing as a hopeless case.

We want to help you, we know ruts can hits us all, and we all need some help to get back out of them. Reaching out for help is no shame, and its a privilege for us to have the opportunity to help you again and again.

Anxiety can hit you hard, but your workouts are your salvation, your church, your best friend, the one who never leaves you down and gives back way more than they ask.

When you exercise you are happier, purpose is strong in your life and you realise theres no reason to hide away in life, you the comeback story is just waiting to happen.

I love teaching, everyone who teaches at the gym loves it, everyone at the gym loves a success story against the odds, how you overcame great challenges to feel good about yourself again, felt great peace internally again and how the future suddenly looks good again for you.

Just one person I want to help tonight, and If I can, then this will have been very much worth it. Please make it and be a champion again, we are all with you all the way.

Monday, 2nd December

A lady messaged me today saying how great the atmosphere was at the gym today. It is constantly good because not only do we have good people there, but those people are changing their chemicals in their brain and feeling so much better in plain English.
Many, many individuals over the years I have trained suffer from mental health issues of some kind, especially in the beginning when self-doubt is often at its highest.
On the outside they may be life and soul of the party, but on the side they may be the biggest pussycat you have ever met, and may easily be suffering from anxiety which seems very difficult to get out of.
We all have the same doubts, we all have challenges, worries and things that can get ingrained in us if we let them.
Many people take medication just to be able to live with these daily worries, but there are numerous studies to show that exercise has just as good an effect if not better, and its totally NATURAL.
We may be known for physical transformations at the gym, but nobody sees the behind the scenes transformations of these people’s minds.
When you exercise and show up regularly, over time your self-esteem will build, your self-confidence will start to climb and your workouts will slowly begin to crush anxiety and those things you couldn’t stop thinking about that threatened to take over your life.
In the past most people used to message me to get into better physical shape, now there’s more honesty in those messages and that it’s often their mental side they need to work on more.
Feeling good is a human right, if you don’t feel good then you can have all the money in the world and if you’re not happy, it doesn’t mean a thing.
If I can encourage just one person to take the plunge and exercise today to feel better, I will be thrilled because I know the benefits will literally change your life, and you will SEE the world totally different.