Thursday, 18th January


Letting go of expectations

For many people, changing their diets and eating habits for good is one of the great challenges of life. We can see this with the success rate of most popular diets over the course of a person’s life. The sad truth is, many will slow down their metabolism by crash dieting only to put the same back on, and then some.

It can also be emotionally draining to constantly have high expectations of yet another quick fix diet, to only go back to our own eating habits a week or two later, feeling completely deflated.

Many of these perceived failures happen because we far too high expectations of the results and not enough knowledge of how we operate as human beings.

We often see women on the front covers of magazines flaunting a brand new body after a gruelling 6 week workout frenzy with a trainer. Sadly they are often peddling a new DVD and will often be caught a few months later looking a lot like their normal selves again.

The magazines are often not shy in degrading them as well, calling them out on their cellulite whilst they are enjoying a day on the beach. This is the sad world of the media though (and another story altogether!)

We as people operate on habits. Everything we do is based around this fact.

Some people choose good habits such as eating good food, planning exercise into their schedules etc, whilst others choose habits of buying the wrong types of foods, sitting down to watch tv, before deciding to attend the gym etc.

We can see from this example that the person who sat down to watch a program will probably not get up to go for a run or workout.

The difference between these two individuals are habits. The first person has pre-empted the fact that to find his way to the gym will require having his/her trainers, gym kit, snack and water ready to go in the car, so the likelihood of arriving at the gym after work is very high.

There is not much difference between these two people, only one has good habits in place, so that success in health and fitness will naturally be very high.

We also tend to live from our expectations. When we let go of expecting to be perfect all the time, looking like a front cover model after six weeks for example, we make room for simple consistent habits to take their place.

It’s very easy to get discouraged after working hard for two weeks and not see any real results. This is because we have very high expectations that haven’t been met. Nothing makes us throw in the towel quicker than expecting miracles to happen every single week!

Letting go of expectations allows patience to naturally arise in us. That harsh voice inside us tends to quieten down and we don’t mind waiting for the transformation to take place, even if it means a year or two years.

So, instead of saying to yourself ‘I am never eating cake, chocolate, crisps, biscuits or any rubbish ever again in my life’. Think to yourself ‘I will strive to add a vegetable or salad to my dinner every single night this week.’

The second statement is much less overwhelming and can be achieved very easily, just by buying a bag of lettuce or spinach, tomatoes and peppers for the week ahead.

If you keep this habit up for a month, add another habit. ‘I will strive to drink 2 cups of water every day this week without fail’. Sounds too easy doesn’t it? This is however, how we build a solid foundation to a successful health and fitness program over the course of a lifetime. Try this method this year, instead of enduring two miserable weeks in January of feeling starved and deprived, only to slowly return to your normal eating habits come February.

Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, 17th January

Your self-belief is the last bit of “permission” that your body and mind are waiting for to create great things.

Without self-belief, you are not going to give yourself the “authority” to throw yourself into the pursuit of the things you really want deep down.

Without self-belief, you won’t be as consistently dogged in your habits, often missing days here and there, leading to lack of motivation which often makes it easy to give up on your exercising all together.

Your self-belief will keep you strong when others try to put you off exercising and eating well. Not everyone will always be thrilled by your success as you may be showing them up, and its vital to keep remembering WHY you are doing this in the first place, your strong reasons you firmly believe in will carry you through.

Self-belief will carry you through a bad day. Your past coping mechanism for stress at work or at home may have been to have a bottle of wine, a takeaway or excess chocolate, now your self-belief makes you even more determined to hit the gym to smash your stress where it hurts.

More self-belief will make you into the person you always wanted to be. The individual who goes after worthy and ambitious goals that you make you happy and fulfilled. To carry on working hard through the inevitable ups and downs that will come your way.

Self-belief will make you realise that anything that is worth getting, is indeed possible as long as you are willing to work hard consistently, and carry on until you get there.

Give yourself permission today to be incredible.

Wednesday, 17th January

My day is not all 100% positivity.

I face negativity on a daily basis.

Some people are bewildered what we do, and they see it without value, and don’t see a future for us or exercise.

The odds person will ignore me from time to time, but I say hello anyway.

Some people will never appreciate the tightness of spirit and togetherness we have at the gym.

The higher we rise as a gym, the more some people will try and chop us down.

ALL of this make us STRONGER.

I have learned to expect negativity, but also appreciate it’s a tiny minority of people who are also unhappy with their own lives. I sincerely wish them happiness and want them to get out the predicament they are in with their thoughts.

We realise that not everyone will love what we do, not everyone has been shown the extreme benefits of exercise, and we do not judge their ignorance of what can be truly achieved.

The togetherness we have at the gym is incredible, and is what I value above everything else. Our circle is most important, and we wish other every success.

I learned to ignore negativity a long, long time ago and I encourage you all to accept people’s quirks and leave them follow their own path, it’s their decision after all.

A masterful lesson in life-If someone offers you “gifts” of hate, bitterness, jealousy and name calling and you DECLINE them, then who does those gifts really belong to? One thing’s for sure, it’s not us!!


Monday, 15th January

How important really is your health?

Did you promise yourself that you would exercise three times a week, because your health is so important right?

Did your exercise stay at the top of your list or did it slowly fall down your list of priorities?

If you bemoan how exercise doesn’t seem to fit in your week anymore, then you had better start looking at your boundaries. Telling everyone around your immediate circle that exercise MUST be fitted in is a strong start.

You have to stop those who invade on your time too, leading to you cancelling endless exercise sessions, so much so that you never end up going anymore.

Would you let anyone cancel your dental or solicitor’s appointment or your kids’ parents evening? Why not? Because it’s important you go? You don’t let anyone cross those boundaries do you?

Aren’t the massive health benefits you have from exercise just as even more important? But many of you let people smash through those boundaries and say “go tomorrow instead”, knowing tomorrow never actually comes.

Your boundaries are weaker when it comes to exercise, and others will sense it and take advantage of it until you stop exercising all together.

You will never get things done on a consistent basis if you let others “decide” what you should really be doing, surely it’s not their choice- it’s YOURS.

Next time you decide to get healthy, realise it is going to take some commitment with your TIME, involve others from the outset, that it’s going to take their support too, and the end result will benefit everyone, as you will be less stressed, much healthier and much HAPPIER too.