Wednesday, January 17th

Habits for massive productivity EVERY DAY.
Many of you are in the habit of exercise, a very powerful asset to your life. But hooking yourself into this habit is the hard part.
Making a habit easy is part of your solution.
For instance, my early morning habits go in order. I go to bed fairly early, and at that moment, my clothes are READY for the morning.
I shave, clean my teeth, but before that I have fed the dogs, got my porridge ready, put the kettle on and mostly, these go like clockwork EVERY DAY.
It makes my start to the day without stress, and I’m primed to do well. My DAILY HABITS are so ingrained, that I don’t even think about them anymore.
Are you having trouble making your workouts?
EASY habit would be getting your kit ready right now READY for tomorrow. Some of you do this with great success.
Trouble eating rubbish on the way to work after having missed breakfast?
EASY habit would be making sure right now you have breakfast ready for tomorrow, all you need is to put it in a bowl-EASY.
You WON’T fully take up a habit IF it is hard to do, or it requires much though to do it.
You come to the gym, I teach you the workout. We make it even easier by filming it and sending it to you, and we have vast resources too at, making it easy to do home workouts, do our gym workouts, recipes, or just get fired up, its all there-EASY.
You can make life for yourself MUCH easier if you plan your day, line everything up, tough to start with maybe, and maybe a pain for you but you will find you become so much more efficient with your time, and get much more out of every day without fail.

Tuesday, January 14th

Here’s how time is a great healer. Those of you who started with relatively low ability, and who never thought they would achieve much, are absolutely killing the new workout!!

This is what time does and can do, six months of consistent and committed effort, showing up 3 times a week without fail (or more) will be sensational for your results.

Every workout follows on from each other and all of you must realise how much plugging away gets you.

If you have a full accountability attitude, then you will transform yourself, NO DOUBT as I see it each and every day.

If you don’t show up, and don’t really like me reminding you of that, then who’s fault is it you aren’t improving? Be accountable to the gym but most importantly yourself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but having the courage day to show up day after day not expecting much, but just getting through the workouts WILL change your life, without you noticing to start with and these great habits will eventually stick so you end up wanting to train because it becomes part of your life.

Once you complete one week, then one month becomes possible. Once you complete three months, then all that success will drag you through to 9 months, then you will feel so amazing at 9 months, then all of your hopes and aspirations will not only be met, but be taken to new levels that seems unrecognisable in week or month one.

The next month, year, 5 years will come anyway, make them incredible by showing up and getting the very best out of yourself each and every day.

Monday, 14th January

I love the feeling of throwing everything at my day, and you should do. Although it’s only Monday, lots of you hit the new programme with vigour and enthusiasm this morning and tonight.
We are half-way through the month, but already I see a steely determination in all your eyes.
You have grasped the fact that you shouldn’t take this year, this month, this week for granted and realised the time is actually your most valuable resource.
I have a personal plea tonight. Lots of you get this but for the remaining ones who doubt yourself continuously, PLEASE believe in yourself, please realise that as long as you show up, you WILL achieve wonderful things.
So you have smashed monday and hit it with everything. As long as you get to bed early tonight, you will come back stronger tomorrow and be ready to hit everything with high intensity again.
Value, appreciate and cherish every workout, because the returns are going to be phenomenal. Monday always gets me wired for the week, both physically and mentally, and allows me to perform at the level necessary to give enormous amounts of encouragement, and make sure all of you are getting through incredible workouts, and coming out the other side in great condition, both mentally and physically.
The week is young but we are already on a roll. Hit the rest of the week with aggression and a willingness to get stuck in.
Love your opportunities.

Saturday, 12th January

Here’s the secret to get what you want.

Let’s use an example of hair, if you have ever walked into a hairdresser, and your hair is not in the best condition, they will advise how to treat it better, maybe use a product that will help, and this will continue over a few visits.

When it is shiny and looking great, you suddenly show pride with your hair, you show pride too at the efforts needed to get there. You are proud to show off your new hair.

If you want to get into great physical condition, then we will tell you how to do it. From the small physical and eating habits, from the.points like drinking more water, to hanging out with more positive people, we do it so it’s sustainable for you so you can be proud of your results long term.

No gimmicks or fads, a true lifestyle change and you walk the talk, not just talking a good game on social media.

All of you will show great pride when you have initial success. The problem becomes when you stop practicing the habits that got you in better shape to start with.

You suddenly think “I can do this no problem with no effort”, this is when the great decline starts, and when you put weight back on, the pride vanishes too, and low negative thoughts start to creep in and make your life miserable, compounding your lack of motivation to get going again.

You haven’t given your habits a chance to bed in, so you become used to living healthily without even thinking about it. A healthy lifestyle takes time, took you a lot of years to get out of shape in the first place, it takes some time to get you back to your good levels of health again. Best to be honest with you if you want lifetime lasting good health.

Unless you have enough pride in yourself to go for regular walks, to hit the gym a minimum 3 times a week and eat naturally as possible, then you will never get anywhere where you need to be, and want to be.

We are proud to give you maximum accountability, measure you regularly and coach you every session, and change our programmes very often to create huge results.

It may be a lot easier to join another gym/weight loss place or somewhere that offers lots of gimmicks/measures the wrong health indicators, where you are not accountable anymore. Re-discovering your health means doing it the right way, no more blind alleys or charlatans selling you “magic powders”.

You can “go under the radar” other places, because nobody really cares, nobody holds you accountable and they definitely won’t coach you every session. It may be a lot easier, and you don’t have to show any pride anymore because nobody gives a damn if you improve or not. All they care about is the contract they have put you on, they don’t care much about the HELPING you part.

Anything that’s worth achieving is worth working for over the long term, doing it the right way, and once you achieve meaningful results, then it’s unavoidable you will show enormous PRIDE in yourself and your efforts again.

Good healthy habits eventually stick, and when they do it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy feeling great every day.