Tuesday, January 1st 2019

The big start back tomorrow begins at 9am. Here’s what I’m expecting out of each and every one of you.

  1. You show up 3 times a week. You wont get anywhere if you don’t make it to train. Endless motivational quotes posting every day won’t do a thing for you. You change by showing up full stop. 
  1. We support each other, we move further when we act as a team. You respect the person next to you, and support them when they doubt themselves. We have no ‘cliques’, and we are to HELP each other.
  1. You need to show GRIT. You will know by now if you have it in you succeed in our gym by doing it the right way, or you are still tempted to take the easy way offered by cowboys in the ‘fitness’ world who are offering you strange “portions”, that suddenly get you in shape in a couple of weeks. We ONLY want hard workers, and those who do it the right way.
  1. Workout 1 AND 2 are tough, and you need to do BOTH to appreciate what we are trying to achieve. Those who dismiss workout 2 as ‘not necessary’ are the same ones who can’t walk the next day when they eventually do it. These workouts help your running, cycling or whatever you are trying to do. You will pick up far more injuries NOT doing these workouts, you will be stiffer and your body will get run down far quicker. BE HUMBLE, BE PREPARED TO LEARN. I have trained people for endless amounts of years and I can tell you straight that if you are running on hard surfaces every day for long distances, then your body will rebel and give you NOTHING but trouble. Nobody has run more than me, running with at least 8 people a day for 20 something years and I remain PAIN FREE, but UNLESS you do the other stuff we do at the gym, a lifetime of pain is coming your way.

5. Back to point 3 about doing it the right way. We don’t do any ‘shake diets’ or anything faddy that leads to long term MISERY. Anyone peddling their own ‘miracle’ diets to profit from any gym members will be asked to leave PERMANENTLY no doubt. 

6. We have had a record amount of new member enquiries over Christmas but every year we only take a tiny percentage of these on. We have worked out how many members we can successfully work with at any one time. We want YOU the long term member as the absolute priority and the sole focus of our attention, you the loyal long term member comes first. If you cannot commit to training with us properly and don’t want the best for your health, or you still want to try every gimmick under the sun, then you need to make way for committed people who will make our team and spirit even stronger.

7. We have a huge amount on food on www.kerimckibbin.co.uk . Don’t pretend to blame your workouts if you are not eating well. Training hard, rest and eating well are your best success strategy, always will be. You have video workouts, eating and motivation all on one site. If you are a paying member, please send an user name and password to me at fitness@kerimckibbin.co.uk 

8. It’s down to you, take full responsibility. We message you, support you, teach you every workout to get the very best out of you, but we can’t achieve incredible things unless you take responsibility for what goes into your mouth, unless you stop making excuses why you can’t make your sessions, unless you stop letting negative people control your life and unless you STOP yourself reaching your true potential. 

9. Allow yourself to be great. Accept experienced coaching, accept early morning messaging reminding you to be great, accept a desperate plea from us to be the best you can be. We are not a ‘typical’ gym and we make no apologies on it. We are not deeply in debt like most gyms who rent their machines, we are debt free and own everything. We support you EVERY session, not show you around once and forget about you. We don’t force you on contract like most gyms as our retention is really high and we only want members that are truly onboard with what we are trying to do.

2019, it’s down to you and to show up to accept EVERYTHING we can throw at you to be great.

New Year’s Eve, 2018

New year’s eve is an easy day to blame.

“I hate new year’s eve” (i personally love it), “New year’s day is the ‘best day’” (every time I have been out new years day everyone is home by 6pm feeling sorry for themselves and everywhere is empty).

Most people put off living today, doing their best today, being present TODAY instead of a day in the future when everything “will be better”.

My own experience is new year’s eve is a good to great day full of possibility, just like EVERY day. I dream big tonight and imagine the great things to come next year. What’s wrong with wanting great things to happen? It’s better to have a go and fail, than wait on the sidelines in life afraid to make any mistakes.

New year’s day is another great day, when I’m super psyched up to have a great year. It’s the day before we start back the gym, when endless opportunity becomes reality.

One new year’s eve during the first year I started being a trainer, I experienced enormous negativity from a so called ‘friend’, make that MANY friends. I was used to being ridiculed by certain people back then, laughing behind my back at my career choices and my chances but I soon got used to it.

Anyway during my run today with the dogs, I saw this man’s parents, who also shared the hilarity at the thought of me having a ‘career’.

They were passing the bin where you put dog poo, so I put the poo into the bin and promptly got down and hit another 20 press ups. Reason one was to complete 200 press ups for the run, reason two was for YOU LOT. 

I had to do it to practice what I preach. To show people that we DON’T CARE what people think in our pursuit of what really matters in life, after all our success depends on our continuous hard work and extreme effort.

You may scoff at new year’s eve, but it was the birth place of my dreams and ambitions, my ignition point to spark off something better that would help notably my life greatly, but many others too I have tried to help, it gave me the confidence to have a huge go at being my best.

Dream big today, tonight and put into action tomorrow your most meaningful aspirations and plans you have put off for WAY too long.

See you wednesday,