Gym based workouts

Had some emails in so i’m going to do a great gym circuit that works, and is very much using the same principles of the home workout, which really works too of course!

Select 6-8 exercises again, trying to work each body part in each circuit, and try to do a total of 3 circuits if your fitness allows. Take sips of water in between each circuit, and use good form in each exercise, no cheating or using too much weight for the sake of it!!

Use 8-10 reps for each exercise, and i like 12-15 reps on the leg exercises, you will get out of breath so scale down the weight you normally use, over the weeks that weight will go back up slowly as your fitness improves.

Bench press (chest)

One arm dumbbell rowing (back)

Upright rows (shoulders)

Leg press (legs)

Arm dips (using bench) (triceps)

Dumbbell curls (arms)

Sit ups (do as many as possible)

So basically, you will be using the same principles as the home circuit (see my previous posts), and if you really put a good effort in, you will get an excellent sweat and really get out of breath. Plus you will be breaking down muscle tissue, as you should now by now will raise your metabolism significantly (burn more calories 24 hours a day!).

Other examples would be

Pec deck

Lat pulldowns

Lateral raises

Leg extensions

Leg curls

Plank-Aim for 1 minute eventually (the gold standard)

Alternate squat thrusts-your best effort on each one, it’s a great exercise!

Your combination of circuits is only limited by your imagination. The bottom line is i repeat, DO EACH EXERCISE IN PROPER FORM, not simply so quick as just to finish it, or you won’t get the results you want!

I would do these circuits in the gym on a monday, wednesday and a friday (use the 48 hours in between each circuit to your advantage). These are over quickly but bring some big results to your body’s firmness and stamina levels. All good stuff!


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  1. Hi Ke, managed a 45min walk this am, finding it hard to stay focused today, had 2 of Jasmine chocolate finger bars already, the weather does’nt help, so BORED, and we have this all week. The Gym is a good idea in this weather 4 anyone with the confidence to go. Will hang in there and post my eating later. Cyril, where are you, so quiet without you

  2. managed to keep a grip, usual breakfast at 8.45

    1.30 4 slices of toast 2 poached eggs

    4ish 2 chocolate fingers, 3 digestives

    6.30 chicken, french beans, carrots, parsnips, peas, sprouts, 3 potatoes, gravy.
    Later freash fruit salad, muller yogurt

  3. DO EACH EXERCISE IN PROPER FORM, not simply so quick as just to finish it, or you won’t get the results you want! i’ve found that i ache far more when i do them proper/slower,hence why i’m staying at 8 for now instead of 10+.Yeah been a bit achy to say the least Jean’y but not to bad now.

    Dont know if it was the extra couple of lbs i put on over christmas,was 18st2ish but up around the 18st 5ish only a few lbs on so not too bad but can still feell the extra effort i have
    to bloody put in!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Cyril, nice to hear from u, glad to hear ur keeping at it, I was sore yesterday and bad back also, only walked 2day, no indoor workout, back better. Think its the Stepper, wont do that 2mo. I nearly lost my grip 2day, went 4 a 45min walk this morning and the rest of the day was soooooooooooooooo boring, had some chocolate, but managed to keep a grip, I would normally have thought “well I’ve blown it now” and carried of binging, so plea\sed I didnt. Just finished watching “The Big Fat |Diet Show” on channel 4, there challenge is to drop a dress size in 14 days on 1,200 cals a day and some exersice, part 2 on thursday. I think I will up my calories to 1,200 as a 1,000 perhaps as Keri said is not enough. Weather is awful, cant do much outside. Keep up the good work Cyril, will post 2mo. Jeanyx

  5. And yes, as with everyhting, the slower the better Cyril, consentrate on the movement, and slowly, u will get a lot more out of it, the only thing I find with doin it that way is I dont sweat so much because the circuit is slower, but I feel it better the following day

  6. never been one for diets.I have cut back a lot but never gone the full hog/counting cos i know it will all come back and with a vengance.Just glad i started this exercise and stuff when i did, cos the ones who were saying i must be mad have just started and are really feeling how i did πŸ™‚ that will teach them πŸ™‚

  7. Ker its peeved me right off this week,well not so much the snow its the bloody ice on top and i payed to much for the bike to damage it on the ice!!!!!!! so all this week i’ve only been able to do the TG and to be honest its killed me πŸ™‚ but when i get up i think i’ll give it a rest today to see if the aches ease off, but i just cant stay off the dam thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ My wife said if its playing you up that much try a swim to see if that helps? wont be able to go on it tomorrow cos i’ll be sledding with my daughter/son.May has well while the snows still here.

