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Wednesday, 20th January

Your child/grandchild comes home from school, the teacher asks them to do something outside their comfort zone such as harder maths, try a sport for the first time, catch a ball, improve their handwriting etc, and they come home all frustrated hating the teacher and asking what’s the point?!!!Do you encourage them to go back and try again, and help them a bit yourself so they do better next time? Or do you tell them “you have tried it once, forget about it, you’ll never get better!!Naturally and hopefully, you will help them and encourage to try that activity as many times as it TAKES. The practice and repetition of that new found skill takes time, it takes encouragement, and it takes perseverance above anything else.With enough time, the child becomes better and feels an enormous sense of achievement and gives them confidence to take on other tasks that will develop them and serve them well in their lives to come.We encourage you daily through our live workouts, 100’s of shorter 8-10 minute workouts too, through our many, many beginner exercise workouts to do exactly that, we believe endless opportunities EXIST each and every day at your OWN pace.We strongly encourage you NOT to give up on yourself. It is a FREE country and you can quit anytime, you haven’t got to go to school but please look at it another way because you are a grown adult with multiple choices, the evidence is very clear.I believe in this country because we are free not to carry needless extra body fat around that kill our joints by making small changes, we are free to get more energetic and make a great life for ourselves through our choices, we are free not to listen to “the crowd” who tell us we aren’t good enough, we aren’t talented enough, we are too told, we aren’t intelligent enough, we are too much in pain, too rigid in our thinking etc.I strongly urge you today to keep moving every day, to get fresh air daily no matter what the weather, to eat as much good nutritious food as possible, the effect on your sleep and mood alone will be incredible.You can shop all the stuff you want online for a miracle vitamin or food, but it will never come close to exercising daily, eating well daily and getting better sleep which happens naturally if you do the first two.Make today the day, right when it’s the gloomiest weather and darkest days, when you make yourself a promise that through small changes over time, you will live healthier and better, you will see life differently and you will finally believe in yourself that you can do incredible things once you put your mind to it.

Tuesday, 19th January

You have my permission to kick yourself up the behind, but you don’t have your OWN permission to waste the rest of the time you have on the planet.Kay Owen like many of you, arrived at the gym with excruciating pain in her knees (just one of her many ailments), when you see videos of her in the rain and cold throwing logs around, you SHOULD feel guilty if you cant get your being off the settee every day, and blame a whole host of excuses that are not really going to wash WITH ANYONE.I get many mental health messages off you during the day saying how our live workouts were keeping it in check in the gloomiest of conditions, and changing your perspective and self-belief again, turning a very nasty situation right around-I AM PROUD OF YOU!!!I AM PROUD OF THOSE OF YOU WHO SAID “I CANT GET MOTIVATED ONLINE”, and now are doing AMAZING THINGS WITH US ONLINE!!!!-WE SALUTE YOU-it really means a lot for you enjoying what we do, and for being such wonderful supporters, and of course seeing the benefits too.It’s your duty to be fit and active and get pain our of your body through exercise, the world is waiting for you to do amazing things and I’m backing you every step of the way!!!!Keep your messages and feedback coming because I love it all!!!All I know is that ALL of you can do incredible things with your body once you get going and your mental side will be elevated in a way perhaps you have even forgot.It’s easy to forget how good you can feel through exercise, I want you all to be brave and find that incredible feeling of wellbeing once again.Get excited, get passionate, get enthusiastic and most important of all, LET’S DO IT!!!