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August 12th

One of the greatest compliments as a gym we have had continuously is we have no cliques, and I thank you all for your observations on our culture.

Cliques are usually closed minded people who feel happy and safe in their own group but their conversation can have negative undertones, and usually ends up with those people falling out with each other anyway, and the reality is that NOBODY wants to join a clique anyway because they feel uncomfortable.

We could never have grown so incredibly if we had cliques and I’ve never had a problem smashing them wide open for the betterment of the gym and our culture.

I love stories off each and every one of you EVERY DAY on how your job/career is going, or your family life is going. We can often have classes of over 20 in the mornings, and every one of you does a different job, has a different personality, and have different dreams and ambitions, but you ALL respect each other, speak to each other, get to know each other and help and encourage each other.

To me THAT is a big part of the magic of what we do TOGETHER as a gym. I don’t give a damn what you do for a living, the way you act every day in our company is far more important. Life is too important to be narrow minded and we are in the business of making incredible dreams come true.

I’ll be honest if anyone puts me in a WhatsApp group I leave immediately-just my personal opinion. Not only is it just another distraction for me as I have a ton fo messages anyway, being in a text group situation is often open to mis-understanding and mis-interpretation, and people often get the wrong end of the stick, building petty jealousies and deteriorating relationships. That’s why it never works out for many people, and the true GREAT AND IMPORTANT reason on why it was set up is often lost a long time ago.

When you come to our gym, you don’t have to do a certain job, have a certain amount of money, or know certain people, you just have to come in with respect, have a great attitude and BE YOURSELF, no falseness or if you come in with a lack of respect, you would be out on your head.

I am all for personal growth, the gym’s community growth and reach and developing all of you to the best of our ability, because we ALL have a part in shaping each other’s future. 

We literally have members from EVERYWHERE and we want them always to see we are a broad church full of great ad wide ranging personalities, very shy people, extroverts and everyone in between

A big thank you to all of you who are making great things happen for us.

August 11th

I can confirm that the gym is fully stocked both inside and out with today’s deliveries. When we started doing outside only classes, we literally had to bring everything outside and we were continually in a state of playing catch up coping with the dramatic growth of outside training.

This wasn’t helped by slower deliveries due to obvious reasons.

I found that I effectively we had to buy a new inside stock of so many things so opening up this monday was as seamless as it could be. 

This huge investment has been more than worth it and we effectively have now a high quality very well stocked inside gym as usual, and now a very well stocked outside gym too with no compromises.

We are now in a strong position outside and inside the gym, and thanks to all of you great people who have booked slots this week inside and cleaned everything thoroughly after you, and showing total respect to everyone else at the gym in terms of distancing etc.

It has been great to see you all inside and out of the gym and we in a position to make further investments to come. We are forever thankful for your support.