Tuesday, 23rd February

There’s 12 months in the year, right now we are in a VERY PRODUCTIVE and very intense period of those 12 months, despite everything else going on around us. We are clearly getting better every day, as long as you keep showing up, the trajectory and path to success is very clear indeed.What’s it like on the other side of the fence? In my experience, two weeks off, usually turns into two months off, and can often turn into 2 YEARS OFF. You are in a “growth mindset” when you are training and learning new things all the time, and your inspiration to eat well is very high indeed, because you don’t want to blow all that effort. You are challenged yes, but you are also excited about the changes to your body, which only bolsters your mind and only strengthens your resilience never to quit, you “get” the process.When you are out of training, your enthusiasm likely dips considerably, everything becomes too much effort, and you rely on some future date when “you will get your mojo” and life will somehow be exciting again.Life is either growing for you or you are falling back. No plant in the universe can stay the same, you are either growing or withering, it sounds harsh but life is a big effort and a constant grind, you either embrace that or life often gives you a big wake up call which MAKES you get going again in a hurry, and often from a far worse starting position than you maybe now, which makes the climb out again far harder!Your 12 months of the year are the best shot you have in life, when you waste a few of those months (and time WILL come and go), then you are ALREADY up against it and the odds are against you. Be the exception, be the one who excels and to do that, you need to keep showing up even on days you may be struggling, but you know your efforts are for the GREATER good!

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