Tuesday, 2nd August

Once we start exercising, we all assume we can train normally forever, never have an injury, never have any aches and pains, and this type of thinking and lack of preparation causes many people to get derailed in their programme, leading to quitting your exercise plan sometimes not long after it has started.

Most people get pain every day not from well designed exercise plans, but everyday life and failure to be active.

If you are sitting around too much, then some kind of pain will eventually enter your life as your body is designed to move regularly, and not to be stationery. You need to get more active right now, in however small a way to start.

If you never stretch, then everything will feel a little tighter leading to pain and niggly injuries. Flexibility needs to be worked on and everyone is included in this.

If you don’t sleep well, then all that tossing and turning can lead to inadequate rest and you waking up already struggling, your body is not recovering properly and not fighting off fatigue properly. You will likely be irritable and pain be part of your life.

Forget about eating healthy so you can just look leaner, you should also eat healthy because your body needs to recover from exercise and everything else life throws at you, and give you the energy to be productive in your day. Healthy foods helps heal your body, and keep you out of pain.

An ever-increasing number come to us with severe back problems, these issues develop usually because you overdo things on one side and the other side becomes weak, or you may carry too much weight being a major cause, or a specific injury may have happened and you wonder how to get pain free again or your job may encourage back pain, i notice for example that hairdressers and dentists suffer in particular as they lean over people most of their day.

Most people have never heard of fascia, that cobweb like substance that’s all over our bodies protecting everything. By making sure we work on this daily, we make sure injuries heal quicker and most injuries never develop in the first place. Prevention is always better than anything else so make sure your programme is comprehensive, hits all areas of your health and looks after you both inside and outside of the gym.

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