Thursday, 22nd August

The big story today is about just 4 kids in 10 aged 7 years getting enough exercise.

This is a terrible statistic and one which will have dire consequences for those upcoming generation expecting the already overloaded NHS to cope with the upcoming problems with obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis etc etc.

The government response is to cut more money from the sports and leisure budget, charge kids a lot more to use playing fields, and the news is that the leisure centres in wales are unsustainable losing on average £500, 000 each year!

I will give you an example of government priorities on health.

The council said months ago that there was money to improve your premises.

We put in for it as a gym that had a huge junior membership.

We found out this week that they gave a lot of the money to a local pub, encouraging people to drink more alcohol and eat more fatty food. Now that sounds like a GREAT investment!!! Pubs are closing in alarming numbers so a great future investment there too!!

We were told that they would give the money to people who are taking the town forward.

Great idea again! Let’s make people even more overweight and let’s strain the NHS even more!!!

Apparently, our gym which helps an enormous amount of kids and people of all ages out, was NOT the way forward!!!!!

Nice to see your hard-earned tax is going to support an ever-increasing obesity problem, and they wonder why our population is getting more and more unhealthy!!!

2 Replies to “Thursday, 22nd August”

  1. How much do you realistically need to make the changes to the gym that you want to make? I bet if you made the option available to your members, we’d invest in you. I know I would. I think you’re doing a fantastic service for our community. Don’t despair – there may be another way.

  2. Thanks for your kind words cath, but we do have some money to expand, if we had a little more help, then the new extension would be bigger again and be able to help even more people.

    The point I was making is that even in times of austerity, the authorities seems still to find money for deadbeat pubs and ignore facilities that promote physical activity!

    Thanks for the support.

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