Tuesday, 7th April-How to win your day

When all you have to do is concentrate on a few important things, chances are you will do them so much better.

When I’m writing this, I could be disrupted by email, social media message, a phone call, the TV, literally anything, but the trick is to get into your zone and don’t come out of it until each of your chosen tasks is done.

Are you slamming your workouts or are you inviting everyone else to disrupt it? “If only this didn’t happen, I would have done it too”, sound familiar?

You need to schedule in your workouts, involve who’s around you and that way you are much more likely to get it done.

The funny situation though is that those of you who are getting good results will be slamming the workouts in anyway.

Those who are struggling are more likely to avoid the workouts because “things came up”.

Use your workouts as a source of comfort, a source of stress relief and an anxiety smasher, does that sound better?!!!

Deal with your struggles every day first, and the rest of your day will only get better for you, because you will SEE it different.

Overcome the thoughts that threaten to hold you back first, the thoughts that threaten to paralyse you, and you will have proven to yourself that you can overcome anything this day and in the week ahead.

Stay strong and stay committed to the things that keep your mind and spirit super-strong.