The long list of excuses

“Your own personal excuse list”

How many of you are hindered in your health and fitness because of your circumstances?

Is life really hard and you have no time on your hands to exercise?

Do your friends tell you that exercise is not worth the hassle because of that old favourite story about some jogger somewhere on this planet dropping dead on a run, so you should never run again, as it is “dangerous” as all these joggers all die young?

Do you have little time because the kids are keeping you too busy and you REALLY have no time?

You can’t join a gym because you have no time AND no money?

Exercise never worked for you anyway?

Now is “not the right time” in your life to get fit?

Are you too old to get fit?

Are in you skinny so you don’t need to be fit?

Work comes first so getting fit is the last thing you need to do?

Your grandkids come first, and it keeps you fit just running after them?

You can’t eat healthy food, its too “boring”?

You can’t exercise, you have asthma?

Exercise is no fun for you?

The gym is boring and you can never get on the machines anyway, and it is full of posers?

Life is a bitch to you, and nothing goes right for you?

By the time you get home from work, you haven’t the energy to do anything!

Life is so busy for you, ready meals are the only option!

Diet clubs are the only thing for you, as you want a “kick start” to get you going!

You don’t want to do weight training as “it makes you too big”.

You can’t commit for the rest of your life to exercise?!!

Its always raining and too cold, and too warm in the summer to exercise!

My knees are bad!

My back is bad!

I will start exercising when I “lose weight”.

I can’t resist my treats and after all, only one life I have!

I have to drink every day, life is boring without it!


You can do something about every single one of these excuses, and turn your life around so let’s be honest with yourself and lets get it done once and for all!!

2 Replies to “The long list of excuses”

  1. well been on the bike again today.It seems to be taking me longer?dont know why,i feel has though i’m going faster and only having one break of a few walking steps then back up on the bike and i’m a way to go.:-) tell you what though ker if i dont have that Fruit Smoothie thing i do, i feel drained to hell??? and if i’ve not eaten properly the day before……..Havent touched the TG in ages with all this good weather.

  2. as well as the fruit smoothie, make sure food comes in every 3-4 hours in sensible portion sizes and always underrated is your water intake, which is very valuable in your energy levels and performance levels.

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