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Friday, March 5th

There will be times when people will sing your praises, or kick you in the teeth.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter one bit because life will be up and down and most people’s opinions don’t matter, but the grit you manage to show throughout, the combination of perseverance and passion for what you do, will always be enough to see you through.

At some stage, everyone will feel like “giving up” on exercise or anything worthwhile, “there’s no point in carrying on”, and many do, but what makes higher performers different from the pack is that they are prepared to grind no matter what’s going on around them, and keep on showing up.

It’s the capacity for hard work, work through setbacks, that makes a difference in anything you really want to achieve. 

Josh Sheehan, we all remember him at the gym when we was with Swansea City in the premier league, then he had an awful knee injury, Swansea released him and Newport picked him up.

He recently played for Wales in football years later, I asked him how he did it and how he stayed positive. He said “I always believed in my ability and I kept working hard no matter what”. That’s grit right there, it pays off big but only when you are prepared to work hard relentlessly even when big doubt is hovering all around you.

A great chef becomes that way through endless experimentation, and a relentless practice to master his/her craft over many years. The reward is usually never having to advertise, because the food and the love and care he/she puts into it speaks for itself.

Seemingly “hopeless” cases at the gym like Gail Rees from Kidwelly, became a champion with us even after major back surgery, being on her own raising 3 young kids, training straight after nights. Gail hit rock bottom, and when you hit rock bottom the only way is UP.

Her perseverance and passion, her deep reasons to get out of her back pain, of being sick and tired of not feeling good about herself became overwhelming, and she found if she kept on showing up to the gym, even if she had some lows along the way, she would overcome ALL of it once she proved to HERSELF that her capacity for hard work, plus some intelligent training would be truly transformational IF she stuck with it which she has done, and now she is the true inspiration to everyone.

These examples show other people’s options REALLY don’t matter at all.

It’s about YOU, your ability to knuckle down, constantly get better through relentless practice, keep on going even when everyone else may be doubting you, and become the latest success story even if it took you years and years, it’s often the ONLY way.