Wednesday, 17th September

I hear of a lot of people getting upset with the news, and rightly so, but it can really destroy people if you listen to it every minute, everyday. It can paralyse you, your thoughts, your actions, and it will destroy your mind.

Social media especially is a cesspool of negativity, full of half-truths, lies, conspiracy theories that will spin your mind like never before.

To be honest, I couldn’t avoid the news either but here’s my new strategy. I listen to the news once a day and catch up. I feel much better, and have discovered I have a lot more time and I have huge urgency in my life now again.

I have discovered to get into a mindset of opportunity rather than talk everything down, even though we are all suffering in all sorts of ways. We can let it destroy us or we get back in the fight.

Our online training operation has almost doubled, we are making films daily, and it’s a huge part of my day now. All you have to be is a current gym member to join it.

COMMUNICATION has gone up online incredibly, I try to answer every message and I love the stuff you are doing with our site online, and the new programmes, I really love it how many of you have taken advantage of our services online, it really means a lot, and I LOVE to hear how well you are all doing.

My wife Nicola is 100% online with us too and she will answer any questions you have too, its round the clock at the moment and our day starts usually before 4am due to the volume of stuff needed.

I am humbled that people want me for private training at 5am, stating that their health is of paramount importance to them, I am committed to helping them and I appreciate their loyalty of over 20 years.

For those who can’t train at the gym, of course I understand and I intend supporting you better than ever online and your private messages.

We still have a lot of fun at the gym, and we do some videos still. None of them are there to offend in any way, and I believe laughter and some comedy are ideal tonics in a world of carnage and despair right now. Please don’t take them too seriously.

I’m here at your service and I want this year still to be a memorable one for you all in at least a few good ways, amongst everything else that is going on.

This could the ideal time for you to to do that project you have put off so long, write something incredible or even change career through online training. WHATEVER it is I want to hear all about it!!!