Thursday, 25th April

If you have bought some kind of health and fitness magazine lately, you may have been confused by what they have to say. This may be because the last one you bought may have said something quite different.

The one before that would have changed its message before that, and this is even before you get to reading the more “serious magazines”!

The lack of clarity and simplicity in the health and fitness message promoted in the media is not only confusing, but sometimes downright dangerous.

For example, presenter jeremy vine had a heart problem the other day and promptly blamed advice in the media for trying out the go all out approach on a rowing machine. He said he saw some advice that short all out efforts were better than conventional workouts.

I thought someone in his position would have sought professional advice.

Anyone without prior experience of exercise should NEVER, EVER go straight into an all out exercise programme.

You should always build up your activity and workouts SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY, under proper supervision. Never do too much, never try to copy programmes you see in magazines or papers without proper assessment of you capabilties.

Exercise can and will be extremely good for you. The british heart association and the british stroke society immediately responded to jeremy vine saying that exercise is good for you and reduces the chances of heart related disease by 50% at least, and what mr vine did was against the recommendations they give for exercise, and what most exercise professionals give out every day.

This is a great example of why you should always get proper advice on exercise AND build up gradually and never rush things.

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  1. Would you consider doing a post focussing on the insanity workout? People get awesome results but I worry I’m not fit enough yet to attempt it.

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