Tuesday, 27th August

The great news is that many of you have been tearing it up completely in the month of august.

August can traditionally be a quieter month, but the end of august I am seeing the fruits of the labours of many members coming through very well indeed!

Here’s just a list and a small group of examples that we are all proud of.

One person has lost now over 14 inches off her waist, 4 of them just in august would you believe! I hasten to add this was a monumental effort and she has put a 6 day a week plan in for this month for the first time and thrived on it. She has been super strict eating clean throughout and no cheating!

Five people have fitted into clothes for regular sized people for the first time in two years, one has fitted into clothes for regular sized people for the first time in FOUR years!

One person is running her first marathon in October, and has already ran 16 miles in one go. It must be added she couldn’t run for more than ten minutes 12 months ago!

All the football and rugby players I train are already reported much improved endurance, accuracy under pressure, much quicker speed, agility and awareness, and strength across the board is dramatically up! This has been proven in game situations already, this is the true test so well done!

95% of our monthly measurements have been good with average waist inch loss of 1.5 to two inches in 4 weeks.

This is an exciting time for me with so many different goals that people have, and I am doing my very best to help get them there!

2 Replies to “Tuesday, 27th August”

  1. I’d love to speak to the lady who is running the marathon – first of all, outstanding effort, well done! You must be so proud! I’d love to be able to run and despite best intentions really struggle to keep it up past even a minute. Could she advise, please?

  2. thanks for the comments cath and she is very thankful.

    The great thing is that this is not a one off, and I have helped many individuals get through a marathon. We can share what they went through no problem at all, and I can post what some of them felt tomorrow or the day after if you want? We had someone tonight start at the gym who’s main aim was to run a marathon!!! We can talk about successes and common mistakes people make along the way etc?

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