Tuesday, January 11th 2022

The body you want, the health you want, the mindset you want is built over the winter.

The time when excuses are easy to make, but what separates great results from mediocrity is the continuous action you are prepared to take.It’s not always super easy to turn up to your sessions when its dark, cold or wet, “other things” can turn up but you have to do those other things in a priority order.

If your health is not really important, then take ownership of that and don’t expect good results, expect mediocrity but be honest on why you aren’t getting what you want.Make a list now though what you need for good things to happen in areas of your health, and without good health, then I would say 100% of those things will not be possible-fact.

The look in the mirror conversation you need to have with yourself can be deeply rewarding and either let you hit rock bottom or motivate you to get your behind off the settee more and DO SOMETHING about it, also rock bottom is good because you can’t get any worse, and the only way is up, and with the right motivation, the right action and continuous showing up, your bounce up from the bottom could end being exciting and life-changing.

Monday, 10th January-day 7

I’m a big believer in using adversity to work in your favour. When things aren’t going your way in some areas of your life, use that negative energy to blast through great workouts, and even reach personal bests.

The rage you will feel when things don’t work out can be the catalyst for change too. If you have put so much weight on, its affecting your joints, it’s affecting your heart, it’s affecting your mood etc etc, then reaching rock bottom with these things can mean you get so fed up, you have no option but to change your eating, no option but to put great workouts in time after time, use this as a huge positive and turning point in your life.We all want to be feeling good every day, feeling at peace with our negative and positive emotions, we want to feel good full stop, and once we realise that endless takeaways, drinking alcohol a few times a week, staying on the settee and not training is NO KIND OF LIFE, then things automatically will look better for us.

Being in a rage, being moody, CAN work for you and turn everything around in your life, use that energy wisely and watch the great places that takes you.

Day 2-12 week challenge

Many people put others in pedestals for no reasons. It’s easier to let others go for it and admire them if they get success, let others do the work and then imagine we couldn’t have done the same if only we had stuck at it, let others get involved in things early on when we had the same chance, and it’s way easier to sit back and think to ourselves “it will be me next time”, because everything is “too much hassle”.

Until we realise that we have a very similar ability, we have the same amount of chances, the same amount of time and opportunities, we will never put ourselves forward for the success and fulfilment we deserve.

There is nothing in day 2 of this challenge we cannot do. We can show up and give it our best, even if we doubt ourselves if it is good enough-IT ALWAYS IS GOOD ENOUGH!!

We can either buy instant gratification sugary fast food from the shop or takeaway, then regret it afterwards because we are not making the most of our training efforts and going down the same old path to quitting, or we can stick to our plan of wanting to get strong, drop body fat, gain way more energy and shop for the food we REALLY need for our bodies-IT’S A STRAIGHT CHOICE!!We can either surround ourselves with those who we know will put us down, never believe in us, or even ridicule our ambitions OR we can make sure our positive influences are there for us every day and will buck us up especially in our moments of doubt, making sure we stick these 12 weeks out NO MATTER WHAT-This again is a CLEAR CHOICE NO EXCUSES!!

When you break this down day by day, you must realise that you can easily do this, but stop working against yourself and put conditions in place that make your world a NO FAIL environment.