To train with asthma or not? Turning back the clock!

Simon, a new member now living in Chicago, has joined because he wants to get back into shape again, after many years of focusing on his career, and his family, having three children now, he wishes to return to the fitness of his youth. At 41 years young, he feels out of it, and in his own words, more than a little scared about taking the plunge into the commitment of being fit and healthy again.

Through his years of inactivity, he has increased his issues with asthma, and was wondering whether it was possible again to get into shape with this seemingly threatening condition (it is for many people). I suffered with this condition myself and have offered him some words of reassurance. If it wasn’t for exercise, my asthma would be still holding me back, and stop me doing a lot of things. When you cannot do things most people consider normal, your self-confidence is shot to bits, your self-esteem is crushed and a “limited” life of activity is no fun and very bad for morale. I now train many people with asthma, and they feel the same as me, if they DON’T exercise, they get the wheezing back and feel terrible, their workouts and good food are now the best medicine they can take, and there are no limitations left in their lives any more, even on the cold days like now!!

Simon is also wondering whether he can really do it again, he is 41 now and how will his body react? I have reasured him again and i have had individuals start training at 70 years of age, so he has a major headstart! He will be doing the 12 week challenge, and i will advise him to begin slowly, let his tendons and ligaments get used to exercise again, and give it time to adjust again. Then he can propel himself the former heights with a sound diet too. The lack of confidence he has now will disappear through the things he will accomplish, the self-esteem will come back and his children will have a great role model to look up to. He has two choices, either get into great shape or face the slow decline into old age, with the so called “limitations” that many people face in life.

Β He wants an active life for himself and his kids, see how he gets on and watch for his posts, i know he needs encouragement and hopefully, he will help everyone else out too!


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  1. I think your right about the asthma worsening when you ar inactive. I have basically been inactive for about 2 years now, and in trhat time I have developed asthma, never suffered before in my life, In fact I didnt know I had asthma, kept phoning up the health centre for more antibiotics, I was on my third lot when I could’nt breath at all and I knew this was something more than a chest infection, the emergency services were called and I was taken into hospital. It was only then that I was told I was having an asthma attack, I was given the Nebuliser 3 times in an hour and admitted, that was a year ago next week. I told the doctors “it cant be asthma because I dont suffer from it” he said well you do now. Been struggling to lose weight ever since. 2010 will do it for me, I am determined to lose at least 4 stone if not more. I am goin to do Keri’s 12 week Challenge and am hoping for great changes, Have already started my diet and exersice plan, so should be warmed up by the time it starts. And If I can do it anyone can, and I mean that. I have done this to myself, so with Keri’s Blog and help, and the help of others who use it, I WILL GET THERE. So com on Simon we are all here for the same thing, and I am glad to say I have made new friends on Keri’s Blog already. I post Keri everyday with my workouts and eating plan, that way I find I can stick to it better. Best wishes Jeanx

  2. Hey Ke, my workouts for today,

    Hypers 4×10
    Squats 4×25
    Full Pressup 4×25
    Dips 4×25
    Alt Squ Thru 4×60
    Sit ups 4×50
    Step 4×50

    as u can c I have upped my circuits from 3 to 4, it took me 22mins, and then this afternoon had to go into town, so got out of the car in PWLL and walked home, 45mins. Am really aching all over, back pain is bad, was walking hunched over, glad to get home, am in my PJ’s now.

    8.45 Porridge, fruit, protien,

    1.30 toast with sardines on top

    thats it so far, just finished my walk, Having chicken breast and vegetables later with fresh fruit salad and muller yogurt. Drinking plenty of water. Thanx Jean

  3. you are putting in a tremendous effort but i would consider how far you have come already, and ease up a bit, the race is long and you don’t want to blow yourself out too early, remember you were in hospital not so long ago. I offer you encouragement as usual, but having a bad back is not so good, and maybe the walk pushed you over the edge?

  4. thanks for your encouragement on the asthma issue too, simon can and will do extremely well when he puts his mind to it, i hear similar stories of people developing asthma all the time thru inactivity, its pretty scary and people must realise they have to stay active, and eat well, its about a lot more than simply losing weight! the health benefits can be exhillerating!

  5. Thanx Ke, what do u think I could do 2mo? Perhaps its the stepper that is giving me a bad back, maybe I should’nt be using it yet. Was goin to walk, or cycle if the roads are ok, but supposed to FREEZE all week.

  6. nothing if your back is still bad and maybe a day of rest will be beneficial. If you want a gentle walk, try the beach/grass area, far safer in the icey conditions. So bottom line, dont train at all if any pain, its not the end of the world and see what its like the day after? never train thru pain full stop. If you injure yourself, or your back in particular, you will not be training for a while. I would avoid the stepper for now too, and go easy on your inside workouts until you aew 100% again.

  7. “dont train at all if any pain” i’m guilty of this.Thought the bike ride would do my knee a world of good after my sledding ordeal πŸ™‚ nowp not at all πŸ™ its not to bad now though,but have dropped my TG stuff to 8 instead of 10/15 was alright at 1st doing these but shoulders and neck area killed and gave me headaches,but with the 8x3reps seems to be a bit better for now.Think its to do with the little extra treats i’ve been having all stopped now and slowy getting back to what i was eating.

  8. i use the 2 in one Sumbi something.Should use it 2 a day this time of yr but i only use it when i go out on the bike or just before bed.I feel like i don’t want it at the moment so it could be down to the exercise.I don’t use the blue 1 at all now (i know they ain’t that strong) but glad i aint using it all the same.

  9. Hello everybody, and a big welcome to Simon in the U.S. of A.
    If it’s of any help to you, I first trained with Keri when I was 42. I was in pretty bad shape, overweight, unfit and full of self doubt. With his endless support, encouragement and knowledge I reached a very good place indeed. I was stronger than I had ever been in my life. I was fitter, healthier and more content with myself. And what is relevant to you, Simon, my ASTHMA was improved to the point that I no longer needed my inhaler. Granted I didn’t suffer badly with it but bad enough to see a marked improvement.
    I will be doing Keri’s 12 week challenge. I can’t wait for it to start. I let things slip, what an idiot, but I know that I can and will make the effort needed and get back to that good place again.
    I hate the place I’m in now too much not to do it!!
    Good luck and believe in yourself.

  10. cheers debs, challenge starting on 17th, and site getting a major overhaul soon to improve things, and thanks for your encouragement, simon is getting ready to start his challenge and is getting ready to take his photos, should be interesting, and they are having far more snow than us!

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