Sunday, 25th August

The subject of funding for the right things in our community will never go away, but the worse thing we can do is sit back and take it laying down!

Norman Schwarzkopf, the leader of the US/allied forces invasion in the gulf in 1992 was known for his strong belief and leadership qualities. In retirement, he started doing some leadership course to fortune 500 companies.

When asked how to be a great leader, and what was the very most important factor in great leadership, he says the biggest and most important thing you HAD TO DO was say the truth! Now most successful companies instill these teachings throughout their management structures, and the best ones survive.

Those with deceitful and opaque management structures usually end up bankrupt eventually.

We have at the gym a strong philosophy. The only gym in the county to actually enforce the anti-steroid/recreational laws that most gyms ignore.

We train with the latest science of training, pushing things to the limits but still in a safe environment. Our substantial childrens/junior membership appreciate that and the results and fun it creates.

We speak the truth and there’s no way we are going to let this generation get even more unfit, more overweight and more miserable about their future prospects.

We are not going to let the authorities get away with promoting ill health through excess consumption of alcohol and rich food establishments that are slowly killing our population and community. Of course, we support that view that there is a place for pubs in the community and eateries, but what we do not want is taxpayers money going into these above those who provide physical activity for the community.

Did you know the rugby club have to pay ever-increasing fees just to play rugby, fees have doubled and are now going to triple within the next month, all since the new government came in and slashed budgets!

Time to stand up for this generation, and question your local authority on the statement given to me last week!

Again, I quote “we are giving money to those who will take the community forward”! Pubs and takeaways don’t qualify for that in my book!!

How short-sighted!

The good news is that I have a meeting with the authority this week, this time very senior managers who seem far more positive and experienced, and I sincerely hope that they take the community’s health and fitness as seriously as most of us do in burry port.

The truth, honesty and the vision to create a much more active version of burry port is needed by us and the authorities. This week will be pivotal in getting on the right road!

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