Friday, 26th April

Finally friday is here, and friday is always the day when many people start thinking about the weekend, and a great workout, sorry make that ANY kind of workout goes firmly on the back burner.

This is down to the state of mind rather than what your body is actually capable of.

If you are one of those who traditionally misses a friday workout, then you could be missing out on serious gains over the long term.

I find that friday is great for a one off type of workout for a variety of reasons.

First of all, if i typically schedule some people on a monday and thursday all over whole body weights programme, then tuesday and friday would work well as a core orientated session, with some outside speed an agility work thrown in too. Anyone who has done this type of session with me will know we have an extreme amount of variety involved in these type of sessions, they tend to be fun but still hard work and results giving.

So let’s say today is friday which it is, and you have one of these different fun sessions scheduled, then this should give you every reason to show up for your friday session every single time.

I think that’s a big reason for many people in gyms not showing up for their friday session and starting the weekend early, they are not being given entertaining sessions so they get bored, and have absolutely no incentive to complete their week of training. Indifference to training is criminal but usually the fault lies with the person giving out the fitness programme in the first place, and NOT with the customer who is paying their hard earned money to get into great shape AND has a right to be entertained in a fun way in terms of exercise presentation.

Have a great weekend!

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