Thursday, February 15th 2022-day 42 of the 12 week transformation challenge

Congratulations on getting through exactly 50% (day 42) of our 12 week transformation challenge, and a lot has been achieved so far. We went headlong into it January 4th and we have left no stone unturned in getting the very best out of you.

The first week of January is filled with short, dark, cold and wet days, the prospect of spring is very far away, and that’s why motivation can often be at its lowest during those early days, but that was soon overcome throwing new training challenges at you, and the fruits of that are already coming to fruition thick and fast.

This is why it was important to write down your goals and aspirations, what you were prepared to do to feel better, to get more energy, to lose body fat, to gain much more strength and have the endurance to compelte any task.I see already the individuals who are out in front, and there are so many of you doing incredible things, inspiring others along the way by not only your words, but most importantly your actions.Day 42 may sound like a long time already and a great opportunity to bank some great progress, but the reality is that there is another 42 days for you to achieve greatness, so roll up your sleeves, step up to the plate and let’s get the very best out of yourself because that’s a huge amount of time still to do amazing things with your health.