Thursday, March 21st

Always give a damn about your circumstances, and show you’re worth, and you’re prepared to stand up for what you believe in.

Doubt is always going to be in your day, and something or someone will come along and threaten to smash your serenity. This is where our workouts come in, and the more you used them to destroy negativity, the stronger this weapon will become in your armoury.

Training gives you thinking time to process those horrible pieces of stress that come along.

You have to get used to CRUSHING them, there’s no other way. This is when you show you DO give a damn, and you want to protect everything you have and you need to give it everything you have.

Don’t surrender to negativity, someone or something trying to get one over you. Stand your ground and show you give a damn.

The ones who give a damn are the ones people don’t even approach to get one over, because they know these individuals will stand up and fight their corner.

Giving a damn means you NEVER stop training, you never stop moving and you realise eating healthy foods ONLY makes you STRONGER. With every week gone up you become even more unstoppable and your resolve that much deeper and stronger.

When you give a damn, you realise you have honour, you have pride in keeping fit and healthy, and you’re proud to tell anyone that exercising is now a deep part of you and what you do everyday to feel incredible.

Giving a damn means flat out that you’re going to attack every day and smash anyone’s pre-conceptions about you that somehow you don’t have great ability.

Tomorrow is another day, give a damn how you represent yourself and show enormous pride on how far you have come.

Tuesday, 18th March

If you can learn the art of delayed gratification, then you are onto a winner, and you will develop a great strategy in your armoury.

Many of us want instant gratification. We want to look good through a few sessions and at the same time most nights eat a takeaway, frozen meals, a bottle of wine, post a few motivational quotes on social media and think that’s a great strategy.

You may fool a few on social media, but you won’t fool ANYONE at our gym. If you don’t realise that we are ALL about hard work yet, then I better ram it home to you again.

Putting off the fast food, missing sessions, make believe way of progressing is something you need to do, but sometimes you don’t want to do it at all. Inner self-pride though will never be attained if you want things NOW.

All of you individuals reading this who have attained great success already know it’s having patience and belief that your efforts over time will bring great reward.

You know that making better choices in the supermarket are key to long term success. You can’t cheat your body out of vital nutrients and still expect to feel incredible.

If you aren’t prepared to give yourself fresh food, then you had better get your priorities right and spend the money you may have on your wine in the petrol station, on proper energy giving food that will boost your results tenfold after some hard sessions in the gym.

It’s what you do over time that matters, and success is incremental, it’s a series of small wins over. days, weeks and months that make your progress a big deal.

Delayed gratification sounds as if I’m asking you to wait longer for success, but the opposite is very much true. I don’t want any of running around in circles when you know THIS is exactly the way to do it and have lifelong success with your health and mind.

Don’t look for easy way outs, don’t fall for fads and gimmicks, embrace our programmes, embrace our classes and get great food into your body.

The physical and mental change to you will be life-changing and transform not only the way you look, but your ambition levels and ability to battle through any adversity that comes your way.

Tuesday, March 19th

Please do not read if you don’t like straight talking.

When you join the gym, the best thing you can is keep your word.

You promised 3 times a week sessions. Do you still do that? If you do you are more than likely still to be thrilled with your results.

If you didn’t keep your promise, you started making excuses that wash with some people but not us because I have seen a lot of people come into the gym over the years, and we know it takes.

This statement may UPSET you, but its the truth most of you would aways keep a dental appointment or a solicitor appointment no matter what, or even a pizza night. If you kept your exercise sessions, your mind would be a lot stronger, you would feel happier and physically you would be ON FIRE.

You kept your word you would eat right, no more man made rubbish. If you are eating as much natural food as possible, then you are likely feeling and looking incredible.

If you are eating rubbish, then you are likely feeling awful and irritable, but somehow it’s NOT your fault when the buck really stops with us all as individuals. It’s time to take responsibility and get the bad stuff OUT of your house, and the good stuff BACK INTO your kitchen.

You either want to feel great or you want more days, weeks and months of misery-We ALL need a reality check and I’m not afraid to give it to you.

You an either live a life feeling like champion, feeling energetic and positive, but there is a price of hard work to pay.

Or you can make excuses and hide behind a never ending parade of excuses that really fools nobody apart from yourself.

What you need to do is right here in the gym everyday, and I passionately believe this to be absolutely true.

Life is full of choices and take full responsibility for yours.