Wednesday, 22nd May

Positive energy is proven to have incredible effects on your health, your wellbeing and influencing your outcomes in life.

Numerous university studies are now showing that someone next to you can detect your energy, whether it’s positive or negative.

I have learned certainly to detect negative energy, to love positive energy and people and their value, and know that a complaining mindset wastes my time and others.

Positive thoughts can lift anyone up no matter how bad a day they are having, positive thoughts can help someone make a remarkable recovery, and a positive person is more likely to be a future leader.

Negative thoughts and energy often kills conversations, atmosphere and hopes. Negativity can stop a recovery before it’s even happened, it can kill businesses and it can turn promising futures into dead end existences.

Here’s a test, work out the stress in your life and its usually down to a couple of negative influences. You spend your life moaning about them, you have more worries about them than anything else, and you daren’t upset those people in case they “say something”, stopping yourself pursuing what you secretly want in life.

I urge you to leave those negative people go. Once you do that, 80% of you problems disappear, giving 80% more time to thrive in life, to let positive lights shine through you every day and just watch your current and future outcomes in life turn on their heads in a mind blowingly positive way.

Can happen quicker than you think, all it takes you to decide to do it and follow through on it.

Monday, 20th May

What’s the value of having someone in your corner?

As a society, we don’t seem to socialise so much anymore. Most people don’t go out the weekend, most people stay in and eat or drink or both, it’s a time when many of us in some streets don’t know our neighbours or anything much about them.

So in times of need, in times of doubt, in times of deciding shall we or shan’t we go for the next opportunity in life, shall we put up with a bad situation or make the leap into a more positive and exciting life situation, it’s tough to get advice from the latest “boxset” facing you every night.

Game of thrones won’t be in our corner, coronation street wont give us any answers and having a rant on social media complaining about our lot in life only makes fools of us in public, worsening our self-esteem and self-confidence.

I have experienced so many of you lifting other members up. I haven’t asked you to do it, nobody has told you to do it, you in your kindness of heart and often experience, have been willing to help individuals at the gym out of their dark place and into the light.

This is the true strength of having people around you who care, and we are very well blessed to have so many ENCOURAGERS at the gym, a term introduced by Kay Owen, but it’s a deeply important role many of your have.

If you walk in the gym and someone else can lift your spirit up and make you feel much better, that’s a side to our gym I am deeply proud of.

If you can walk into the gym, and someone next to our makes you do a couple of reps more when you wouldn’t have before, that’s going to be amazing or your long term progress, bringing even more pride and wellbeing into your life which is invaluable.

So next time you are wondering what to do with your problems, will they really get sorted watching endless tv shows on your own waiting for a miracle to happen and pop through the screen, will they get sorted laying on the settee for hours staring at the ceiling or trawling through facebook, or will you simply feel incredible by hitting the gym, slamming a great workout in, and getting inspired by all our encouragers at our place, who really ARE IN YOUR CORNER.

Decide your strategy to get through the trials of life, and make exercise the cornerstone of your plan for both your body AND YOUR MIND .

Thursday, May 17th

We go to war again on the new programme tomorrow, and it depends if you want to be considered a warrior or not. Here’s what I mean.

A warrior is someone who wants to get every last drop out of their talent and ability. When the warrior does this, they let go of any negativity, and frustration they have in their life at not being the best they can be.

When you don’t try in life, and make excuses for not making the best of what you have, it secretly makes you frustrated and frustration means unhappiness. Don’t pretend otherwise and don’t talk yourself out of doing great things.

The warrior inside of you will smash all the anxiety that has been boiling up inside of you, all the sitting on the sidelines in life and all that brings with it will disappear.

All the hurt and scars you may have experienced in life needs to be harnessed and can be used as weapons to help you in ah hugely positive way.

All that life experience when you have been written off can be used to smash all those thoughts of negative people who used to write you off, and destroy any annoying thoughts from those who thought you wouldn’t amount to much.

Being a true warrior means you are happy and you have achieved peace and joy within your soul, you speak the truth and say it as it is, you get stuck in and you are willing to try new things, you are willing to tell yourself that anything you may not be able to do today, I WILL do BETTER tomorrow, and the day after UNTIL I get it right.

Big day tomorrow, come in with a great attitude and let’s go to WAR!!!