Friday 28th June

Mindset is all important all year round, but there are moments when circumstances will test us.

Moments arrive in our lives when our commitment to exercise is severely tested, and how much being active is engrained in us or not.

The reality is that there is no substitute for time served in the gym. There are no limits and the only limits are the ones that are self-imposed.

There’s not a moment I don’t think I can better as the years go by. We should all have barometers on our progress.

Mine are usually I can still run up the steepest hills at the weekend, if I can still throw the same kind of weights around anymore.

As any coach would know, you don’t get the same kind of ample training opportunities when you are training everyone else.

So yesterday I saw jeremy jenkins and the boys bench pressing. For a large time in my life I used to do 8 reps with 100kg, now I know I’m a long way off that. I now will make it a crusade to get up to 100kg for one rep. It may take some time, but I’m going to get there.

This is the VALUE of being in an ASPIRATIONAL and POSITIVE culture every day. You just want to do more because you see others out-performing you in a positive way, and you remember what you are actually capable of.

One lady told me this week that she’s trying to flip tyres, and feeling a little weak, UNTIL she saw Kay Owen throwing tyres around next to her in her 80th year and that soon sorted her mind out to do more!

I want this culture, it helps me and it should help you.

I want you to be your best and our atmosphere should and will help you.

It’s a tough day in the sun but my long road back on the bench press starts later!!

Let’s dream big in any weather and any circumstance!!

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