Sunday, 7th April

The “old you” is not possible, because life will change you.

Lots of you have stared down huge difficulties in your life in the past, and maybe now too. You needed people to believe in you at your lowest point, and thats what you have with us at the gym, we believe in you and we believe you can overcome anything.

There were times of darkness, but now you have smashed through those dark times and brought fresh new light into your life, encouraging you to take MORE action and developing more self-esteem, to get back to where you think your former self was.

The reality is though we can never get back to our former self, because experiences change us so much that we HAVE to become new people developing new skills and new levels of resilience, often becoming better versions of the way we used to be.

Life will often attack us from all angles, and it’s how we respond to adversity that ultimately makes the big difference, and results in us being changed as individuals forever.

You do have chances to succeed, no matter your challenge no matter how overwhelming your difficulty.

Stay in the game, keep fighting.

Wade through the thick mud and find your way forward. You WILL finally see light and you CAN get there.

We all get huge challenges, testing times that seem that they go on forever, but those times will eventually break, and when they do, we realise that sticking it out made us stronger after all.

Embrace the new person you have become through the strength you now have, and how that new person thinks better, bigger and lives a higher quality of life.

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