Monday, 18th November

There’s nothing quite like being a regular at the gym.

You get to know new people. You get to constantly perform at a higher level. You have great positive human interaction that more and more people don’t get anymore.

The people around you are supportive, and they are genuinely interested in your day.

Being a regular means you are part of our team. Many people count on you being at the gym because they may want your opinion on something important.

You may have had a horrible day but the laughs at the gym can pick you up and look at tomorrow as a fresh start.

Being a regular means you know the hardship of starting for the first time, and also you know the folly of quitting, and the value of carrying on through thick and thin.

You pat yourself on the back at times for the moments you thought about quitting but you stuck at it, how you developed resilience, and how you love the fact that you’re still in shape at 40 to 70 years old, and you are still getting better.

You love the fact that everyone knows your name, respects your ability and remarks occasionally how far you have actually come.

Being a regular counts, and makes you a very strong part of who we are. Congratulations.and thanks for coming.

Thursday, 14th November

Here’s a crucial move I made in my career and it paid off in all sorts of ways.
I was personal training 7 days a week still, and I had to take the gym over from my father as he began the strong signs of dementia.
I knew I had to spend more time in the gym. The business of personal training had been very strong for many years but I knew I had to make some time up if I was to continue to make an impact of building the gym up, as I was already working mega-hours.
I could have taken the easier route of doing one one to one in people’s homes, and done that forever but the gym and the wider population was calling, and I was fed up of stories of people dong it wrong.
I worked out the “essential” clients I had train each week, by that I mean not necessarily the richest, but the most dedicated, the ones I loved spending time with and the ones who brought a lot of positive energy.
The ones that really needed me, and the ones who wanted to keep on learning and never missed a session no matter how busy they were.
So even though it was tough as I had been training many of these people for 20 years and knew them very well, I had to make clean break first from those who I thought weren’t as committed, those who constantly missed sessions for whatever reason, and weren’t as really into it as I was.
As the gym got a lot busier, I had to let go people very dear to me, as our training times clashed terribly with the busiest times of the gym, and I couldn’t hold back the growth any more. It was enormously tough for me emotionally but I had to do it.
I could have stayed in the one to one business only forever, but I had the opportunity for a much bigger impact and it was calling me big time.
I had a deeper mission, and nothing was going to stop me helping as many people as I could.
This allowed me to free up some hours, to meet people in burry port and surrounding area who wanted my coaching to do great things at our gym you see today for only £30 a month (price been held for 9 years) and get coached every session.
I was ready to give them everything. These people responded incredibly well and out gym grew slowly to begin with, but it grew REALLY quickly once the results came in thick and fast, and NEVER stopped.
To cut a very long story short, I continued to cut my one on one training in HOMES to the point where I only do it early Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with people who are very good friends and still me everything.
That’s the criteria I like to have at the gym. I still give everything but its always best if we have a two way energy exchange, where the person i’m training is willing to give everything too. It’s called mutual respect.
If you are willing to give that commitment, have a great attitude, are willing to learn, then I know we can achieve incredible things without a shadow of a doubt.

Wednesday, 13th November

If you don’t take care of a problem, it gets bigger and bigger, so much it becomes with you all the time.

Fears become bigger, until they often become irrational.

Facing your fears, running AT them is always the answer. You crush any problems by taking action there and then.

You eradicate problems completely when you do the same things every time they come up. A problem won’t be there anymore if you get stuck into it straight away.

Lots of you are going through your first winter at the gym, lots of you too have had many winters already with us and you have found them transformational in the way you think, as well as the obvious body changes you have made.

November to march use to be a real problem for you all. Wrapping up warm in the house and become an expert on the latest shows on TV is a pastime for most people until they discover they can do amazing things at the gym..

But you now by now that you’re not most people. The fact that you’re in the gym when its dark and cold outside says a lot about you.

It means you’re a trier, a “do’er” who challenges yourself.

You want more out of your life, you want more to put your health first because you know that’s the key to being happy about everything else going on in your life.

The fact that you’re in the gym right now means you don’t surrender to anything, you want to feel good ALL year round, no false starts this time, no fads, no gimmicks anymore, this time you know you are doing it and getting it right finally.

Middle of November and I couldn’t be happier with all of your progress, it may be a simple statement but the hardest part is leaving the house and walking through the door, always remember that and your performances will take care of themselves and make you feel incredible all winter long.

Monday, 11th November

We are into mid-november, a time of great doubt and surrender for many. The light is limited, it’s getting a lot colder and everything is dying off.

Most people think a different way, they tell you to slow down, they tell you it will be okay after Christmas and they tell want to tell you that because it makes THEM feel better. Their lack of action should never fool you and drag down your own standards.

This is one of my favourite times because it offers me opportunity. Once everyone else is slacking off, i tend to UP my work rate and see where it takes me.

You can easily turn the next 6 weeks into one of great opportunity and a small sacrifice of time 3 times a week can push your health and wellbeing into unchartered territory, up to you if you want to grab it with both hands.

One of the big areas we are working on this year when it’s dark is outside. I played on our area around the back of the gym all weekend, and my kids loved it. 

There should be 7 more lights there in a week’s time, on posts providing by Alan Jones and Star Forge, giving us a great area fully lit up providing unrivalled opportunity for everyone who uses it.

As sport is often called off due to the horrendous weather, we are still having great fun knocking  ball around, the kids are loving and they are still increasing their skills and familiarity around sport.

Lee Stone tells me the advantage Spain have in football, due to the weather and their pitches never get waterlogged. As long as we KEEP playing, even if it’s a bit colder, what advantage have they really got? Opportunity exists.

I can’t wait for the basketball posts, netball posts and football posts. I can’t wait the rig please with everything on it including the monkey bars. It will be fun time EVERY day.

In this darkest of times of light and weather, a great vision has come, a great vision of hope, opportunity and possibility that we have never had before.

The next 6 weeks are ones I’m going to seize with all my heart and power, are you going to join me and take yourself to brand new incredible levels of strength, endurance and positivity? 

We are either getting better or we are falling back, what’s your choice going to be?