Tuesday, 13th October

Moments of doubt and stress demand certain people step up and make things happen. We have an abundance of members doing exactly that right now. We have so many who used to live struggling with feeling are they good and strong enough, living in doubt instead of taking action in their lives, I am thrilled to say we are discovering new leaders every day.
I know there have been many who have doubted whether the classes will first of all go ahead in the rain.
We trained in storms during the spring and summer with great numbers of you showing up very consistently, that’s why we have such great results all of the time.
Then what if it was too warm? You can’t train in 30 degrees, the sun was shine in your face, you would rather be n the back garden drinking, we heard it all but so many of you put your health first and came through that challenge, and now live with pride on your accomplishments, and most importantly huge mindset change.
We had a big moment of doubt this morning, would you show up in the cold and rain, it was tipping it down well and truly. The first 5 minutes were shocking, but by minute 10 I could see your faces changing, your demeanour was changing, and you realised yet again that you were on your way to another victory, we even had some smiles by halfway through.
Literally, you changed the dark clouds of uncertainty and worry into blue skies of hope, ambitions and strong signs that there are indeed better time ahead. You discovered that is always darkest before dawn.
Your biggest victories in life are when you put your character on the line, will you come up a winner this time or will you let yourself down, that the excitement of it all but you have to be in the game to make it happen in the first place..
I am proud to say that so many of you have become so much stronger since lockdown in ALL weathers, you don’t just come down in one bout of rain, you THRIVE in it now and you and I love the feeling that you are proving so many people wrong, and at a time of great uncertainty again, you are making your kids, your partners and all of those around you in your sessions mightily proud.

Monday, 12th October

We made a big statement today, we showed what can be done, nothing is going to stop us and when we always pull together, we all get that little bit more out of ourselves than we first thought.

The momentum we have right now means we are going into winter feeling stronger, in body, mind and spirit.

The only thing that can stop you is doubting yourself or allowing others’ non belief in you to win the day. We all have people around us who don’t believe in us, but hopefully we know by now that’s a fact of life.

This is why our inner circle is so important. We are usually shaped by the 5 people who we hang out with the most. Hang out with negativity and doubt, and we won’t get a single thing done, leave alone have long term success and our life can be a misery.

Those who you know who are no good for your confidence need to leave your life, they need to leave your inner circle at the very least and let them be a poison and destructive force in someone else’s life.

You will find like minded positive people at the gym, members who want to continuously improve and get on full stop.

Surround yourself with eagles who will lift you up every time you are struggling, rather than ducks who will drag you back down to their pond, which means you and your progress will always be stuck in quicksand.

Monday is done and was a major success, a massive winter is coming and make sure a very positive team of positivity is right by your side with your best interests at heart.

Friday, 9th October

I never celebrate my birthday anymore but here’s some urgent stuff I’m asking for today.

Most people are waiting for a vaccine but the very best thing you can do until then, and after for your immune system, and to protect yourself is EXERCISE and EAT right, get more sleep and look after yourself. 

Exercise is the best medicine you can give yourself for life and protects you from most things and will help you live a much higher quality of life.

I want to see gyms run classed as ESSENTIAL businesses in the current climate as boosting the nation’s health is of paramount importance. 

We had to close 21 weeks inside in the last lockdown and I saw first hand the devastating effect that had on people’s physical and MENTAL health too, yet McDonald’s and other fast food places never closed, and somehow were classed as “essential” to the public, despite being linked with diabetes, heart disease and all sorts of health problems when eaten more than an occasional treat.

The prime minister always says how he’s fitter than a “butcher’s dog” now,  and how being fitter is the best way to beat Covid, I want to see him finally back the fitness industry with real action and not words or “slogans”. 

Prevention of illness is always the best strategy and the huge positive impact on mental health is without any doubt.

I want to see more people exercising and less people relying on pills to feel better. Sounds simplistic but I’m in the trenches every day seeing a lot of people come in with massive pain and illness in their bodies, and over time and with consistency in their training, slowly transform themselves literally into DIFFERENT and much HAPPIER people.

 If there’s one wish today that could come true, I want to see people believe in themselves more, and know that incredible changes in their lives and happiness are entirely possible.

I want to see contracts against the law in the fitness industry. They are a scourge and stain on our industry. I hear all the time people being ripped off through being held in contracts they can’t get out of, and never wanting to join a gym ever again due to their negative experience. 

