Monday, 11th February

We as human’s always choose the path of LEAST resistance. In other words, we naturally like to choose the easiest way of doing things.

If we can get out of putting the true amount of work needed in, then most of us will choose the easy way out.

If we can get out of exercising, eating right and getting to bed a decent time, then many of us will. If we can dream up an excuse that “justifies” our choice not to put the work in, then most of us will be able to live this lie for a time and find it ok to pretend to our friends and colleagues that we could have been really fit and healthy IF a set of circumstances had gone right for us.

I forgot to say that the path of least resistance leads to ZERO progress, ZERO pride, and a ZERO contribution to your health, and once you start lying to yourself, it becomes much easier to lie to yourself on everything else in life too.

What about the path of HARDEST resistance? The choices that require self-honesty, courage, a bit of get up and go? This is exactly why many of you on here have achieved incredible results. You didn’t listen to the crow, you didn’t suck up to anyone, you made your own choices and you showed up relentlessly and are now seeing memorable results.

The path of hardest resistance is walked upon by far less people. You will only know this path if you haven’t quit when obstacles came your way. You will only know this path if you dug deep when you found it tough or you resisted when your so called friends told you to quit.

Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest.

Are you the type to dream up “passable” excuses and quit on yourself? The type on social media who talks big but is literally no action?

Or are you the type who dreams big, toughs it out when the going gets tough, and does the unfashionable hard work to create ultimately remarkable results?

Which one are you, and be brutally honest when you answer this question.

 I know the ones who puts the hard work in relentlessly are ultimately happy, fulfilled and live their life full of pride and optimism each and every day knowing they have an incredible future ahead full of energy and positivity.

Make your choice, you either make excuses that only get people rolling their eyes behind your back or you OWN your circumstances, OWN your own actions and realise YOU are responsible for your health.

Actions speak much louder than words.

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