Monday, 17th February

Thanking you for your adrenalin tonight, you gave me loads this morning too. Adrenalin is a surge of energy and it feels good to great, especially on a monday, it sets me and YOU up for the week.

Exercise will give you all the adrenalin you need, all the feel good factor you need, and a state of mind change that you definitely need to tackle your week.

Most people who take drugs do it for a state of mind change, so if you can do something natural that doesn’t have the extreme danger or comedown, then why wouldn’t you put exercise at the top of your list all week long?

If you are happy with everything then that is fantastic, I take my hat off to you because you have definitely worked so hard for it.

If there are areas in your life you are unhappy, sad, unfulfilled about, then how about changing the way you approach it?

Everyone loves to be around someone with energy, positivity and a sense of purpose.

We love all of you when you are sad sometimes coming into the gym, and then laughing in 10 minutes after exercising, and especially AFTER your session.

This week is all about realising your state of mind change potential, the added benefit of improving your body of course, and use this adrenalin and energy to RUN at your fears and challenges that will surely present themselves again this week.

Thursday, 13th February

Most of you are in that daily habit of sorting your head out through exercise, sorting your mind out from one of not feeling great to one of smiling, being happier, seeing and experiencing more fun through exercise.

But like a piano tuner, we have to keep tuning our bodies to experience these great feelings.

Thursday is here and it’s another great opportunity for me and for you.

Challenges are coming to you, it’s how you deal with them that counts.

Dont duck anything, make the phone calls, send the important emails and get things done. BE IN THAT ATTITUDE THAT YOU GET THINGS DONE AND YOU DON’T PUT ANYTHING OFF!!!

I promise it starts with your workout, that euphoric surge of energy through you body you will experience today will give you everything you need to give you the push you need to get stuff done.

Don’t cheat yourself and don’t miss the opportunity you now have to feel better, to DO everything you need to do and finish your day with satisfaction, fulfilment and peace and joy which is what we are all looking for.

Thursday, 13th February

You have a chance, an opportunity today again to feel better, to take away the gloom, to take away those feelings of sluggishness, feeling down, unable to get going, and despite the overwhelming science that proves that exercise changes your state of mind, loads of people don’t take advantage of even short bouts of exercise.

Your environment today will be filled with negativity with times. 

You will wake up often that the world is in a bad place on the news, when you get into work you will often have uncertainty and some people moaning about everything, you will be worried about this and that, and it will bury your day often before it starts. 

BUT when turn OFF that noise, get your trainers on and just MOVE, a lot of that negativity can go in just a few minutes. Those toxic thoughts will be washed away, at least for a time.

I don’t know of anyone who has started moving more and regretted it. If they do it at least 3 times a week, combined with eating more natural food, it will change their lives in a relatively short time.

It will change your thinking from one of negative thoughts and hopelessness to one of possibility and opportunity-JUST by moving more on a regular basis.

Sounds easy? Too many have proved it right, too many have people have changed their lives, too many people know the value of exercising for it not to be true.

Medical science will back you up too, BDNF is a chemical in your brain aroused by exercise, and you RADICALLY change your brain and the way you think, very much for the better.

If one person reading this changes their lifestyle for the better, then it’s always worth the time writing it. Everyone wants a great life, but it all starts with getting out of your bed a little earlier, getting off your settee more, and just MOVING more.

It will be your catalyst for a NEW life when you see the world differently.

Wednesday, 12th February

I hate “yes” men/women. I don’t want anyone to suck up to me or anyone else, I want you to shout at me if you want to, debate me, ask anything on why we are down what we do.

Speak your mind, tell us how everything is working for you, and how you struggle on certain movements, and how we can work out how it can go better for you if we do it another way.

You will always have your say, you will always have your chance to scream at me if you want to, as long as we do things better at the end of it.

Continual improvement must be our aim, and frank discussions must be our goal.

I want to do the very best for people, give them the latest science on training and avoid some crazy exercises that maybe in fashion, but would destroy your knees in 6 months time.

We are always thinking, debating, having fun, calling a spade a spade, and thrashing out continuously the best outcome for all of us.

I want you all on fire all of the time, coming in singing and dancing, tell it how it is, and we wouldn’t want it ANY other way.