Wednesday, 3rd July

Life is a continuous judgement or so we think.

Are we good at talking to people, or are we going to be good at training, will be able to stick at it, will we able to “definitely” get good results, and will “other people” like our results.

This is when we put too much pressure on ourselves.

This is when we buy “fat loss” tablets which can be dangerous to our health long term because results don’t happen quite “quickly enough”.

This is when we crash diet because we think losing loads of weight will make us feel great about ourselves.

We buy new clothes, a new car, and we imagine how this will make us feel inside, and somehow it will be incredible.

When we don’t quite have this massive high, and it happens time after time, the sadness can only escalate.

This is why we need to do things for ourselves, and realise its not about others, it’s about us and how we really feel, and we make it a permanent lifestyle CHOICE.

How about looking after your own feelings and your own body and not caring about others?

Eating healthy long term makes you internally feel very good, and eventually you will look amazing on the outside too.

Training at least 3 times a week makes us feel energetic and joyous, and puts our mind in a great state of optimism most of the time.

The best gift you can give to yourself right now is NOT trying to live up to anyone else who really is not worthy of your efforts.

You are your own person, you are really very strong and give yourself some proper care and attention. Set yourself high standards and don’t let anyone bring you down.

Remind yourself daily you are in charge, remind yourself that every day is a potential great day, show everyone what you can really do and most of all, do the things that make you happy.

Set yourself free, you will find it hugely liberating.

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