Tuesday, February 12th

Here’s what comes of conquering your body.

There’s NO WAY if you discipline yourself to show up and exercises at least 3 times a week, then the rest of your life is not hugely impacted in a MASSIVE POSITIVE way.

Many of you hit the gym with a ton of anxiety and stress, and I see you crush that negativity in little bits every day.

Your MIND is well on it’s way to peace and calm.

Then your mind when it is calm gives you time to think.

Then comes the flood of energy. When you exercise and eat right, you had better be prepared for energy and more enthusiasm to arrive in your life.

So with a calmer mind, a torrent of energy you WILL NOT be happy with the status quo. You won’t be happy with the “way it is”. You will WANT more and you will realise you deserve more.

If you apply the same level of discipline and drive to your training as you do to the rest of your life, then expect real changes to happen.

Incredible things can happen in your life IF you have incredible energy. You do not know what’s possible when you are running on empty. Just getting through the day is a challenge when you don’t exercise or eat well-FACT.

No time for exercise? WHO are you kidding exactly? WE ALL HAVE 168 HOURS A WEEK. Quit making excuses and watch your life go incredibly positive.

Keep fixing your health and everything will change in the rest of your life too.

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