Weather not a factor mentality!

Strange topic to talk about on such a nice day, and a nice couple of weeks really but we have to talk about nice weather mentality, and “bad” weather mentality regarding your training.

I know some of you love getting out on the bike and going for it on a day like this, and some of you have had  a whale of a time the last couple of weeks. Your fitness has improved, some of you tell me you feel so much better and you’re revved up to get more out of yourself and reach new highs.

 Some of you who are competing the Mumbles Childline Triathlon on sunday will have been swimming, running and cycling the last few weeks or even months to prepare yourself. The great thing about this weather is that it gives you great incentive to get out there and do it, and straight after you complete your ride, or your run, or even you walk, i’m going to put everything i have on you feeling so much better about yourself!

So life is good with this weather, and you are able to do exactly what you want, and the great thing is its not too warm either.

With all of these favourable weather conditions, your fitness is about to go to new heights, and new levels of what is possible in your life and with your health in particular, this should be a very exciting time for you as long as you’re taking action and really want the best for yourself and your family.

Let’s turn it around the other way when the weather is wet, and cold and being outside doing a bike ride, a run or even a walk is not the most attractive thing in the world!

Does your mood dip a lot when the conditions aren’t working for you. Mine certainly does a touch when the weather isn’t so good.

I try to make up for all of this by hitting it really hard inside, and to be honest with you, the rain doesn’t really scare me as i accepted a long, long time ago that it will rain around here at least 9 months a year, or close to 12 months of the year it seems like at times!

Once you accept the weather isn’t always going to help you out, you are likely to just get on with it and make the very best out of the cards you are dealt. I find it invigorating sometimes getting out there in the rain and wind, and sometimes realising that i am the only one out there, and the person i am training of course!

I find these the most valuable workouts, the times when nobody expects you to get out there! The times when most people “chicken” out and slump in front of the television when they get home from work! Once you feel guilty about not doing your workouts, the closer you are to having a healthy and active lifestyle as truly part of your life, this is actually a GOOD thing!!!!

So the bottom line is not to worry about the weather, don’t ever let it put you off (unless dangerous of course!), and tell yourself that you CAN be really commited to being in amazing shape, all it does take is that extra effort and extra push in your mentality. Once you adopt these successful strategies, life will feel a whole lot better!

4 Replies to “Weather not a factor mentality!”

  1. thought i could’nt wait for the nice weather to come, but i’m struggling worse than when i was riding the bike in the wind,snow,frost etc…….:-)

  2. i remember you relentless before on the bike cyril.
    Now you seem to be hving breaks (fixing the house etc) and your performance is linked to the “practice” you put into it. Dont overdo it either, every day on the bike is not guaranteed to increase performnce, you need to get your TG in too, and structure your week better maybe?

    saying that you have still made tremendous progress cyril!

  3. balance is important long and short term, too much of anything never really benefits and can affect your enthusiam for that activity long term

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