Monday, 8th April

The breaking of the very cold weather is already signifying my outside activity programme gathering much more pace.

For those of you who think it’s still too cold to get out there, you would be partly right, but you would be really missing out on some fun workouts, as well as endless health benefits.

Venturing out in this weather is always hard when you are trying to take big gulps of fresh air in. The shock of cold air can affect you more than you thought, and here’s the best way to get around it.

Let’s say you are doing some running outside, and especially the short and sharp stuff. There are a few things to consider.

By running short distances at near maximum speeds, your lungs will demand big things, and this cold air will quickly make you more uncomfortable than you normally are. So let’s say you normally spend 25 minutes outside working out, i would tend to HALVE that time. Chances are that 10-12 minutes will easily be enough in the cold working near to maximum intensity.

I would then finish off the rest of the workout inside, giving your lungs a chance to recover and get through the rest of your workout in a more forgiving atmosphere.

The great news is though that each week, you will be able to train outside for longer as your lungs get used to the cold, leading to full duration workouts outside.

From this week, it should start to get warmer anyway, and this is why you will likely be doing far more workouts outside.

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  1. Keri
    the cold weather definitely aggravates my arthritis in my hips. any suggestions?
    also, and as you know, my slipped vertebrae causes pain in my front left thigh due to the nerve being hit by the discs. Short of an operation, and constant walking is there anything I can do to ease it? its degenerative so it wont get better but I can at least hope to contain it?

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