Tuesday, 15th October

The biggest statement you can make is about the next 11 weeks and knuckling down. 11 weeks tomorrow is Christmas Eve and is an ultra-important time of year for training and for YOUR MIND too.

Would you tell your kids “don’t bother learning anything till Christmas, there’s no point now”. Would you be horrified if someone told your kids that?

Would you encourage your kids to watch TV every night and not do any exercise at all? After all, it’s wet now and dark, so you may as well give up till after christmas?

Of course I know if you are reading this you don’t agree, but HOW willing are you REALLY willing to take action and actually get stuck in this time and get it done?

How much effort are you willing to put in, or will you become a master of excuses making more elaborate stories for why you’re not reaching your potential, or maybe not anywhere near it.

It was mental health awareness week last week and I had more questions than ever from the general public, “does exercise really help my mind”, “Will it help my anxiety”, “will it stop me worrying about the slightest thing”.

I had to reply that from very day experience, an overwhelming YES!!!!!!

11 weeks is a great period of time to make an incredible difference to your body and mental health. LOVE this opportunity.

11 weeks of giving up though can send your body into decline, can dramatically lower your energy and make you more moody and irritable.

11 weeks can make you into someone who is full of pride at their achievements and feeling incredible, or send you into a spiral of low energy, irritability and a defeatist attitude.

It REALLY MATTERS if you show up. Don’t waste your opportunities.

Thursday, October 10th

I used to hate November to march. I hated the rain, the wind, the cold, the dark nights, ALL of it. Maybe I had the SAD syndrome, maybe not, the weather just made me irritable, moody and I looked on the negative side of most situations, too afraid to take a chance until nicer weather would put me in a better frame of mind.

Then I realised 5-6 months a year, my attitude was nowhere as sunny as the other 6 months. Then a critical juncture came.

I hadn’t long started my business and my first winter as starting. Early morning appointments eventually came in and I had to take them, and I HAD to be enthusiastic for them as I knew that I only had one shot of making it.

The novelty of getting up early soon wore off, but one day I was driving to to mumbles and asked myself a DIFFERENT question.

These people care enough about me to want me in their house at 530am. They want me to make the journey to see them so early, they want me to help change THEIR mood, THEIR feeling of wellbeing, improve THEIR physical strength and endurance, and help them change THEIR lives.

Once I stopped thinking it was all about me, everything changed. Once my focus was about serving others as best as I could, literally everything took off for me. I developed a thirst to get better at everything I did.

Ask yourself different questions. I know it’s tough to make it in this weather or when you are feeling low, but you need to realise the PAYOFF, the REWARDS of showing up and feeling incredible once you finish the workout.

There is very strong evidence that if you show up 3 times a week, you will do incredible things.

Be prepared to turn the light on this winter on your ambitions, no more holding back, no more waiting for things to happen, YOU take control and seize your mount when you grab your own happiness, joy and fulfilment.

Waking through the gym door is your hardest but most important step. Everything follows from there.

Tuesday, 8th September

It’s very easy and natural to let the mistakes or circumstances of our past weigh us down. None of us are perfect, but no one has the right to tell us we can’t do something or we aren’t capable anymore.

Some people will tell you truth every day and some people will tell you lies. You have a choice on who to believe, make sure you make the right choices by choosing your company very wisely.

Leaner to dump those who continually criticise you and those who never believed in you.

Stop looking to the past, start imagining a better future.

Your life isn’t there anymore. It’s here RIGHT NOW.

Embrace today and create your future, by deciding to turn it around today.

I see people giving up on themselves when they have all the talent to do great things.

I believe there is a bigger plan for you, and ALL you need is belief, and all you need too is action, put those two things together and the magic happens in a BIG way.

I don’t care if you have to force yourself to get here first time, and the third and fifth time, just get here, and change how your brain works.

Change it enough times and your brain will start doing great work for you without you forcing yourself anymore.

There’s REAL science to back up what I’m saying too.

Pack your kit in your car and get down here tomorrow, no matter what, and see how everything starts changing for you in ALL ways.

Wednesday, October 2nd

When the ministers from the government show up tomorrow at 1115am, we have a secret weapon in store for them.

Of course, I will show them the new equipment, of course I will tell them the evolution of the gym, tell them proudly about our kids and adults classes, the free fruit from the Coop, and I will be showing them the new outside and what’s to come.

BUT, the secret weapon is our people. The stories YOU will be sharing with them tomorrow is our nuclear weapon that bowls over and inspires the most hardened of characters.

We all have similar ability, but it’s the ones that grab that ability and run with it are the ones who inspire me the most.

When those people arrive tomorrow, I know have an easy hour because I hand them over to you lot, great inspirational characters who speak so eloquently and passionately about your often very difficult journey in life.

How you put your trust into exercise and eating right, and how it lifted you out of the gloom and hardship that you may have been feeling at that particular time in your life.

The greatest pleasure I will have tomorrow is not the visitors arriving although they are very welcome, but the stories you will come out with and how life changed when you became more active, when you started eating right, and most importantly, all of that gave you the power to believe in yourself once again and set your life in an incredible direction once again.

Tomorrow is about you and telling your story, let’s be proud of what we have achieved against the odds, and get ready to hit them with everything we have.