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Monday, 15th april

I wave at a LOT of people on the road, the kids often ask “who’s that, who’s that”, and I have to explain who it is.

Tonight I answered the question “she called me a twit for giving up my office job donkeys years ago”. 

Next question “do you still like her”, I said “yes of course I worked with her and she’s a nice lady, but you have to realise EVERYONE has an opinion, and entitled to their opinion which I always respect, but it doesn’t mean we always have to agree with that opinion”.

I have often made decisions that don’t come off, just like many outlandish decisions I have made have come off big for us as a gym.

But I went to explain that the biggest failure is NOT having a go, NOT trying new things, NOT going with your heart, and DEFINITELY not letting  others’ opinions put us off trying something big that we know has a great chance of working, even when most people think are mad to even try!

In your life, even if everyone knows that exercise is good for you, you WILL have people trying to put you off doing it, and always form people who don’t really want to make the sustained effort doing it..

In your efforts to eat healthy food because everyone knows it will be doing you good, there will be certain people who want you to eat badly, because it’s “what they do” and they want to feel better for making poor choices (but “better” choices in their minds), and despite often against their doctor’s advice to eat well, they try to continue to prove science wrong somehow.

Opinions are something EVERYONE has, but do what’s right for you, whats right for you family,  do what makes you feel better, do what creates energy in your day, do the things you know that will get pain OUT of your body, and treat your wellbeing, both physical and mental with the utmost importance.