Friday, August 16th

Habit 1

The best way of taking control of your food and eating habits for good is to develop good strategies that you can easily implement and stick to without overwhelm.

Losing weight and most importantly sticking to it, is a complete lifestyle overhaul and not just a meal plan that you can stick to.  This is why so many fail at it.  It means changing not only your ways of shopping, cooking and eating, but also dealing with other issues such as how you deal with stress, celebrate when you are happy and how you deal with moments of sadness and other emotions we tend to avoid feeling.

Along with this, your tastebuds will need to adjust to less salt, sugar and fat and so finding foods that you actually like is a trial and error process.  This requires patience to try and experiment without giving up if you cook something you don’t particularly like a few times.

The truth is, our tastebuds change over time and you soon lose the taste for sugar, salt and fat very easy if you stick with it through the first couple of weeks.

Just like when we were children, we were taught how to brush our teeth, change our clothes and brush our hair before setting out.  Now, we do these things automatically without any thought whatsoever. 

This is the same with diet.  If we change our habits to healthy ones gradually until they stick, losing weight becomes a lot easier and ingrained, without the pain and shock of changing everything at once.

Habit 1

Our first habit for the 1st week is – Write down everything that passes your lips all day, every day.  This is an excellent habit to adopt.  When you see it in print, you start making changes very quickly!  Ensure that you write everything down, from a nibble here to a spoonful of yogurt there.  Have pen and paper handy in the kitchen and at work, so that you keep tabs on yourself.  This will really open your eyes to the food you consume, as we often forget throughout the day what we have eaten and how much.

Evolution of me

For a period of around 5 months, I was eating 4 pasties a day when I was 18, my favourite meal was pie and chips and the weekend was an excuse to get “wrecked”.

Over 30 years of that and how would my life have turned out? What do you think?

I had to make some serious choices, and realised my actions DO have consequences. My food daily now is regimented and im ultra-consistent, never eat rubbish in the week, I need too much energy, my body needs to heal nightly and I have never EVER drink alcohol in the week.

When I started my business, it really took it out of me, I need lots of naps, was dying getting up so early in the morning, and was fuelled by coffee before I realise I has better get my lifestyle right or it was curtains.

I was running a minimum of 6-8 times a day with clients and I was determined NOT to fulfil the prophecy of others who strongly proclaimed I would be a “cripple (their words not mine” by the age of 35.

People used to make fun of me going to bed by 9pm every night in the week, but I was secretly enjoying working out on the beach in Langland every morning or working out in the living rooms of the finest houses on the beach (I still do).

I am also now living the every day of my dreams looking after an incredible bunch of people just like you reading this now, and the gym is always trying to over-deliver for you.

Lots of people had an idea on how my life should work out, I was quietly making my plan and it wasn’t my style to broadcast it, or ever brag. If you brag in burry port, you are likely to get punched in the face, thats the way I grew up around here.

For those of you in a bad place, feeling life is cheating you, you need to BECOME MORE yourself. Your daily habits not only dictate your present, but they DECIDE your future. Whatever you want, you can go and grab, its truly down to you.

Of course some people want you to fail, not to fight back and pigeon hole you as someone who never does anything with your life, but secretly there’s LOTS of us right here very curious and super supportive of how your life’s next few chapters will evolve.

Thursday, 15th August

Creating an effective environment for health and wellness

It’s very easy to find yourself fighting food cravings and binges when your environment doesn’t support your goals.

Studies show that will power is not something you have in abundance and certainly not something you can muster up at will.

Just like in a car, the petrol tank is full in the morning and slowly over the course of the day, the amount goes down and down, the more you drive, until you fill up again.  Will power is therefore very high first thing in the morning and then goes down and down throughout the day.

By late afternoon, when your body is feeling tired and possibly emotional after a hectic day, will power is in low supply.

It’s therefore imperative that you work with this knowledge.  Instead of fighting your own instincts, and trying to muster up the willpower, simply make the environment work for you.

NEVER keep junk food in the house for instance.  It’s very hard to eat a bag of crisps at 11pm after a few wines, if they are not in the house.  It’s also very hard to drink the wine if you don’t have it readily in the wine rack.

ALWAYS keep healthy snacks in the house.  Yoghurts, seeds, nuts and fruit are excellent quick snacks that will tide you over during moments of cravings.

ALWAYS keep healthy snacks on you too.  A few pieces of fruit or nuts and seeds are great if you have a tendency of grabbing chocolate and crisps in the petrol station on the way home.

These types of junk foods and drinks are lovely as a treat, but you have to create the environment which will help you keep them as a treat.  Consider having one or two nights a week when you can have these as a treat, shopping for them on that particular day and then throwing away any leftovers.    

Enjoy your day,


New programme effects

Eye of the tiger is a cliche, call it what you want, bit between your teeth, revved up, all in, whatever, I know there was huge amounts of you in that mood today for the new programme, and you came out fighting and swinging.

You have to be focused, all in, to do anything that’s challenging in life, or the challenge will threaten to blow you over without much of a fight.

I know I am training with members who have very high standards in life. You told me that the new programme was due tomorrow afternoon, despite it being early last time too.

So I came in 36 hours early, surprising everyone, and I am proud to see it went down a storm. These 3 weeks are crucial for me and you.

If you get through them and thrive, then results are guaranteed. You will feel incredibly better too because of the self-pride you will have gained from getting through all of the challenges ahead.

I want you to come into the gym confident in your ability to do what you can, at your own level, and all I ask is that you improve for the next workout. However hard it seems right now, I’m backing you 100% to be proud of yourself in just 3 weeks.

Our gym standards are high, our pride in what we do is at an all-time high and I want you all to raise us to another state of performance and state of mind that we can say we achieved together.

No one individual is bigger than the gym, no one is bigger than the team, and we are only as strong as our weakest link.

Lets drag everyone up at the same time and make a lot of lives incredibly better.