Tuesday, April 9th

There’s a magic moment you get as a trainer when the very first person agrees/wants to train with you. They don’t usually believe in you 100%, but they are willing to give you a chance.
Speaking as a trainer, I would be very nervous, but looking back on it, the person you are training is too because they are taking a chance too.
They may have had a negative experience in the past getting fit or simply not known how to go about it, so on top of everything else, you need to be at your best to convince this new person that you are any good, and you can deliver a different and positive outcome.
You give them everything, you hope they sort of enjoy it, and you lay down foundations for them that you know you must do. Some of the stuff may not be pretty, but unless you do things right every time, their weaknesses in their back for example will never get fixed.
You hope they come back, and the first time they smile is a big relief.
So after all of those many individuals later I have trained, and many years later, I still get this excited feeling when the new member decides to give me us the opportunity again.
My nerves are nowhere near as bad, but I still love those magic moments when a new member is buying into what you do. EVERYTHING has to go into them, not just first time but EVERY time, and never take anything for granted.
The feeling that someone wants to keep coming back to train with us is hugely rewarding, and as a trainer constantly motivates me and the gym to become better.
We are building a team of high quality trainers at the gym, and I know they absolutely share these values.
When someone wants to train with you and trust you with their health, it always feels incredible but you have to repay that trust by giving them everything every single session, and keep over-delivering for them no matter what.

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