Monday, 22nd May

Sometimes, you can improve your limits by accident, and set a new standard. I went on my normal sunday morning run a 7am this morning up to Graig lookout hill.

After a couple of games of football in the back garden today, my oldest boy wanted to come for a run with me as he needed to burn off some excess energy in my view.

This was a longer one, up the hill by Rock house, up the mountain and you come out by the lookout again, this time the pembrey end, which is equally as hard if not harder, and very scenic.

I hasten to add he beat me relatively easy!

Then the other two children wanted to do it! So we went off on it again and by the third run of he day, i felt tired. The kids didn’t though and shows what children are generally capable of when you give them opportunities.

This helped with two things. I still get that sunday night “anxiey” because it’s still the night before the start of the week, and nerves are normal for most of us.

Also, it proved that i was indeed capable of MORE every sunday, i was congratulating myself over and over about doing the lookout hill, when in fact a run of double the distance was more like he mark i SHOULD be hitting.

We ALL need to reset our goals from time to time, realise we can achieve more, and we need to work our bodies harder as our capabilities are often way greater than we often give ourselves credit for.

Monday, 10th October

Raising your standards and going all the way is a must when you start our programme. The habits we recommend will literally transform your life in a very positive way.

If we don’t take charge of our lives, sometimes our lives take charge of us in a negative way, so we must make the most of our opportunities while we have them right now.

If we don’t take action soon then time drifts away from us, then we leave it another week, another month, another year, and before we know it, that time is gone and our great opportunities gone with it.

Actions always have consequences. Do good things for people and our bodies, and good things are likely to happen for you in all ways.

Personal accountability is vital. Keep the promises you made to yourself. Most of us forget this, not keeping to what we promised. We have all the information to us every day, yet many of us try a roundabout way of doing this.

It’s easy to think we can out-train a bad diet, many of us have tried to cheat the system of health at one time or another. When we buckle down to the fact that healthy food consumed regularly and pretty much most of the time actually works, then our whole life changes.

We all have weaknesses, and this is why we discuss them every day on here. It’s only by discussing what we do wrong, that we get the opportunity to do things the right way.

Your hopes, dreams and desires rely totally on you being healthy, energetic and positive, and practising the daily rituals to achieve this are absolutely vital.

Leave yourself no other option but doing your best every day, moving closer to your ultimate goals every day, and staying on a positive path no matter what life throws at you and tries to throw you off course.

Realise it’s all within you, all of you have to do is dig deep every day and keep making it happen!