My top 10 ever books

For World book day-My top 10 books ever. 

Around 6 years ago, my radio bust in my car would only play my phone so I downloaded Audible, and started listening to books literally non-stop and massively changed me. In that time, I have listened to 211 titles, here’s my Top 10.

  1. Shoe Dog-Phil Knight

Incredible book by the founder of Nike. It tells of his incredible journey in building the company from scratch and all the highs and lows along the way. Everyone who I know has read this has said it’s their number one as well. MUST READ. 

2. The Third Door—Alex Banayan

To get anything worthwhile done, most of us experience doors getting slammed in our faces, but sometimes we got to try the “Third door”, the door that most people rarely try when all avenues seem dead and buried. A fantastic and true story of never giving up.

3. The Carpenter-Jon Gordon

Simple story about a Carpenter who went the extra mile with his work, always had plenty of business and how lives were changed with his life lessons. I’ve listened to this a few times! I have most of Jon Gordon’s book, they are short and all very powerful.

4- Purple Cow-Seth Godin.

I have almost all of Seth Godin’s books, this was the first one I listened to and spoke to me the most. This book encourages us and celebrates the fact that we are different, and we ought to make it a necessity and do great work. Life and business changing.

5. Change agent-Damon West

Damon West was a star college athlete who’s life spiralled out of controlled with drugs and crime, and got sentenced to 60 years in prison, his true story is mind-blowing and find out how he turned his life around under impossible odds to change his environment.

6. Monk who sold his Ferrari/Leader who had no title-Robin Sharma

Two books I know here, but had to get these two in the top 10 somewhere! Fantastic listens and very thought provoking, the two of these are must listens, two great parable’s that make you live your life differently.

7. Delivering happiness-Tony Hsieh

Hard to put this book down at no 7, but the message is incredible and visionary, exactly what most businesses DO NOT do because they think short term. Tony Hsieh recently passed away at 46 but leaves an incredible legacy-a must read/listen.

8-Steve Jobs-Walter Isaacson

A 25 hour listen but flies by on the incredible story of Steve Jobs, all the good and the bad. His times when he was totally written off, how he created magic (with Steve Wozniak), how he came back into Apple and everything in between, sad, uplifting, a man of many faults, but captivating all the way through.

9. How the mighty fall/Great by choice-Jim Collins

Two must read/listens again because they are truly amazing and so well researched. Most people focus on starting and building a business, but it’s a sad fact that most businesses go out of business over time. Jim Collins studies those who went bust and most importantly WHY, and how some of the very few stuck around and actually THRIVED. Learned so much from this one.

10. Greenlights-Matthew McConaughey

Exactly what you DO NOT expect. Full of life lessons on his unconventional road to the top. Another book you did not want to end. Doesn’t give a damn what he says but is always the truth, and how he pursued his life purpose after been pursued as a non-serious actor.

I have listened to a lot of great books and was so hard to get a top 10, but these narrowly missed by top 10 but are great books too.

Spark-John Ratey-a MUST listen if you want to know how exercise really affects your mind! So much hard evidence with this one, opens up your mind literally to a better place.

Legacy-James Kerr-A deep study on how New Zealand have been the number one rugby team/best sporting team in history, great takeaways throughout. One of the great sports and team books.

Meditations-Marcus Aurelius 

A story of stoicism from one of the greatest leaders in history. Mind blowing in it’s common sense and vision for that time, and applicable now.

Extreme ownership-Jocko Willink 

Nails it from the first page on how to take responsibility for our actions and how to lead and not blame others. Doesn’t pull any punches, no messing around here from someone who has been at the sharp end.

Magic of thinking big-David schwarz 

The people with the most talent or qualifications don’t always succeed, and the way we think often is a decisive factor. This is an old book, but made a big impact on me.