Monday, 26th October

So many of you are now approaching week 4 in your programme. You have learned how to go flat out on your programme, and what’s ahead in the next four weeks will require a brand new demand on your energy systems.

You have different energy systems and we will be using all of them as we go through all sorts of different programmes.

It’s vital this week then that you give it everything, you give it your very best and find out how far you can really go in these 4 weeks.

Your food is ultra-important right now, the energy demands are vast so you need to be ready and up for it at all times. The old saying is that you can “never out-train a bad diet” being very true.

If you’re not properly hydrated (drinking enough water), then your workouts will always be a big struggle, and you are not going to recover as quick too.

If you are sleeping poorly or not getting to bed as early as you should after a tough workout, then your body will not recover as quick, and there’s no way you will be energised for your next day’s workout either.

Your workouts are vital, but the support you give them through proper nutrition and sleep are absolutely paramount so let’s prepare even more and take your performances and results to a whole new level!!!

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