Day one of the 12 week challenge-think big

Never, ever leave the site of a goal WITHOUT taking action.

Huge numbers of you have filled in your 12 week aspirations and goals, but the difference between your glorious future and success or failing to fulfil your vast potential again are much closer than you think.

If you don’t take any action on your intentions, then NOT A THING will happen, not a jot, not even a tiny thing will move forward for you, bringing frustration again when the odds were heavily stacked in YOUR favour.If you DO continue to take action, it will even get ADDICTIVE even.

You can get addicted to feeling better, feeling full of energy and full of life again, feeling as if everything you wanted is getting closer again, so encouraged that you want to work even harder to attain what means the most to you.

You have told me what you really want, but you must move heaven and earth to get your workouts done, whether online or at the gym, there is ZERO excuse this year, no fads, no gimmicks, this is about YOU and what you are prepared to do CONSISTENTLY!!

Don’t let yourself down.