Monday, December 2nd

My Sunday running with the family up the mountain DOES NOT stop because it’s dark and wet. 

It’s our routines that make us what we are.

Giving up this time of year means you give up on your health. You say to yourself that wheezing is just fine with you, because stopping training and eating rubbish will surely invite more difficult breathing in this weather. That can’t be fun.

Giving up right now means you give up on other things in life, because you haven’t got the energy to get up early and go after your ambitions. Simple as that. Those plans “will just have to wait” AGAIN.

We have large numbers at the gym still hitting it hard right now, and we deeply praise them and sincerely appreciate their efforts.

You GET IT. 

You get what the connection is between great health, personal achievement and happiness. 

Many people who struggle with their health want to turn back the clock when they were 18, and how good they felt. They rue the day they started on blood pressure tablets for example because their didn’t look after themselves enough over a number of years. 

Yet they are still not willing to change their lifestyle, so eating rubbish and drinking a few times a week is the “connection” they make with youth, even if it’s half killing them now.

Your habits MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU. We try to stay a very strong team, picking each other up along the way.

As you get older, great health matters far more than spending too much on cosmetic material things that don’t matter, especially this time of year. 

Your daily habits will make you rich in health if you practice a few simple things daily, we all have the same choices, some take them, some ignore them but they all have a cost now and in the future.

Look after yourself.

Wednesday, 2nd August

Ever been told you can’t? Rewind back to 10 years of age and the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up. I remember it well.

Some kids said they wanted to be a train driver, some a nurse, some a doctor, some a police officer, but this was when you SPOKE in front of everyone..

When you had to do homework on it, submit it privately to the teacher when NOBODY saw it, it turns out the dreams got a whole lot bigger. In front of class, i wanted to somehow be a vet, even though i wasn’t amazing picking up animals but it “sounded passable” in front of others just “fit in”.

In my private essay, i wanted to be an astronaut! Way more adventurous but that’s what it was. I’m betting many of the other kids give their TRUE thoughts on paper when nobody was looking too!

I may not have been a spaceman but you get the picture. As we get older, the constraints on our thoughts become even greater. The greater ambition we show, the more our friends laugh, and even some teachers discourage us, and try to get us to do things “normal” or within “our ability levels” often to fit in.

I strongly encourage you to stick to that piece of paper when nobody is looking, nobody is going to see it and put you off. That piece of paper may look different 20 years later but keep writing it, refining it until you get where you really want. In fact, write a new one right now if you haven’t before, with your life’s ambitions pouring out of you.

You have to be realistic, you have find the way to get there and there is ALWAYS a path, because someone has always done it before. One thing though, your journey will always be DIFFERENT to theirs, because you are an individual completely different to anyone else.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to be like anyone else, your true success lies in who you are, what individuals qualities you bring to the job/hobby/sport you choose.

We spend each and every day persuading individuals they can indeed reach their dreams, they can do great things but most of all do the things that they wrote on that “magic piece of paper”. I urge you never to give up on it.

Wednesday, 7th December


When someone asks your opinion on whether to take on a new challenge, and i’m betting you are a well meaning individual, who only wants the best for people, your opinion is usually i would bet “to go for for it”, “to make yourself happy”, “to go and make a better future”.

Our kids are in a school Christmas play today, we wish them all the best, to enjoy the occasion and to savour the day. If they want to try new activities, we fully support them and want them to have a great experience out of it.

When it comes to ourselves, most of us short-change ourselves on our decisions because we often think “we aren’t good enough or our time has somehow passed to do it”. When opportunities come up, quite often we debate them heavily and not often back ourselves, the odds are against us we think and it would be “safer” to stay as we are.

There has never been a more dangerous time to stay the same. We all must grow to improve, we must embrace change fully or life never improves for us, however uncomfortable that change may be.

To make the most of opportunities, we must start to take them without questioning them so much, we must learn to have trust in what we are doing more, we must learn to trust the process more, we must learn to have patience that although the process is often longer than we hoped for, we WILL get there no matter whatever your goals in life, and all of this change is for the better creating an even better future.