Monday, 22nd February

Every hour of the day we are making decisions on our future without even noticing it.This is a no judgement piece so don’t take it personally whatever group you fit into!Many of you have had incredible Mondays, and got through one of our most different and challenging workouts, had a great sweat and feel incredible, the feedback has been massive into my inbox.

You will realise that there’s no point in training that well if you’re not going to EAT well afterwards, so a good nutritious meal tonight maybe high on your agenda.Some of you no doubt missed the workout today, things got away from you and you may have put things off until tomorrow, and you may as well eat rubbish tonight because there’s “no point if you don’t train”, that maybe your thought process right now.Some of you may even like large parts of lockdown, you don’t have to leave the house and got used to it, and it suits you just fine and you have no intention of changing in the near future-again no judgement we respect all of you!All three situations are easy to get into, and all have different outcomes.

I do know though that if you are missing workouts, and that becomes a habit, and you have become someone “who used to exercise”, but will get back into it “someday”, then from experience of training many people over a lot of years, I know “someday” can easily end up leading to a place called “nowhere”, just next to a town called “NEVER”.Our workouts are the catalyst, the SPARK to a brighter future and directly influence our decisions, which ultimately dictate our DESTINY.Life is a series of choices, and accepting the outcomes that come with it. It’s never too late to choose your future.

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