Friday, 7th December

Consistency is key

It is very tempting to think that there is a special meal plan out there somewhere that will magically help us lose weight for good.  Losing weight often conjures up feelings and thoughts of pain and deprivation and along with the special meal plan, we often believe that the weight will also come off within a few days.  This is very common and I would often fall into this trap myself for years.

The truth is though that what works for one person often doesn’t work for another.  What we can do, is to start with consistency around our eating habits.  

The best place to start is with our first meal of the day, breakfast.  Studies show that people who make the effort to eat every morning often don’t binge late at night.  It may sound odd.  You would think that not eating all day would help you lose weight.  However, this often leads to excess eating habits later in the day or evening.  We crave fattier foods as our bodies have been deprived all day.  Also, we lack discrimination as to how much to eat later at night when we are hungry and tired.

Balancing out our meals throughout the day makes a big difference and we become more controlled around our food choices, in time.

Choose breakfasts that are filling but low in fat.  Great options are wholegrain cereals, cereal bars, fruit and milk shakes, egg based breakfast such as boiled eggs or omelettes, toast with a protein such as beans or low fat cream cheese for instance.  Fruit and nuts are also great breakfasts that you can eat quickly without any preparation.

Make breakfast a consistent habit and you will also find that you have more energy to get through the morning.  Experiment with simple options such as fresh seasonal fruits with a dollop of thick greek yoghurt or a fruity shake to start.  Summer is a great time to start this! Then build up to more substantial meals such as porridge or omelettes as the weather becomes colder.  Always choose foods that you enjoy eating, food should be pleasurable as well as nutritious and consistency around our habits is always the key.

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