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Nationally recognised gym in Burry Port, West Wales since 1957, that has gets one of a kind results, has a unique atmosphere, state of the art and passionate and highly experienced coaching where everyone knows your name.

We produce TWO brand new exercise videos posted here PER DAY for all abilities for members. You can also connect with us at any time through here and get a true online training and unique experience.

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Example workout how to train at home. Fully explained, no strain on your joints and you go at your own pace, with full support from Keri. This is a more moderate workout, for someone who has been working out a short amount of time building up their fitness.

We have a moderate intensity and an advanced level, two new videos every day and 1100 videos at time of writing this.


Jun 12th

The climbing a mountain analogy for your gym journey is very appropriate. 

You will  have plenty of enjoyable moments where you do well, and are able to take in the great view you have ascended to.

Then at times due to life pressures, you may unbalanced, stuck on a ledge at times with no easy way up from there. BUT you have not option to go further unless you DIG IN and be resourceful.

Digging deep only happens when we remember exactly why we first started, and how our life was back then, and how our life is now with much better health and strength. How life was back then when we struggled with mental health, and how life is now when we use our workouts to crush anxiety, stress and doubt.

If you are stuck on that ledge right now, you need to unload the unhelpful baggage like the junk food, you don’t need to be drinking more than once a week, you do need to get to bed earlier in the week to recover from your workouts, and wake up early the next day and get meaningful stuff DONE, and you DO need to show up and keep feeling better and proud of yourself and your great efforts with us.

THIS is what gets you off that ledge of uncertainty, doubt and worry-it’s the doing and taking action that will eventually make you overcome the sticking points, the times you think you aren’t improving and gives you ultimately the strength to carry on and excel.

June 11th

The most successful people seemingly “get it right all the time”-but that statement is grossly inaccurate and a lie.

The truth is they TRY more than anyone else, and are never scared to keep having a go, failure is just a necessary everyday experience to learn from.

We have all put off things because not even trying was the “safest option”.

Going for food at the same time you could be training is a lot more “cuddly” an option than busting your behind at the gym getting a big sweat on.

BUT going out for food or a pint/wine won’t get your mind right, won’t increase your energy and well being and definitely won’t elevate your life like regular workouts will. DO the work first, then you will earn your fun.

Start making excuses on why you can’t do your workouts can become a nasty and self-limiting habit.

 Life can be hard enough but putting limits on yourself through making ever more elaborate excuses will mean big dents on your self-belief and ultimately your self-esteem and self-confidence, and definitely hurt your health and wellbeing.

Run at the things that scare you sand keep having a go, even if many times things don’t go quite as you planned. I guarantee you though that the more you try, the better you will get and as long as you are prepared to KEEP learning, then the level of success you can eventually attain in really up to you and your efforts.