  8. Great stuff cyril, getting out there and being active in the snow is great stuff and you’re still burning calories so keep it going. If you need any help on your bike, check out county cycles in north dock llanelli or cross hands, and if you need cheap sports gear, picton sports in dafen llanelli and mention me, should give you some good help in the future, whenever you may need it.

  9. Hi Keri,
    Could you please give me some advice on using machines at the gym such as rower, x trainer, exc bike, treadmill etc? What would be a sensible plan/routine?
    Thanks Rhian.
    P.S. I also see that Jean has noted her distance, calories used etc…can anyone recomend/suggest an easy to use monitor/gadget??

  10. Welcome to the site!
    Here’s what i would do. For the first month, i would concentrate on just getting used to the machines and getting your position on them corrrectly. For example on the bike, make sure your seat is comfortable, too low and your knees will suffer and too high and you’re over-reaching and won’t get any power in. Try to get your seat height at your hip level if you can.

    With the rower, try make sure your back is fairly straight but not rigid when pulling, and make sure you get a good long row in, it’s not a case of rowing as fast as you can, its more of a measured row.

    The stepper for instance i dont think is the best option. It does some of the work for you but if you like it, then carry on.

    The bottom line is to start off slowly and combine it with a resistance workout twice a week. As you know i am a true believer is resistance workouts for women and you will re-shape your body and raise your metabolism dramatically.

    Will post a workout later in one of my posts

  11. gadgets are indeed handy but not essential, an easy way would be to pick out your favourite routes when training outside, and then progressively try to cut that time you do the distance, simple but effective and doesn’t cost anything.

  12. Hi Rhian, welcome to the site, the gadget that I use is a PEDOMETER, it tell you how many steps you have walked, how far you have walked and how many calories u have burned, it also has a stopwatch. I bought it at SPORTSWORLD in LLanelli. I find it encourages me to go further, If I have done 10,000 steps one day I will try and do more the next day, just gives me a bit more incentive until I can get back to running. Good luck and enjoy yourself. Jean xxxx

  13. more in door workouts.God i dont half miss my bloody bike πŸ™‚ so after Humming and Aring again today decided to do the TG so looks like it will be another week on the TG with no bike,well unless this bloody thaw happens soon.:-( still at least i’m getting something done πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Also Ker by highering the Gym and doing less reps (8 instead of 15/20) its cut my workout time by 1/2, 20 mins instead of 40/50 mins and gone up from 8 reps to 10 reps.Bit harder but not to bad now i’m used to it πŸ˜‰

  14. a good way of improving is not letting your body “get used to it”. Either change the exercises or change how hard you work. If you are making steady improvements each week or every 2 weeks, you know you are doing very well indeed, thanks for the effort!

  15. and you can do it cyril, people admire your efforts so its time for you to lead by example again. see my post last night (awaken the giant within) wednesday, so let’s give it a good go and let us know your experiences!

  16. well i’ve up’ed my upper body reps from 8 to 10 and still doing it Ker.I’ve also up’ed the legs to 12reps on the crunches and 15 normal squats at the top of the bar and feeling not to bad either?????your right enough about things taking time to get used to ie start off small and increase gradualy to the level you require πŸ˜‰

  17. cant rember if i’ve put this somewhere here Ker? gone back down to 8 reps 3 times of everything i do on the TG but up another level on the gym so its higher and there’s a big diff.thing is i dont want the bodybuilder look just need to tone up.Seen hell of a diff in the legs,arms and shoulders but the belly still is big but hard under neath which it wasn’t before.Just have to bide my time as they say πŸ™‚

  18. you wont get the bodybuilder look trust me, increase the intensity and it will keep on happening for you, dont believe the ads about “lengthening” muscles, it cant happen! increase the load gradually and everything will improve, you have to do it!

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