Saturday, 6th April

Your duty is to create something memorable with your new found energy through exercise, and you have a great opportunity to do so. Many of you do already achieving great things, but many of you are holding yourselves back without even realising it.

I get to work with inspired, energetic individuals every single day (i love all of your efforts at the gym, all of you at a different stage) and I’m calling for you to do more. 

The hardest part for me is not always delivering the exercise part anymore, it’s the convincing you that you can actually reach an incredible destiny if you believed in yourself a little or sometimes a lot more.

The heartbreaking part for me is to see some of the talent we have not live to their incredible potential, and it often comes down to self-doubt.

If you analyse your capabilities and what many of you have done at our gym for example, then it’s clear for me and everyone else, to see that some of you have made life-changing progress, that has often taken huge resolve, great determination and often big struggles against adversity.

Can you imagine applying that to everything else you do in life? Can you imagine applying it to your job, a new career maybe or a new business even?

All that energy, all that drive, all that strength and endurance you now have under pressure? It is an incredible force and I’m calling on you to do it.

We talked about this week a lot, be the MOST ENTHUSIASTIC PERSON in each room you go in. Inspire your friends and colleagues to do better. Inspire your friends and family to exercise, to eat better and fresher food, and show them the clear outstanding difference it’s already made in your lives.

The biggest legacy you can ever leave to anyone is one that you helped at least one person create a better life. You helped them become more and made them believe too.

It’s very easy to be negative, to accept the doubt that others often impose on you while the real ultra-talented YOU is waiting to get out. 

Get your head down, find the driving force WHY you want to do something different and hugely meaningful, something great and get working on your passion.

All starts with your energy levels, and to get that you MUST be exercising, you must eat right and you MUST choose positive people to be your true friends, as you’re going to need them to lift you up when times get tough.

Crush negativity, embrace positivity and go and get what really gets you excited in life.

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