Monday, January 27th

If you are one of the hardest workers at the gym, you WILL be successful, but nobody starts off the hardest worker at the gym, it takes time, it takes endless times of showing up no matter what, and putting exercise as the catalyst of good things happening in your life.

If you are willing to put in what it takes to get through your sessions, you will get better, you will become an impressive trainer and training will become an important part of your life.

The reason why impressive trainers never stop? Because they feel they can’t stop.

They don’t ever want to go back to the way they felt before they started. They feel TOO good now, and the only way is up.

AGE makes no difference, life being busy makes no difference, the workouts you put in make a BETTER life and you get MORE done because you have way MORE energy.

New challenges are commonplace, and you can’t go through the motions anymore. You want to keep getting better, and we are proud to say we have lots of impressive trainers at the gym.

Everyone has bad days, everyone struggles sometimes, but to become a good trainer at the gym you need to keep showing up no matter what and give it TIME, see exercise as the spark that allows you to do great things in life, and you will find if you don’t quit the gym, then you won’t quit any other challenge you set your mind to.

Thursday, 23rd January

We are on our way out of a tough, dark, wet and cold January and I know most of you are glad you have stuck with the gym no matter what all winter long.

I love winter and all year trainers, you are kindred spirits. You love grinding out, and call on your inner strength to drag you through, even when you don’t feel like coming.

You have stuck with but you don’t need me to pat you on the back, because your rewards are visible to everyone, most of all yourself.

You may be having anxiety about life but you know you can’t out think it away just by sitting on the settee. A busy mind can crush you, that is why you need to get your own back.

You need to fight and out-crush the iron at the gym. If you do battle with your body, then your mind is a very willing recipient of a change in thinking.

You show me a hard trainer and I see someone who uses their mind to get their mind right, to think more positively and to get themselves on an even keel again.

You show me a hard trainer and I see a deep thinker who has stuck at it, and over time has become an impressive performer by working at his/her training over a very long time.

Progress and wellbeing takes time and many times in the gym every week, every month, every year.

It takes time to achieve things worth getting, nothing was built overnight. Don’t fall back, don’t go back to square one, keep getting into the game and feel alive.

Wednesday, January 22nd

I can speak for all the coaches at the gym by telling you that we wonder if we have done a good job or good class that day.

We are privileged to have you walk through the door every day. We are privileged to have the opportunity to pass our ideas your way and coach you through the process.

We are passionate on what we do. We are passionate about getting results for you, and we really care if you enjoy the process.

We are saddened if you don’t show up and heartbroken if you quit. Huge reasons are not only we miss you, but we know the unique opportunity you are giving up to change your life positively for the better-this is a FACT.

For every success we have, and there are huge amounts of you who do great things, we never like to see anyone slip through the net. We don’t anyone to not believe in themselves, this is why time spent at the gym is so important.

Some of you may hate your job, be in a negative environment so time spent with us may be a highlight in positivity for your day, and I mean that in a non-patronising way. 

We are blessed to have you and see your true talent shine out.

Some people are square pegs in round holes, I was one myself. It can be frustrating, but I’m going to tell you this truth.

If you work your body well, then your mental side will change drastically over time, thats a certainty.

When your mind changes, your desire for opportunities change too. DESIRE FOR OPPORTUNITIES YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO GRAB WTH BOTH HANDS that make you happy.

Life gets seen differently by you. I URGE you to take this opportunity and not sit on the sidelines watching anymore.

We keep throwing unique opportunities your way and we start each day with a clean slate.

Let’s get it done!!

Wednesday, 22nd January

Life is all about keeping going no matter what. Whatever you do, don’t stop, ever.

We all have lofty aims, things we want to do, places we want to go but there is always a personal price to pay. The good news is that we grow because of the effort we give.

When you start exercising, the importance of keeping going no mater what can never be understated. You need to keep showing up until the habit sticks.

When it does eventually stick, it’s then that the results start to happen and they actually last.

If you start a new business, everything seems hard, you can feel out of your depth at times, you realise that its actually tougher than you ever thought, what people say can put you off your game in the early days but the main advice always has to be to keep going no matter what.

What we eventually realise though is that it’s all about the process, and not always about where we get to in the end.

When we exercise, there is a feeling that it is a “grind’ at times, but it’s the times we show up when we didn’t even feel like it, can pull us through and improve us greatly.

When starting a business, and doubt is a daily or hourly occurrence and worry, it’s the process of how we overcome that worry and challenge when everything is on the line, and somehow make it in business for the long term. 

THESE are the magic moments of great satisfaction and personal reward even if it felt highly stressful at the time.

If you are currently have 3 sugars in your coffee, then cutting it down to 2, is a victory. Then after a month of cutting down you may be having zero sugar in your drinks. MAJOR progress. Then you will NEVER go back to 3-ever trust me!

If you keep on switching to healthier options, and making small changes each week, then it won’t be painful and you’re far more likely to stick at it instead of trying some fad diet that’s going to end up in tears.

Whatever you do, keep working at it, respect and get to love the process because anything easy is not worth getting. 

Hard work and sacrifice over time means you are back in the game, you feel alive again and you will realise it’s not just about the end result, it’s about the person that you become throughout the challenges that are bound to come along the way.

Tuesday, January 21st

THREE fans flat out at the gym on one of the coldest nights of the year, and NOBODY noticed. There was that much work going on all night.

A wonderful morning at the gym before that too.

Emma’s class outside and members working out WITHOUT their hoodie on.

This is a true sign that most of you have worked christmas out of your system.

The grimaces are starting to turn into smiles. The pain is turning into satisfaction of a job well done, I congratulate you all on the extreme effort involved, and your ownership of your situation. No excuses are made, no moaning, no complaining, only encouraging each other to be incredible.

It would be easy to blame christmas. It would be easy to blame too much work, too little energy, too little “head in the game”, there’s a million reasons why you could tell yourself a story why you aren’t getting it done.

Here’s the truth though however uncomfortable it may seem. Lots of us at the gym are getting it done, facing our fears and reaching new levels of performance that elevate not only our bodies, but our minds too.

If you’re not getting it done, then you need to re-look at your priorities, what’s deeply important to you and how good health will elevate your quality of life in so many ways.

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to get going and be proud of yourself.