Tuesday, 22nd December

This time of year makes you realise that it’s the ideal time to improve your fitness. Gyms are usually a lot quieter this time of year, and suddenly you have a lot more room and time to “get good’ at those things you may have been putting off for a long time.

This is the time to “experiment” between what makes you feel good and what sucks the energy out of you.

You will soon realise that an exercise session, however short, will automatically bring your energy levels back to life and make you feel alive again.

You must know of many gym-goers who right now are having time off, planning a whole array of over the top meals (pizza and chips etc) on a daily basis, along with setting records for most boxes of chocolates consumed.

This is the time you get to know you body. If you are still exercising on a regular basis, you will notice how eating and drinking badly will affect your performance in the gym.

Eating rubbish “party” food for example, will immediately hit your performance, make you feel nauseous at times in your workout and usually hit your strength workouts too. Eating this kind of food immediately makes you crave good quality “clean” food straight after your workout, which is yet another reason to keep on training.

Nothing wrong with having a blow out over christmas, but turning it into a two week or even one month all out blowout will mean only one thing.

Once you get back to training in january, not only won’t you have any energy, drive or your usual ambition, but your immune system will be down too. You will be susceptible to colds and other illnesses (this is why there are far more adverts by drug companies for their products such as lemsip etc this time of year) which will further detract you from your “recover after christmas” efforts.

If you just stay more active, get more fresh air, and keep a core of healthy foods and snacks amonsgt the unavoidable treats, then you wont go far wrong and stay strong into the new year.

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