Feeling overwhelmed is a common emotion for many people.A feeling of hopelessness is a feeling that hope is in short supply and there is little way out no matter what you do, despite there being a lack of real life evidence of this being true.

Life can go two ways on the back of those emotions. Support is vital and sometimes a lot of people don’t know it’s even there.Living in fear of your life not going anywhere near the way you hoped, paralyses you and almost stops you taking a action.

I’m lucky to see so many of you showing up every day sand getting stuck in, no matter how you felt before entering the gym. You may have bounced and skipped into the gym full of enthusiasm and excitement, or you may have struggled to put your trainers on after trying many times to do so, and finally succeeding this time.

This is what i DO KNOW.Once you get to the gym, you are almost forced to take action because everyone around is having a go, so it would seem “rude” not to have a go yourself!That increase in moving your body is enough to ignite inside of you a very positive emotional uplift, a real world boost in mood, the best natural “happy pill” you could ever enjoy, and your OWN body created it.

And even when you leave the gym, those emotions don’t go away either, they last long enough just about until it’s time for your next visit, and the great news is that the more you come, the more powerful the chemical response in your brain becomes, flooding your body with positive emotions and a feelgood uplift like nothing else.

Life is a series of choices, this choice has never been so important for you.

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