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Example workout how to train at home. Fully explained, no strain on your joints and you go at your own pace, with full support from Keri. This is a more moderate workout, for someone who has been working out a short amount of time building up their fitness.

We have a moderate intensity and an advanced level, two new videos every day and 1100 videos at time of writing this.


Tuesday, 21st sept 2021

Your true gifts are very to forget, especially when you get into a rut and life goes the other way for you.I see it all the time, you may start a new job, you get out of your usual schedule making it to the gym, and “other things; take over”. When you get home, instead of changing into your kit, you start making food, start having a drink in the week, and you write off another workout at the gym.

The worst thing is that decision becomes even easier the next time, and before you know it you are a rut without realising it. Suddenly, the thought about getting back into training may even seem intimidating, a challenge walking through the gym door again, will it be the same, will it hurt all over again, what will people think-ALL things that will worry you and keep you AWAY from doing what you need to doYou become someone “who used to keep fit”, now you are someone who talks about “the times you used to workout”, living in the past tense is never good, and really makes you believe your best days are somehow behind you.

The number one way to feel old, to feel increasing pain in your body, to feel anxiety and stress, is to believe somehow you can’t do it anymore despite there being no evidence of that.This brings us back to your true gifts you have physically, you did it before, you did even very well, yet somehow our minds are “tricked”, and “cheated” by the doubts created by your non-action and sudden habit of watching life from the sidelines, instead of being the all out participant and all in player you used to be.Life changes when you make your first session back, doubt gets crushed and smashed, and you realise you STILL HAVE IT and all the great stuff that brings into your life!Over to you.