Week 2 day one

You know that you have really changed your lifestyle when others’ words don’t mean much to you anymore.

You still train no matter what, you still eat well because it makes you feel good full stop, and you realise you left the negative people in your life behind a long time ago.

When people give us a lot of praise, it’s nice but you carry on determined to keep on getting even better.When people criticise you, you shrug it off and again you keep on focusing on getting better.These 7 weeks are all about engraining habits into you, so they become second nature and feeling good becomes a way of life.

Applying yourself now through your workouts, your healthy eating and positive mindset means you are investing in yourself right NOW and a better future, and if you get through the next 7 weeks these habits will become how you LIVE, no gimmicks, no fads, this lifestyle is here to STAY.