Monday, 22nd June

We all want success in some small way and we want significance in our lives too.

If you’re a great mother to your kids, then you don’t go looking for praise as you love your kids dearly, but to get the occasional pat on the back is nice as at least someone recognises the great work you are doing.

If you’re great at your job, you may often feel under-appreciated and think nobody notices what you do. However, when you get a heartfelt thank you for what your efforts, then it will spur you on to become even better at what you do.

These are two examples of people around you appreciating the significance of the job you do for many people in life. Although you didn’t set out looking for acclaim, the feeling you have achieved something of importance makes you feel better.

Significance in your exercise programme is something we are all looking for too. Losing 2-4 inches off your waist for example will make you feel better, will show that you have indeed putting a great effort in over a sustained period of time.

Many of you will feel unsure when you first start whether the effort will be worth it? You may have had negative experiences in the past in your efforts to get fit so why will this time be different?

This is why results are so important to us, and to demonstrate daily what exciting changes you can really make if you give it some time and offer some commitment.

Once you start getting results out of your exercise and healthy eating programme, you too will feel that significance of you efforts, you will realise you get out what you put into it, and creating success with your health is totally within YOUR power.