daily rituals to be your best

Your daily bible to stay in shape

Most of us realise by now that it’s not the easiest thing to do being in shape all the time. We all, if we’re honest, vary a few pounds up or down over the year. This is only natural with a number of factors coming into play. However, the “factors” that we need to get into shape, and stay in shape need to be remembered as a daily and weekly ritual, just like cleaning your teeth, having a shower, and changing our clothes. These things need to be done to look and feel our best, as well as internally being healthy, and leading to external health and looking fantastic.

  1. Eat plenty of fresh food, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, eggs, cottage cheese etc every 3 hours and in small quantities. If a food has ingredients you’ve never heard of, or have been manufactured in some mysterious laboratory, throw it away-THIS IS NOT FOOD, ONLY A CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENT AND SHOULDN’T BE IN YOUR BODY!
  2. Workout with weights twice a week minimum. You will burn more calories 24 hours a day if you workout against resistance, you will develop a faster metabolism. You will have healthier and stronger bones. Your body will get smaller in the right areas, fat can take up 5 times the space of one pound of muscle and that’s a fact. Your stomach and hips will get smaller, along with toned, stronger muscles all over which are handy for daily life, as well as workouts.
  3. Work your heart and lungs through walking, running, cycling, swimming, playing sports etc. Using these exercises will lead to more oxygen in your body, meaning your body becomes much healthier inside, along with your most vital muscle-your heart. Enjoy the fresh air and let’s go for it!!
  4. Keep a healthy mind and positive outlook. Life is not always a piece of cake, challenges and obstacles come along and it’s how we deal with these that determine how our lives turn out.
  5. Find out what drives you! If you don’t know why you’re exercising, eating well etc, then life can throw you off course. Whether you’re training for a marathon, recovering from heart surgery, or just want to be in your best ever shape no matter what, it’s the reasons you do it are vitally important and will keep you on course!
  6.  TAKE ACTION! If you don’t actually implement any or all of this advice, then you will fall into the trap of not making any progress or making some progress initially, and then piling back on weight and losing hope. Make sure you workout your muscles for strength, your heart and lungs, eat good fresh food, see the best in people, know every day why you workout, THERE, I’VE SAID IT, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT, LET’S DO IT AND MAKE NO EXCUSES!!!

Demand more out of yourself than you could ever expect out of others!


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