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Example workout how to train at home. Fully explained, no strain on your joints and you go at your own pace, with full support from Keri. This is a more moderate workout, for someone who has been working out a short amount of time building up their fitness.

We have a moderate intensity and an advanced level, two new videos every day and 1100 videos at time of writing this.



Rage against the dying of the light-Tina Marie Evans.

The lady in the photo is Tina, she’s desperate to walk again, the first time since she was 15. She is now 38. She has more fire inside of her than most people I know, don’t underestimate her.

She has a condition called Friedreich’s Ataxia, her brain communication with her body’s nerves can be a real problem to say the least, causing a host of other hardships she must live with daily-but never complains about. 

She was meant to die as a young adult, but she rages fiercely against the dying of the light and proving everyone wrong..

She arrived and she couldn’t sit up without falling forward all the time.

You can see her amazing progress in my story most days at the gym, with her commitment she has improved radically in 8 months with plenty more to come-she can now get on her feet and stand and she can do the walking motion, all we need to do is put it all together.

I hear different stories of people giving up on themselves every day, but if there’s just ONE thing you should take out of Tina’s story, I urge you to keep RAGING against the dying of the light.

When you don’t use your body enough, you will notice slowly that pain and stiffness invades your body, and if you still don’t move enough over time, you will need a hand off the chair just to stand up.

Still don’t move and don’t get the message and you will need a walking stick, and you get the picture, it will ONLY get worse.

I believe ANYONE who can walk right now can walk 10 mins in one direction out of your house, and then walk back-a 20 minute walk that will help you immensely. NEVER rely on that stick, do as much as you can without it, once you rely on it it’s much harder to get your mobility back.

I believe ANYONE even if they have the walking stick (we have plenty at the gym) can lift weights if shown properly, this will help your joints, strengthen your bones, and revitalise your body at ANY age-science backs this up 1000 times over.

I know ANYONE who swaps their ultra-processed food for fresh food, real food made from scratch will see most of their ailments, their aches and pains disappear over time-i’ve seen it countless times.

Throw in the unrivalled and tremendous improvements in your mental health, and you will be transformed, and actually LIVING your life, not only raging against the dying of your light.

Tina has set the bar high in NOT making excuses and if she’s your catalyst to changing your life very much for the better, then she will be a very happy young lady and very proud she inspired you!!!

May 22nd

A general election can bring hope for some, but for many they are fed up with the horrid state our country is in and they don’t much hope in whatever choice we have. I’ve seen many governments, but nothing much changed for me until I started daily action (however hard that was for me admittedly to start with).

The truth is that nobody who is multi-millionaire up in Westminster with lots of vested interests is really going to help you too much, the reality is if something good can be done, it’s going to be down to you.

The NHS is in heck of mess and underfunded grossly, despite our heroic workers trying their best doing amazing things every minute of their day, but we can help them greatly too by taking action ourselves.

If we rely on the NHS to keep giving us tablets for pain, for our mental health, for our circulation, to help us move better, then that’s fine IF we have exhausted all the natural options.

Nobody is stopping you moving every day, however little that may be right now.

Nobody is stopping you lifting a weight to get stronger, getting a good plan to strengthen your bones and joints the same time.

Nobody is stopping your drink more water, get fresh air and get out breath testing yourself at least once a day.

Now this is REALLY putting the NHS first plus helping yourself, plus sticking two fingers up to all the politicians who take you for granted, the ones who don’t really help you.

The election may be very interesting to you, or you couldn’t care less, but what should be of MOST interest to you is YOUR OWN HEALTH and wellbeing, and the very powerful things you can do every day to make yourself feel better, have a much better future and change the way you see life.

Opportunity EXISTS, but only when you have good health and the action required to make that happen starts you YOU.

May 21st 2024

We all want miracles to happen, and sometimes they do, but we have to play our part in the process.

We give you the OPPORTUNITY, nobody can deny that, no matter what state you are in right now, you have the opportunity to show up each and every day to get better.

HARD WORK is something that is part of the furniture with us. Nobody comes in and coasts, goes through the motions, talks a good game and can’t back it up, it’s an honest place and hard work is one of our deepest values.

A million people on the outside will not believe you can do great things, they will not believe you can better yourself, they won’t believe you can get radically faster, stronger, more balanced and have a lot more agility as well as much improved mental health, but STRONG EVIDENCE shows us that you ARE doing all of those things and proving a ton of people wrong.

Remember when opportunity meets hard work and you have patience with the process, great things WILL happen over time so stick with it and SEE IT THROUGH!!.