Friday, June 28th

I finally realised a secret a while ago, and it’s a common thread for getting results and happens with enormous regularity, and I’d say it happens each and every time.

So someone starts training with us, I try to get the best out of them, most respond, and all do well to start with.

Then they figure out this thing takes character, and an ability to grind it out. Showing grit and developing more of it actually matters.

Then I know in that person’s mind, they start to show doubt, the kids are playing up, they get kept on late at work and they start to miss sessions.

When they miss sessions, they lose motivation and think about quitting, maybe sometime in the future starting back.

I realise this is the magic time for me and them. If they quit now, they have lost all that hard work they have shown so far.

If they quit now, I have lost that connection with them. It can take a while to get back.

So if I can make the patchy period carry on and make it work, get that individual to believe in themselves and make the sessions, I know they are just about to succeed when they have the MOST DOUBT in themselves. It TRULY is that magical a time when stickability counts. Not quitting when most people would will make you a champion, it’s 100% guaranteed and written in stone.

It’s that jump across a tall building feeling, will you make it or not? It’s the same for me too because I really want to make it happen, I throw everything into making it happen because the end result can be sensational to see, and for you to feel that elation of success and transformation.

Those who make the jump, trust the process and stick with it no matter what are GUARANTEED to succeed if they keep an ounce of self-belief and grit within, and rekindle that initial confidence they had in themselves when the FIRST started.

We ALL remember this stage. You either dream big, trust the dream and follow it through or you quit like “most” people would.

What kind of stuff do you have, and are you willing to keep trusting the process until great things come? We built a gym and business on people who have made that incredible leap.

Don’t let yourself down.

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