Monday, 1st July

We urge all the time on this page, and at the gym to constantly take action. Take so much action that it becomes a way of life, and you achieve good things almost on a daily basis without even thinking about it too much.

If you decide not to listen to our urges to take action, then the opposite reaction sometimes is to feel pressure to take action, resulting in you taking your time, slowing things down to sometimes a point of you get defensive and eventually you rebel and never take action.

Life is full of pressure, life is only getting quicker all the time with technology so the last thing you need is more pressure.

My plea to you is don’t tell yourself a story that exercising is somehow “not for you”, because its blatantly not true.

The reality is that when you exercise regularly, you take pressure OFF yourself because you learn how to smash stress, and develop the energy to make quicker decisions, and you develop the get up and go to get things done, and usually much quicker too.

I bet any of you who are reading this who has had even a week off training, has had second thoughts about coming back on the day you were meant to. This is because you lost the momentum you had when you were training regular, and some doubt begins to enter your mind again.

You were indeed the person who was used to taking action, never thought about it too much and you were the person who got so much done in your day, and still had energy to spare.

Doubt is a liar and the biggest cause of you giving up on your dreams and aspirations in life. Doubt will kill ambition, doubt kills self-confidence and doubt will bring your momentum and achievements to a screeching halt.

Decide where you want to be, the one who gets things done with incredible energy, and the more you exercise, the more achievement and happiness comes into your life.

Or the person who leaves the thief called doubt dictate and eventually ruin their lives and future happiness.

Your choices and exercise is the spark to everything that’s helping everything thats good in your life.

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