Monday, 8th July

Whether you’re convinced that exercise is going to work for you or you’re convinced it won’t, then you may need to listen to this.
Everyone I know who exercises properly believes in its huge life-changing benefit.
The belief part is vital because it will make you show up regularly. The results are obvious, backed up by medical science and doctors, and exercise even in small amounts helps your body in all sorts ways including boosting your mind.
You will get motivation to carry on from the results you will get.
If you don’t believe exercise can help you, then you may believe that resting all the time is good for you. All I know is this, the more you rest and do nothing, the more your body breaks down slowly over time.
If you ever have known anyone who has gone in a home, and my father did for dementia, the physical deterioration can be dramatic.
My father went in walking, then he had a stick when he became less active there, then he was in a wheelchair as he became even less active, and then he was bed bound.
This change happened over time of course, but I see MANY cases every week and many families tell me of the exact same thing happening.
If you don’t use your body and by that I mean moving less, then don’t expect it to look after you now or in old age.
If you don’t move much, expect your mind not to be as sharp, as positive and you won’t feel as good full stop.
I have seen many cases of people coming to the gym as a last resort, and trying exercise as a way to get out of pain and just feel better.
As long as you are cautious, build who you are training up gradually, and they show up regular, ANYONE can benefit immensely from exercise, re-discover what they were once capable of and live a much higher quality of life.
The old saying of “use it or lose it” has never been so true. We all have choices, what’s yours going to be?

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