New Year’s Eve, 2018

New year’s eve is an easy day to blame.

“I hate new year’s eve” (i personally love it), “New year’s day is the ‘best day’” (every time I have been out new years day everyone is home by 6pm feeling sorry for themselves and everywhere is empty).

Most people put off living today, doing their best today, being present TODAY instead of a day in the future when everything “will be better”.

My own experience is new year’s eve is a good to great day full of possibility, just like EVERY day. I dream big tonight and imagine the great things to come next year. What’s wrong with wanting great things to happen? It’s better to have a go and fail, than wait on the sidelines in life afraid to make any mistakes.

New year’s day is another great day, when I’m super psyched up to have a great year. It’s the day before we start back the gym, when endless opportunity becomes reality.

One new year’s eve during the first year I started being a trainer, I experienced enormous negativity from a so called ‘friend’, make that MANY friends. I was used to being ridiculed by certain people back then, laughing behind my back at my career choices and my chances but I soon got used to it.

Anyway during my run today with the dogs, I saw this man’s parents, who also shared the hilarity at the thought of me having a ‘career’.

They were passing the bin where you put dog poo, so I put the poo into the bin and promptly got down and hit another 20 press ups. Reason one was to complete 200 press ups for the run, reason two was for YOU LOT. 

I had to do it to practice what I preach. To show people that we DON’T CARE what people think in our pursuit of what really matters in life, after all our success depends on our continuous hard work and extreme effort.

You may scoff at new year’s eve, but it was the birth place of my dreams and ambitions, my ignition point to spark off something better that would help notably my life greatly, but many others too I have tried to help, it gave me the confidence to have a huge go at being my best.

Dream big today, tonight and put into action tomorrow your most meaningful aspirations and plans you have put off for WAY too long.

See you wednesday,


Thursday, 20th December

Nothing will make you exercise today, tomorrow, next week, and most days unless you have a strong enough reason to do it-Straight from the heart.

Lots of us feel solace when it comes to exercise, we feel more comfortable again, we feel stronger mentally, and use it as a way of crushing our daly pressures and stress.

The by product of course is looking better but everything must start from the heart, because that will keep you going in darker times and when you feel like giving up at the first hurdle.

In your head, you can pretend that you don’t need to exercise but deep down in your heart you know that is the big lie you keep telling yourself.

In your head sometimes we pretend we get too old to do things, reflecting on how things “used to be” and how good they were in the past, but we cannot do them now.

In our hearts though, we know that if we get our behinds off the settee every day, there is a strong chance that better, more exciting times lie ahead of us again, all we need is to keep showing up.

It’s sad to think that many think our best days are behind us, when so many people prove us wrong on a daily basis.

As we get older we get wiser. History should show us that in the past we felt amazing at times. If you analyse our habits at those times though, it shows clearly we gave more time to exercise, gave more time to having fun and gave more time to dreaming of endless possibility and trying new things.

After speaking to so many people older than me at the gym on a daily basis, and how they are still leaving their comfort zone every day, and telling me how incredible life is for them right now, I’m more convinced than ever to encourage every single person with us not to just relive their past levels of happiness, but to live brand new stories of joy, happiness and fulfilment worth telling even more stories about in the future.

All starts with your health and MUST come from your heart.

December 9th

I was 18 years old and I wanted, thought I deserved 2 weeks off training because so many people I knew were dong it.

This had never happened before, but everyone said I should do it. After all, they were too.

Gyms in those days were closed for 2 weeks for Christmas (apart from ours when we were open most of the time), one in particular was closed for 3 weeks, when members were encouraged to go out drinking every day, and to eat rubbish in copious amounts and you would be a true “hero” if you did. Treat “Cheat day” as EVERY DAY.

The less exercise the better, black jumpers and leather jackets could do “wonders”.

So the first exercise run after Christmas came.

My breath started off hard to catch, then impossible.

I had to walk up the hills I normally ran up, and my face was purple coming back. I felt terrible all night after it, I couldn’t move the next day and my wheeling was terrible in every session for a few days. A soul destroying experience.

That Christmas brought my asthma back in a big way. It was deeply unpleasant and I had to find an emergency pump.

This I promised myself would be my LAST Christmas when I did nothing. I would at least do a run, and I would least make an effort to not be an absolute pig every day.

This Christmas, although you may think you are a hero posting on social media all the chocolate you continuously eat, all the alcohol you throw down, it may be a better strategy to have some of what you fancy, but still put in the hard yards at the gym right up to Christmas, so you have none of the associated breathing problems, none of the colds and flu’s the headache companies hope you have so they can make more money out of you.

Keep your immune system strong, keep fit and you will be a LOT MORE BENEFIT to your family and all those closest to you.

Let’s aim for TWO more Huge weeks at the gym and still feel amazing.