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Changing your game

We today officially launched a new war on negativity, doubt and fear and I’m ALL IN for the next 6 months.

The early classes saw my raw energy and all fired to inspire anyone who has been writing themselves off and not living to anywhere near their true potential physically, mentally and with their fighting spirit. 

I hasten to add that EVERY CLASS was sensational today and I am eternally thankful for your efforts.

This page will be your official good news channel, and I will continue to tell you how it is, and never sugar coat it.

I know I am at my best when I know fear and doubt has to be crushed, and I want you all to develop the same attitude and that nothing is impossible.

We all need something to prove wrong, we all need something that scares us from time to time, and this time I know again that if we all get stuck in, get fitter again, build our immune system, not only will we be even more physically fit, but develop much more mental resilience again.

Every session you do sets you apart. You’re not the one hiding behind the settee watching rubbish TV all day long, you are the one who knows that you workouts matter, they make you feel 10 feet tall and great workouts are always a sign that better things are definitely coming in your life again.

Yes it did make me sad when I saw people back in march having to stop the gym, then literally weeks later they COULD NOT WALK and were on a walker, BUT WHEN THEY WERE AT THE GYM THEY WERE FANTASTIC and I was very proud of them.

I DO NOT ACCEPT that this is unlucky, not exercising is A LIFE CHOICE and lifestyle YOU MUST CHOOSE to feel better.

iF YOU ARE PUTTING RUBBISH into your shopping basket every day, white bread, ready meals and loads of pop every day, then it’s not a surprise you will get sick in the short term and very likely in the long term. I do not wish that on anyone but eating right is all our responsibility, for our families and ourselves.

If you aren’t exercising regularly, then your mobility will suffer, and the pain in your body will greatly increase over time, and when you pile weight on, is it a surprise when you joints ache so much and eventually give up on you?

I really want the best for you but I want to kick your behind too so you get the momentum and get up and do to do something inspirational not only for your health and famlily but for your LIFE.

We all want a great future and a great NOW, don’t waste another second, plan on tomorrow being even better and see it as your first step to being even happier, more fulfilled and even more proud of yourself.

Tuesday, 22nd September

I know every single person at the gym is on a different point of their journey in life.

I have trained many people getting married, some getting stressful divorces, some have had incredible businesses, some have lost them and everything with it, many are dealing with mental health issues, many know they have many gifts in their lives and loving that particular period of their lives.

I have trained many with major health worries, some have been through really low periods in their lives, and I have seen many of you climb off the floor and rise up to literally change your lives in ALL ways.

And I can see all of these people in just one day!!

Here’s the one thing that ties them together,

They all rely on exercise to pull them through the most severe stress. They rely on exercise to make them feel better and give them the energy and drive to try and turn adversity around.

They have had many highs and lows, but they know that their workout is a vital part of the day, and the catalyst for their ability to flick the switch in their minds that allows them to wake up and go for it in life.

They now that quitting doesn’t work, because they have quit many times before maybe, but this time they know that they are in this for keeps, because it works. They know they have to stay in the game, because when you quit everything goes downhill in all areas of your life when you leave your health go.

No alcohol drink, no drug, no amount of money or new car gives you the feeling of exercise when you walk in struggling mentally and physically, and then you walk out transformed body, mind and spirit.

Whatever your story, there’s going to be someone worse off or better off than you. What you can control is to help yourself and get moving every day and eat decent good food you KNOW to be good for you.

Accept a large amount of life is down to YOU, take personal responsibility that tomorrow morning is down to you to get your behind out of bed, be prepared to choose a healthy breakfast and schedule in your workout no matter what.

For all the uncertainty in the world, you can still achieve amazing things just by doing the things you know that will work, the opportunity is yours, don’t make an excuse to quit on yourself and all of the great things that can easily be yours.

You’re nothing without your health, so seize every day and make it happen.

September 21st-Huge mondays

8 classes in a day is a great way to start your week. As I see all abilities, but ALL of you have through that workout today, one of the hardest ones to get through and do properly.

Showing up makes ALL the difference. I can’t teach a class a great session unless they have a great attitude and are receptive to a complete change of session, with difficult to execute movements all the way so sessions like today will always be a big ask, but I wouldn’t teach them unless I knew you could get through them.

A great monday of hard works should give you inner calm too. In a world full of anxiety, inner calm and inner peace is like gold dust in a world ruled be constant fear and only worst case scenarios.

Control what you CAN. You have every opportunity to do a great workout with us monday to Friday. You know when you get here the environment is unique and super supportive and positive.

You can reward yourself after a great workout with great food tonight. If you’re having a takeaway after a tough workout like that, you’re a putting rubbish nutrient deficient fuel back in your body, and you are saying to your body you didn’t value the work you put it through earlier.

Don’t see good food as a pain, a bind, a nightmare-GET REAL AND FACE FACTS, sort your food out, only buy great nutritious food into the house, you are getting healthy now and the fuel you put in will literally change your performance, the way you recover from your workouts and the way you feel full stop.

Monday is done, get ready for Super Tuesday!!