Christmas message

What a year!! 2020 will be remembered in a negative light by so many, but we managed to finish off in a much better way than even December 2019, and we were in good shape then. We won the second half of the year in so many ways.

Since the first lockdown, we have been closed inside 25 weeks out of a possible 39 weeks, which is staggering. Despite this challenge, we opened earlier outside when we were allowed, we didn’t lay down and threw off the shackles, and went for it with everything we had.

This time last year, we were doing 2 classes a week, now it’s 66. That’s a mind-blowing 288 classes on a 30 day month!

Many of you thought we couldn’t do it in the rain, cold, dark, with all the negative mood around, yet we did, and thank you for making it all a big triumph because without you, we have no classes or gym. There has truly been a herculean effort to turn it all around, when the easiest thing was to throw in the towel.

You will have learned a lot about yourselves too. Would you let the anxiety and fear paralyse your life? Would you become a shaking wreck who wouldn’t even leave their houses when exercise outside was encouraged and let pain take over your body? Would you non stop worry about things you couldn’t even control?

Very pleased to report that so many of you smashed through these barriers, smashed through what limitations others put on you, and realise that being fit and healthy was the ultimate antidote to all the worry and anxiety going on all around you, and making your immune system stronger than ever to protect you much better against anything that was coming your way.

Our livestream sessions are now very much part of our everyday life. So many of you are now doing them, so we can connect with a huge amount of you every day wherever you are, and still offer you great training sessions and always live and always different.

After today I will sign off social media for now as it clears my head and opens new ideas into my mind during my break. Christmas Eve onwards  I know lots of you are very busy with your families, loved ones etc, and it’s going to be super busy with 3 young children in the house with me too! I’d like to thank Nicola and my family for their enormous support behind the scenes, as I know my schedule can be super trying at times and I can’t do it on my own! 

Thanks to Nikki Chalkey for doing an amazing job keeping the gym surgically clean, she really does go above and beyond with the gym as you all know, and we deeply appreciate her artistry in how she does it.

Thanks to Emma Willians for doing such a great job with her bootcamp, she gives it everything every single time and don’t it this year when she’s been under pressure teaching at the college too, she still pulled it off.

Next Monday is bank holiday, then I will be taking 3 days off before New Years day which is the Friday.

So I will be re-starting the live workouts again at 930am on Monday, 4th January and will be raring to go, just like I hope you will be for the year ahead.  There are now 925 videos in our vast library at including lots of live workouts for you to watch again anytime you want!!

Thanks again for everything in a year to remember for all sorts of reasons!

Merry Christmas,

Keri and family.