12 week transformation challenge starts 4th January 2022

12 week transformation challenge

  1. Where am I now?

2. Where I want to be by week 4.

3. Where I want to be by week 8.

4. What I ultimately want to achieve by week 12.

5. What’s held me back in the past?

6. What I need to leave go of right now that stops me time after time?

7. What barrier is stopping me training regularly? How can I overcome that?

8. We all need support along the way, have you got someone close to you to push you on when you feel like quitting?

9. What’s the deep down reason for doing this 12 week challenge?

10. How will getting fit and healthy benefit other areas of my life? (For example mental health, my job, my business, my attitude, my outlook in life)?

I promise to dump all of my excuses once and for all, get with the programme and finally be everything I know I can be AND MORE!!!