gymKeri Mckibbin is a certified personal trainer from burry port, near llanelli, and has run a successful results-based personal training business since the 90’s until present day, he has been in the fitness world all his life due his father running the family gym since 1957, in burry port, south wales.

Keri has now taken over the running of the gym from his father 7 years ago. Ted passed away over in 2016.

He lives in Burry Port with wife Nicola, and is a proud father of son Shane, daughter Erin and son Ioan. Shane is now 9 years old, Erin is 7 years old, and Ioan is 6.

His clients range from children, triathletes, marathon runners, pro footballers, national level athletes, mothers with four children to 89 year old seniors.

There are currently successful programmes running for individuals suffering from blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart problems, childhood obesity, senior training, pre/post pregnancy,sport specific, golf clubs, surfing academies, actress transformations, special needs, weddings, and personal achievment. Keri also has been a fitness and behavioural consultant for schools, running several programmes for disaffected children.

Keri’s work with children led to him appearing in a successful 2008 BBC TV production, through a child’s eyes, on how a 12 year old boy could overcome obesity and bullying issues. The programme spread the gospel on the importance of exericse and eating healthier, and the powerful effect it could have on a child’s everyday life.

Our gym has also been chosen to represent Sport Wales in a number of films to inspire a nation. We had a number of films go out in April and we are currently filming a series of films.

Our gym is open 9 to 1230 and 330 to 730pm Monday to friday.

Please email fitness@kerimckibbin.co.uk or call 07968 980808

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  1. Good Afternoon Keri
    My name is Lisa Pudner, I am the Disability Sport Wales Development Officer for Carmarthenshire. I have read in the Llanelli Star the excellent work you are doing in the gym.
    Would the gym consider signing up to insport club accreditation?
    About insport.
    By going through insport it shows the gym is an inclusive gym and is happy to include members with a disability who have an exit route.

    If you would like to meet up to discuss insport or including members who have a disability my working week is Monday to Wednesday but I would be happy to meet up when suitable for yourselfat the gym
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I would love to help you Lisa and we currently have members with all sorts of difficulties already, both physical and mental. Im at the gym monday to friday 9am to 1230 and 330 to 730om so why don’t you call down anytime you can? my number is 07968 980 808, late morning be a bit quieter as well as around 330pm. I remember you as a great athlete yourself and I know you are passionate about sport and exercise so anything I can do to help you, I would be thrilled to do. Sport Wales for example knows a lot about what we do and have been down from Cardiff to see what we do, as well as Hilary jones form Carms county council who was also excellent, so whatever you want us to do, we will help you and we only encourage greatly potential members with disabilities.

  3. yes not sure how it works but very open to helping everyone. We only have one step to the entire gym too and no stairs, and members always say how accessible it is. Plus we are unique in that we coach every session for every member, all based on their ability and constantly trying to improve them. If you text me on 07968 980 808 in future it may be quicker for you, and on facebook at Keri Mckibbin personal training gym, £30 a month is very affordable for anyone and zero contract. Speak soon.

  4. we are not a boxing gym but we do a lot of sports conditioning, and we have the heaviest bag on the market at the gym, plus a ton of gloves. If you want to call in when we reopen after lockdown, you would be welcome.

  5. Hi, I am working & staying in Pembrey until October, I am an intermediate runner of all distances from 5k to Ultra Marathon, I would like to incorporate some quality strength sessions into my weekly training. Is this something you can help with.

  6. if you give me a ring tomorrow on 07968 980 808, then I can explain what we do and strength sessions are at the heart of what we do, and we do a wholly comprehensive range of training, thanks keri. See us on Facebook too at keri mckibbin personal training gym

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