We have NEVER ever found the need to put anyone on a contract in 63 years, to me contracts are made up by gym or trainers that aren’t confident they can get results for people, or aren’t prepared to offer any service apart from show you around once around the gym. There are great gyms around they are the ones that COACH you each and every session too and never rip you off, avoid the ones that try to trap you and fleece your bank account.

I know many children are not exercising in school still, the effects of this are incredibly distressing for them. We have an incredible bunch of kids of all ages training at the gym, and the difference since lockdown in their physical and just as importantly, their mental health has been out of this world. 

Kids needs to move full stop, they are much happier for it, they need fun and variety in their programmes and the greatest victory is to encourage them to be active for a lifetime.

Get them active early, support them with positivity, and let them know they can do incredible things, and coach them very step of the way to realise their vast potential. If you’re a parent, you need to train too, if you don’t in my experience they wont fully be onboard, as they look up to you and watch all your actions too, lead by example and feel incredible and happier yourself, its a win win situation for all of your family. 

We are continuing to invest in our gym throughout these unprecedented times for society, we are right in the middle of Burry Port and we see ourselves as a true community hub for people far and wide and we treat everyone the same. 

We are passionate in our belief that EVERYONE deserves an opportunity, and once you spend time and coach them, they too will be transform themselves into something incredible living life at an incredible level, and all done most importantly with a smile on their faces.

October 7th

Immense evening, well immense morning too. This was a statement day. Fantastic sessions this morning, you know who you are and how great you did.

THEN, we had a flithy evening of darkness and rain, exactly the type of weather some say not many would show up, they would curl up on their settees scrolling social media and watching Netflix, we had 5 sessions to get through tonight, and tonight was one of our most pivotal nights.

You came out in very good numbers indeed tonight and you faced your fears. I know some of you have trepidation about the winter, but I am proud of the resilience you have shown in showing up for almost every session, and coming out of them stronger than ever.

Thanks for all the private messages saying how glad you feel now you are getting through all the “any” weather sessions, and how much your family is proud of you, and how much you are now inspiring them too.

I always end my days proud, but today I was thrilled to end the day. I was soaking just like you, but the adrenalin and feel good factor running through my veins was very close to an all time high.

I want you to know that we enter winter with my excitement and enthusiasm at an all time high, I know the way through and it is paved with pride, accomplishment and a sense we are achieving something incredible together. 

I have seen the great opportunities that are now possible and I want you to come with me on the biggest charge we have ever made.

October 2nd

We are in the 4th quarter of the year, and to win it, you must do whatever it takes. The 4th quarter is when your character is tested, will you quit, will you slow up and let everyone past you after all your hard work, or will you dig deep and show the resilience needed.

My favourite team the San Francisco 49ers were coasting in the last Super Bowl against the Kansas City chiefs, and I was heartbroken to see in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs found a way, had a “whatever it takes attitude”, to overtake and beat the 49ers when it mattered most despite being 10 points down.

We had a whatever it takes attitude when we started back the gym for outside classes to start with. We knew we had to make it work, we had to pull out the stops, we had to create different classes every single day, and we knew that if we threw everything at our members and left nothing in the tank at the end of every day, we knew we were well on course for outstanding results, you get great results and serve people well and your business has a great chance of surviving anything.

Now we know we are very much in the 4th quarter of the year, doubt, fear, anxiety are building fast again, many are literally living every day in fear, but I knew we had to encourage everyone to run at their fears, motivate everyone to smashes anxiety through their workouts, and drill so much self-belief into everyone that doubt would be finally extinguished, as long as they concentrated on the daily things they CAN control.

The weather is getting colder, darker and wetter, the 4th quarter of the year is throwing everything at you as if it wants you to fail.

Your attitude though will be everything, we only find out what our true resilience level is when adversity looms large, we show our true character when we are knocked down and not too many people bet on us getting back up.

So many of you were knocked down during lockdown, the simple things like feeling good everyday went away, having good mental health took a bashing, and through a lack of activity, I know so many of you have enormous pain in your body because inactivity became a normal part of life for you, and worst of all, you became USED to it.

You have every opportunity to finish your year on a massive high, the stakes are high but the more ACTIVE you are, the better you EAT, and the less daily news doom and gloom you let into your brain the better, in fact it will the exact formula you need to winning the 4th quarter of this year when it’s so important to do it, for your family, and those closest to you, but most of all for YOURSELF.