Tuesday, 16th July

There’s a million little things I won’t let beat me in my moving forward in life. Some are thrown at us each and every day.

I won’t let a warm day throw me off course, I may do a little less that day but I still put in a good shift in whatever I do. I see warmer days as just another test, and they separate those who want it more and the who use any excuse not to do their best.

I won’t let negativity slow me down. The higher you go in life, the more people want to chop you down. Developing the resilience to not worry about any negative comments is vital, so you eventually become capable of not even hearing anyone of trying to push you off course.

I won’t let anyone let my standards drop. If you drop your standards and it somehow becomes “acceptable”, then a lower performance becomes acceptable too, and is the start of a long, slippery slope that doesn’t end well. Your day is full of performances where you are judged and you get results from. The pride you feel in doing your best must always be at the forefront of your mind.

I won’t let anyone stop me dreaming big. My ambitions take a lot of work, a lot of sacrifices and a lot of getting up early in the mornings to make it happen. If you aren’t prepared to do the work and get up early to make time for it, then your dreams will never become a reality-your choice and no compromises. 

What challenges are you letting stop your progress today, and which ones are you rising to and actually thriving on? Your choices shape your future, your self-esteem, your sense of fulfilment, and happiness. 

Monday, 15th July

You can overcome any problem.

I see people every day and some are determined to get better, work bit by bit, and inch their way forward knowing that over time, they will change their circumstances for the better. These are the ones who achieve spectacular things by doing the unglamorous work but do it relentlessly.

Some though will put up barriers to their health, and convince themselves that because “my shoulder, my knee, my back” is bad, then they cannot do a thing to help themselves.

It’s easier sometimes to put your chances of great health into the hands of luck, of somehow getting a magical appointment that will somehow make things “okay” again.

The facts are though that once you change your thoughts, your entire world changes.

Whatever struggles you have right now, they will be eased and eventually disappear if you start right now, and keep working positively to what you deeply desire.

Looking after yourself inside and out is the only way, its a day by day process, week by week and the more work you do, the more your body and mind will be rewarded.

Believing in yourself and having faith in your abilities will be your greatest masterstroke. Don’t wait for anyone else to do things for you, at the end of the day, it’s going to be down to you.

Every situation has potential in it, good or bad, and each day will test you, play games with your mind and will try to put you off track.

Those who stay with their programme, always show up no matter what, never get distracted are the ones who achieve the most over time.

No secret formula, no magic powders and no gimmicks, it’s all down to you and how much stick you really have in you.

Monday, 8th July

Whether you’re convinced that exercise is going to work for you or you’re convinced it won’t, then you may need to listen to this.
Everyone I know who exercises properly believes in its huge life-changing benefit.
The belief part is vital because it will make you show up regularly. The results are obvious, backed up by medical science and doctors, and exercise even in small amounts helps your body in all sorts ways including boosting your mind.
You will get motivation to carry on from the results you will get.
If you don’t believe exercise can help you, then you may believe that resting all the time is good for you. All I know is this, the more you rest and do nothing, the more your body breaks down slowly over time.
If you ever have known anyone who has gone in a home, and my father did for dementia, the physical deterioration can be dramatic.
My father went in walking, then he had a stick when he became less active there, then he was in a wheelchair as he became even less active, and then he was bed bound.
This change happened over time of course, but I see MANY cases every week and many families tell me of the exact same thing happening.
If you don’t use your body and by that I mean moving less, then don’t expect it to look after you now or in old age.
If you don’t move much, expect your mind not to be as sharp, as positive and you won’t feel as good full stop.
I have seen many cases of people coming to the gym as a last resort, and trying exercise as a way to get out of pain and just feel better.
As long as you are cautious, build who you are training up gradually, and they show up regular, ANYONE can benefit immensely from exercise, re-discover what they were once capable of and live a much higher quality of life.
The old saying of “use it or lose it” has never been so true. We all have choices, what’s yours going to be?

Wednesday, 3rd July

Life is a continuous judgement or so we think.

Are we good at talking to people, or are we going to be good at training, will be able to stick at it, will we able to “definitely” get good results, and will “other people” like our results.

This is when we put too much pressure on ourselves.

This is when we buy “fat loss” tablets which can be dangerous to our health long term because results don’t happen quite “quickly enough”.

This is when we crash diet because we think losing loads of weight will make us feel great about ourselves.

We buy new clothes, a new car, and we imagine how this will make us feel inside, and somehow it will be incredible.

When we don’t quite have this massive high, and it happens time after time, the sadness can only escalate.

This is why we need to do things for ourselves, and realise its not about others, it’s about us and how we really feel, and we make it a permanent lifestyle CHOICE.

How about looking after your own feelings and your own body and not caring about others?

Eating healthy long term makes you internally feel very good, and eventually you will look amazing on the outside too.

Training at least 3 times a week makes us feel energetic and joyous, and puts our mind in a great state of optimism most of the time.

The best gift you can give to yourself right now is NOT trying to live up to anyone else who really is not worthy of your efforts.

You are your own person, you are really very strong and give yourself some proper care and attention. Set yourself high standards and don’t let anyone bring you down.

Remind yourself daily you are in charge, remind yourself that every day is a potential great day, show everyone what you can really do and most of all, do the things that make you happy.

Set yourself free, you will find it hugely liberating.

Monday, 1st July

We urge all the time on this page, and at the gym to constantly take action. Take so much action that it becomes a way of life, and you achieve good things almost on a daily basis without even thinking about it too much.

If you decide not to listen to our urges to take action, then the opposite reaction sometimes is to feel pressure to take action, resulting in you taking your time, slowing things down to sometimes a point of you get defensive and eventually you rebel and never take action.

Life is full of pressure, life is only getting quicker all the time with technology so the last thing you need is more pressure.

My plea to you is don’t tell yourself a story that exercising is somehow “not for you”, because its blatantly not true.

The reality is that when you exercise regularly, you take pressure OFF yourself because you learn how to smash stress, and develop the energy to make quicker decisions, and you develop the get up and go to get things done, and usually much quicker too.

I bet any of you who are reading this who has had even a week off training, has had second thoughts about coming back on the day you were meant to. This is because you lost the momentum you had when you were training regular, and some doubt begins to enter your mind again.

You were indeed the person who was used to taking action, never thought about it too much and you were the person who got so much done in your day, and still had energy to spare.

Doubt is a liar and the biggest cause of you giving up on your dreams and aspirations in life. Doubt will kill ambition, doubt kills self-confidence and doubt will bring your momentum and achievements to a screeching halt.

Decide where you want to be, the one who gets things done with incredible energy, and the more you exercise, the more achievement and happiness comes into your life.

Or the person who leaves the thief called doubt dictate and eventually ruin their lives and future happiness.

Your choices and exercise is the spark to everything that’s helping everything thats good in your life.